Mat. Freilinger of Seneca is off for a visit to the old country.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 16 May 1900, page 8

Matt Freylinger of Seneca township left last Monday for a visit to Europe and expects to be gone about

three months. He will visit his old home in Luxemburg and will travel considerably through Germany, and

will also visit the Paris exposition. He was accompanied by Peter Mersch of West Bend. We hope they will

have a pleasant time of it.

--Algona Courier, 18 May 1900, page 5

Matt. Freylinger of Bancroft was down to the fair and gave us a short talk on his trip to the old country. He

was well pleased with his experience over there.

--Algona Courier, 28 September 1900, page 5

John Devine of Livermore was in Algona Wednesday for the first time in twelve years. Mr. Devine was one

of the old settlers near St. Joe.

--Algona Courier, 19 October 1900, page 5

Sam Squires' Son Is Married

The Gazette has a society note about two Riverdale young people who have gotten married and are living

in Livermore. The Gazette says: Their names were Mr. John E. Squires and Mary J. Fraser, and they hail

from Riverdale township, Kossuth county. The groom is a son of our former resident, Sam Squires, who is

a sister to Mrs. Royer, the owner of the residence. They have the best wishes of their friends and neighbors.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 5 December 1900, page 10

Matt Freylinger and family took the train from Bancroft for Livermore last Saturday to spend the New Year

with Matt's brother at St. Joe.

--Algona Courier, 4 January 1901, page 5

C. S. Armstrong, of Irvington returned Monday from a three months' trip to California. He visited some

days with Barney Devine at Pomona, and reports that Barney is enjoying the best of health. He brought

with him a sample orange of Barney's own raising, and it was the biggest orange that we ever saw. It was

about the size of a coconut, or as big as three ordinary oranges. Mr. Armstrong reports that the oil fever has

hold of the California people, and that some rich wells have been struck. The Southern Pacific railroad is

equipping all its engines as fast as possible for the burning of oil instead of coal and wood.

--Humboldt County Independent, 31 January 1901, page 6

Matt. Freilinger has bought out J. A. Johnson's harness business and we understand he intends to run it

himself hereafter. We have not heard what Mr. Johnson will do in the future.

--Algona Republican, 17 April 1901, page 8

Matt. Freilinger has bought the J. A. Johnson harness stock and building at Bancroft and will continue the


--Algona Courier, 19 April 1901, page 5

A gang of sneak thieves was broken up in Humboldt last week by the sentencing of several of them to the

penitentiary. William H. Batterson and James Calder, eighteen months, and Walter Ross one year in the

penitentiary: George Batterson and his brother Charley, sons of William Batterson, and Ed. Beebe, nine

months each in the county jail . They pleaded guilty to various crimes, including burglary and breaking into

stations, slaughter houses and flour mills. Several others just as guilty are still at large but it is expected

they will be arrested soon. The gang is completely broken up.

--Algona Courier, 3 May 1901, page 5


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