Governor to investigate the report, and it is hoped they will do so in a most thorough manner. When Mr.

Devine of this county returned from the asylum a few weeks ago, he told incidentally of the hired men

there knocking the inmates down and jumping on them, but we thought this to be an idea that he conceived

during the time that his mind was not clear and that it remained in his mind as real. Since hearing of these

later reports from there, however, we have thought that there may be more reality than imagination in what

Mr. Devine said.

--Algona Courier, 19 May 1893, page 4


The John Devine place in the south end of the county is for sale.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 5 July 1893, page 4

John Devine has sold his place to Henry Zeimet, for $6,000. The farm consists of 190 acres.

--Algona Courier, 21 July 1893, page 5

Died: On Wednesday June 7th of typhoid fever, Luke Dumphy aged sixteen years. The remains

were followed to Livermore by a large number of friends. After the reading of the mass a short but

very appropriate sermon was preached by Rev. Father McNearny. Then all that was mortal of Luke

Dumphy was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery at that place. The sympathy of the community

are extended to the bereaved parents and we trust that He may console them, whose

chastisements are tempered with mercy.

--Humboldt County Republican, 8 June 1893, page 12


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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The facility in Independence was Iowa's second asylum . . . (Photo courtesy of

Note: built 1873. The hospital's many names include: The Independence Lunatic Asylum, The

Independence State Asylum, The Independence Asylum for the Insane, The Iowa State Hospital for the

Insane, and The Independence Mental Health Institute. There is also a labyrinth of underground tunnels

which connect every building. Like most asylums of its time, it has had a gruesome and dark history.

Remnants of this are the graveyard, hydrotherapy tubs, and lobotomy equipment.