Frank Devine of Livermore was a pleasant caller Saturday. Frank spent 12 years in the Arizona mining

regions and had his plans all made to go to Alaska, coming home for a short visit. This was 10 years ago.

His parents were growing old and urged him to remain so strongly that he gave up the Alaska trip. His

father John Devine, is quite hale at 81 years but his mother who is 84 years old, is quite feeble. He thinks

he might have been in on the ground floor at Klondike if he had gone as he planned.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 19 January 1898, page 7

E. J. Skilling, who has lived for some years past on the Wernert farm, southwest of town, has moved to the

Barney Devine place. He is a good farmer.

--Algona Courier, 4 March 1898, page 5

The Livermore Gazette says: Mrs. B. W. Devine and son returned last Friday night from California, where

they have been for about a year.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 29 June 1898, page 4

Miss Margaret Devine [born about 1881], of Junction City, Kans., daughter of our former citizen John [H.]

Devine [born about 1848], is here to spend the summer among relatives.

--The Renwick Times, 18 August 1898, page 8

There will be a big turkey shoot at St. Joe next Tuesday. W. M. Devine makes the arrangements, and good

sport may be expected. [William H. Devine?]

--Algona Courier, 11 November 1898, page 7

Matt Freilinger is one of the successful farmers of Seneca township. He is now feeding two carloads of fine


--Algona Courier, 10 March 1899, page 5

Livermore Gazette: Barney Devine is here from California again for a six weeks visit. It seems to us his

visits are getting to be more and more frequent here, and pretty soon we would not be surprised if he

decided that good old Iowa was about the best place to move back to.

--Algona Republican, 7 June 1899, page 4

Barney Devine is back from California for a visit at the old home. He is staying these days with his son-in-

law, Mr. Wernert of St. Joe, and is said to be looking better than he has for years. Life in California agrees

with him.

--Algona Courier, 9 June 1899, page 5

[Daughter of Abijah Batterson and niece of Abigail Batterson Devine]

Mrs. A. U. Heckart died at her home in Seneca township at 6 o'clock, a. m., Sunday, June 11, of

tuberculosis. About the first of March Mrs. Heckart was taken with the grip which later on settled

on her lungs and developed into tuberculosis. The funeral was held at the Seneca Presbyterian

church, after brief services at the home, conducted by Rev. J, M. Wilson of Armstrong, and the

remains laid to rest in the Seneca cemetery. Eleanor Batterson was born in Washington county,

Iowa, August 31, 1860. In 1875 she came to Seneca township. In 1880 she was united in marriage

to Alfred U. Heckart. To them were born two sons Harold and Fred, and two daughters, Edith and

Cora, who, with the father, survives to mourn the passing of a true mother and wife. The bereaved

family have the sympathy of all in their sorrow.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 21 June 1899, page 8


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