--Algona Upper Des Moines, 13 February 1895, page 8

Barney Devine has purchased property at Pomona, Cal., and will settle down there for a time at least.

--Algona Courier, 15 March 1895, page 5

Another severe shot gun accident is reported from the St. Joe country this week. [Barnet’s son] Charley

Devine [age 22] was hunting Monday and by the accidental discharge of both barrels of his gun one of his

hands was shot to pieces. The accident happened as he was crawling up an embankment with both hammers

cocked. In some manner both barrels were discharged, the contents shattering one hand in a terrible

manner. He was taken to Livermore where the wound was dressed. Two or more fingers were completely

severed from the hand.

--Kossuth County Advance, 29 March 1895, page 5

John Devine of St. Joe will take a trip out to California, starting some time in June.

--Algona Courier, 26 April 1895, page 5

Henry Zimet has sold the old John Devine place near St. Joe, containing 187 acres, to M. C. Allen of

Nevada, Story county. The price paid was about $30 an acre. Dingley & Moffatt made the deal.

--Algona Courier, 16 August 1895, page 5

S. D. Patterson has purchased the Barney Devine residence, formerly the Congregational parsonage, and

his son E. A. has purchased the Lars Anderson property. The parsonage property sold for $1200, and the

Anderson place for $800.

--Algona Courier, 20 September 1895, page 5

Barney Devine Jr. was thrown from his horse last Sunday morning and somewhat bruised up in a barb wire

fence near Livermore.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 27 November 1895, page 4


Barnet Devine is expected from California this month for a visit.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 20 May 1896, page 10

Barnet Devine came over from California last week and Monday visited his old friends in Algona. He likes

the coast climate, is in better health than for years, and looks younger than when he went away. He will

return in a month and spend at least another winter on the coast.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 17 June 1896, page 1

Barney Devine Returns

Barney Devine's many Algona friends were pleased to greet him Monday. He returned from California

Sunday, landing at Livermore on a special over the M. & St. L. road. He was just five days on the road

from Pomona. Mr. Devine is looking much better than he has for years. The climate agrees with him out


He expects to return in about a month. Mrs. Devine remained on the coast, not caring to make the trip. As

an all around good country, he says that Kossuth is as good as they make them, and that in all his travels he

has never seen a place that he liked better than this, his old home county. He thinks of returning here to live

after a time. We hope that he will.

--Algona Courier, 19 June 1896, page 4


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