A Quarter of a Century Ago

From the Courier, Jan 10, 1890

John J Falb and Miss Lizzie Falb, Helmer Beenken and Miss Lena Spear, Frank Devine and Miss Nellie

Dunn are the parties who received licenses within the past week to enter the love league.

--Algona Courier, 8 January 1915, page 8


Official Report of the January

Session of the Supervisors


ALGONA, January 6, 1890

. . . Resolved, that section 16-99-27 be rented to B. Devine for $40 for herding purposes for 1890. But in

case he gets a good artesian well no rent is to be charged. Adopted.

--Algona Republican, 15 January 1890, page 8


From Our Correspondent

. . . Barney Devine made another of his large stock shipments Saturday evening, consisting of seven cars of

as fine cattle as you often see in a group.

--Algona Republican, 26 February 1890, page 5

A Quarter of a Century Ago

From the Courier, Feb. 28, 1890

Barney Devine shipped seven car loads of fat cattle from Irvington last Saturday. He was only thinning out

his large drove a little.

--Algona Courier, 26 February 1915, page 12

C. L. Lund and Barney Devine left for Chicago Monday with several cars of stock. Lund had five and

Devine seven cars.

--Algona Republican, 23 April 1890, page 4


Barney Devine made another large stock shipment this week. The C. & N. W. ran a special train for him.

Barney is a hustler when it comes to stock raising; this is the second train this year, and we understand he

has seven or eight cars more.

--Algona Republican, 23 April 1890, page 5

C. L. Lund and Barney Devine today ship nine cars of stock to the Chicago market.

--Algona Republican, 21 May 1890, page 4

John Devine is making preparations to start for Kansas with his steam threshing outfit. He will leave for

that state about June first and will stay through the threshing season there, and then return in time to have

another run here in the fall.

--Bancroft Register, 28 May 1890

Barney Devine was up from Irvington yesterday visiting his son-in-law M. Freilinger.

--Bancroft Register, 4 June 1890

C. C. Hall, who has spent the season herding cattle in the north part of the county, is once more a resident

of Algona. He had over 300 head for Barney Devine. The cattle have been driven home where they will

find better pasturage, Mr. Devine having a lot of late feed. The cattle have done well during the summer

and are in fine shape for fall feeding.

--Algona Republican, 24 September 1890, page 4


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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