Barney Devine, one of Kossuth County's oldest settlers and one of the largest cattle kings in northwest

Iowa, has been adjudged insane and taken to Independence.

--Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, 10 January 1893, page 2

Barney Devine, the cattle king of Kossuth County, has been adjudged insane and sent to the asylum to be

treated. In his present condition physically and mentally it is not probable that he will return to the county

alive. Even his great wealth will not aid him in his present condition.

--Bancroft Register, 11 January 1893

Dr. J. B. Armstrong, of Irvington, was in Algona Friday. He came up in attendance of Barney Devine. They

are old friends as they both were early settlers of the county. While here the Dr. was compelled to drive to

Irvington to see David Sample, another old settler who is lying at the point of death—reference to which

has already been made—and then return in time to accompany Mr. Devine to Independence, Iowa. It was a

hard drive for so old a gentleman as the Doctor to take. When a country is sparsely settled there are bonds

of sympathy and friendship engendered by early associations, which only death can sever. Such the Doctor

feels toward his two old friends and patients.

--Algona Republican, 11 January 1893, page 5

Dr. Armstrong and Glen Brunson returned Monday from Independence. They had no trouble with Mr.

Devine until they arrived at the town for the night. He could not sleep and became very unmanageable. The

next day in going to the asylum he thought the Williams race track grounds were Ambrose A. Call's bottom

lands, and was persuaded that the asylum was the Tennant House. He was very tired and weak. He did not

seem to realize where he was and made no disturbance.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 11 January 1893, page 5


Admitted 8 January 1893

Discharged 27 February 1893

Case no. 5514


To the Honorable Commissioners of Insanity of the County of Kossuth in the State of Iowa:

GENTLEMEN: Pursuant to your Commission to me of the date of Jan. 6th 1893, I have this day seen Barnet

Devine the person named in said Commission as insane and have made a personal examination in his case

as required.

As the result of such examination, I hereby certify that according to my judgment said person is insane, and

a fit subject for custody and treatment in the Hospital for the Insane. I also certify that I have stated

correctly the answers I have obtained from the best sources within my knowledge, and from my own

observation, to the interrogatories furnished, which interrogatories and answers are herewith appended.

WITNESS my hand this 6th day of Jan 1893

W.E.H. Morse, M.D.

1. Barnet Devine, age 70 yrs. Married. 10 children. Youngest 9 years. May 23, 1893

2. He was born in Ireland as were both of his parents

3. Residence Riverdale Twp, Kossuth Co, Iowa

4. Occupation Farmer

Synopsis of questions and answers 5- 8:

This was his first attack, first symptoms manifested four weeks prior after an attack of Delirium

Tremens. The disease appeared to be increasing, with no rational intervals.


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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