Barney Devine and Charley Chubb, of Algona, were here yesterday making arrangements for their herds of

cattle this season.

--Bancroft Register, 18 May 1892


Figuratively speaking this whole section of Country has been under water during the past week. At times

the rain has come down in torrents, streams have become swollen and lowlands flooded. Not in years has

there been such a rainfall during same length of time as has been witnessed in the past ten days.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 25 May 1892, page 4

Barney Devine was among us last week and after going over the roads with a team to his herding camp

concluded to wait for better roads before moving his cattle.

--Bancroft Register, 25 May 1892

C. L. Lund and Barnet Devine made up a train load of stock for Chicago, which left Sunday morning.

Lewis H. Smith and Max Herbst and the two shippers made up the party going in. There were nine carloads

in the train.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 15 June 1892, page 5

Messrs. Henry Lowe, Orton Bush and the Bowen boys are putting up hay for Barnet Devine this season.

--Algona Republican, 20 July 1892, page 9

About 2,000 head of heavy cattle have been shipped out of Kossuth and the immediate neighborhood this

year, and yet big bunches are being fed. C. L. Lund has over 200, Barnet Devine 200, and Nels Martin at

Bancroft 100 feeding, while in and about Burt, Portland, and Plum Creek, a dozen or more are feeding from

20 to 60 head. Kossuth turns off a lot of beef cattle in a year.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 30 November 1892, page 5

D. W. Sample and Barney Devine are reported to be very sick.

--Algona Republican, Wednesday, 7 December 1892, page 5

Barnet Devine has been under the weather lately and had a doctor from Algona Saturday. He is not

dangerously sick and will be out again soon.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 7 December 1892, page 5

Barney Devine is still on the sick list and doubts are entertained about his ultimate recovery.

--Algona Republican, 21 December 1892, page 5

D. W. Sample and Barney Devine are no better. They are both being attended by Dr. J. B. Armstrong, of


--Algona Republican, 4 January 1893, page 5

Barnet Devine seems to be still troubled with mental derangement, and his friends have been considering

the advisability of putting him in an asylum. He has spells when it is quite difficult to control him. This is a

serious affliction coming to our pioneer at his advanced age, and his failure to rally from it suggests that he

may have ended his active business career. Mr. Devine is one of the wealthiest men in northern Iowa.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 4 January 1893, page 5


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