Matt Freilinger bought the Reimers’ residence property this week, and will occupy the same soon. He paid

$l,000 for the property and it is a bargain.

--Algona Republican, 9 October 1901, page 8

Mrs. Anna Rush of Hutchinson visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Devine the first of the week.

--Hutchinson [Kansas] News, 22 November 1901, page 2

Mrs. Devine of Abbyville, who had her foot slightly hurt about a week ago, returned home this morning

after visiting her daughter Mrs. Rush.

--Hutchinson [Kansas] News, 14 February 1902, page 3

Another of the many cases in which marriage has proved to be a failure is that of Grant Barker of

Riverdale township. He and his wife divided between them their little property and separated. She

has two little children to care for.

--Algona Courier, 9 February 1900, page 5

1900, Garfield, Kossuth, Iowa, page 1, dwelling 21

William F. Norris, 44, head of household’ wife Sarah J. Norris, 46;

Step-daughter Carrie E. Barker, 24, born Canada;

Grandsons, born Iowa: William F. Barker, 3; John Barker, 2

The coming term of court will be conspicuous mainly for divorce suits. There are five docketed

already. Carrie A. Barker wants to be released from Grant Barker on account of cruel treatment

and drunkenness . . .

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 21 August 1901, page 5

Previous to the adjournment a batch of divorces was granted and others are still pending, but no

doubt all will be granted. The first granted was that of Carrie Barker vs. Grant Barker . . .

—Algona Courier, 20 September 1901, page 1

Carrie A. Barker secured a bill from Grant Barker, who is in Wisconsin and the plea of desertion

was sufficient.

—Algona Republican, 25 September 1901, page 1

Matt Freilinger of Bancroft made a visit of very much importance to Algona last Wednesday. The important

part of the visit was his getting a license to get married, and his getting married without any more delay.

The license was for Matt. Freilinger and Carrie Barker, and the marriage ceremony was performed by

'Squire Taylor in rooms of Mr. E. N. Weaver, a friend or the groom's. The COURIER wishes Mr. and Mrs.

Freilinger much happiness.

--Algona Courier, 4 April 1902, page 1

Mat. Freilinger came down to Algona Wednesday, got his old friend, E. N. Weaver to act as best man and

‘Squire Taylor to officiate, and was married to Mrs. Carrie Barker. His return to Bancroft was celebrated in

royal style by the charivari boys.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 9 April 1902, page 9

That ancient relic of barbarism, the charivari, was revived in all its hideous pandemonium Thursday

night of last week, the occasion being the marriage of Mat Freilinger to Mrs. Carrie Barker. Mat

appreciated the occasion and treated the boys.

--Algona Courier, 11 April 1902, page 1


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