prove up and get deeds. If that is true there will soon be a decamping of Algona citizens for the southwest

corner of this union. They argue that Uncle Sam is rich enough to give them all a farm, and they are going

to get some of his gifts before others secure all the choicest selections.

--Algona Advance, 4 January 1906, page 1

Matt Freilinger and probably all the home seekers who went to New Mexico, are home, and it is said that

all or nearly all of them took homesteads or claims of some kind. Matt took a homestead as did also his son.

The latter stayed there and Matt will move down in a month or so and build on his place and commence

improvements. His claim is near Mr. Shelley's in that valley sixty or seventy miles south of Santa Fe. It is a

sage brush country and the valley is so level that a person could not tell which way water would run. The

ground was covered with five inches of snow when they were there, but it was not frozen and Matt dug into

the soil in several places and was satisfied with it. If the boys all stick their stakes down there they will

have quite an Algona colony.

--Algona Courier, 5 January 1906, page 4

Court Record—New Cases.

. . . Joe Murray vs Albert Carrel and Delia [Devine] Carrel.

--Algona Courier, 5 January 1906, page 4

Matt Freilinger left for Estancia, New Mexico, the first of the week. He will likely remain there for some

time. He and his son Barney have taken homesteads in that neighborhood, and the boy is now there.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 17 January 1906, page 5

There is quite a visitation of Estancia Valley homesteaders back in Algona this week. J. B. Winkel, A. E.

Kennedy, Hugh Norwood and Ed. Osterbauer arrived home the first of the week. They bring a favorable

report. Matt Freilinger and son Barnet, Frank Porlonski and Lafe and Henry Turner are still there and Geo.

Turner will be down there in a few days. Algona people have over a dozen claims in the vicinity of

Estancia. Mr. Winkel says there is considerable immigration there. The travel eastward from San Francisco

is so heavy that traveling on California lines is a serious business, many having to stand in the aisles

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 2 May 1906, page 5

A. E. Kennedy and J. B. Winkel arrived home Tuesday. We interviewed Mr. Kennedy and obtained an idea

of his opinion of the place. He likes the climate very much, but as a farming country he thinks it must be a

failure because of drouth [sic]. He saw good rains there, but in a few hours the soil seemed as dry as if it

never rained. He does not know whether his claim is worth holding or not, but he will hold it awhile

anyhow. Crops that were put in early are looking well, and Matt Freilinger is very much pleased with the


--Algona Courier, 4 May 1906, page 9

J. B. Winkel brings word that Matt Freilinger has lost about thirty pounds in weight since he went down to

New Mexico. Mr. Freillnger was glad to lose the superfluous flesh and says he has plenty left. He has been

hard at work ever since he landed in the new country.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 9 May 1906, page 5

Mrs. Matt Freilinger is to leave in a few days for Estancia, New Mexico, to join her husband and son, who

have been there for several months. She has been visiting old friends in Bancroft preparatory to leaving for

the new country.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 30 May 1906, page 4


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