John Devine is going to put up a building for the purpose of running his feed grinder, and will also put in a

hay press with it. This is what we need here.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 12 November 1890, page 7

Barney DeVine Sr. has been very low the past week, but is now somewhat better.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 19 November 1890, page 6


John Devine has started his new steam hay press.

--Algona Republican, 3 December 1890, page 7


Humboldt Independent: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Devine were called to mourn the loss of their infant

daughter of two weeks old on the 27th ult. Funeral services were held at the Catholic church and

the burial made in the new cemetery one and a half miles south, it being the first burial in the

grounds. Mr. and Mrs. Devine have the sympathy of all in their loss, yet none can truly sympathize

but those who have met with similar losses. [John Devine’s son Frank and Eleanor “Nellie” Dunn


--Algona Upper Des Moines, 14 January 1891, page 5


A Condensed but Full Report of the

January Meeting

. . . Barnet Devine gets 10-99-27 for $40 rent . . .

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 14 January 1891, page 4

Humboldt Independent: Mrs. John Devine Jr. [Josephine Rohrer] has gone to Junction City, Kansas, the

home of her people, where she will make her home for the present. Mr. Devine after arranging his business,

will go there and be on hand with his steam thresher and sheller when the season opens for that line of

work; but it is no new [trek] with him, as for the past few years he has made that country his fall stomping

ground, and many a Kansan has been astonished at the great capabilities of Mr. Devine's little machine.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 25 March 1891, page 4

Barnet Devine has closed a trade for the Chas. Wilkin's eighty in Lotts Creek. “Alcohol” was the fee


--Algona Upper Des Moines, 8 April 1891, page 5

Special Correspondence

UNION TWP. April 25— Miss Jennie Thompson will make her debut as a school ma'am, in the Barney

Devine district this summer.

--Algona Republican, 29 April 1891, page 5

Matt Freilinger and J. N. Salldin were to have a law suit last Saturday at this place but the latter's lawyer

did not appear in time and the case went by default. J.W. Sullivan, Algona's democratic lawyer, and G. W.

Skinner were attorneys for the plaintiff, and W. B. Quarton for the defendant, but the latter did not receive

word in time to come until the evening train which was too late, as the court had adjourned. The cause of

the trouble was some hay which had been sold to the defendant by plaintiff.

--Algona Republican, 3 June 1891, page 4


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