Barney Devine was after more cattle in this part of the county the first of the week.

--Bancroft Register, 4 October 1888

A Quarter of a Century Ago

From the Courier, Nov. 30, 1888

Barney Devine sold a quarter-section west of the river, near St. Joe, to Mr. A. Hilbert, for $1,000.

--Algona Courier, Friday, 28 November 1913, page 6

A Quarter of a Century Ago

From the Courier, Feb. 15, 1889

Barney Devine is fattening 600 steers and he feeds them 300 bushels of corn a day. That is doing pretty

well for one humble farmer.

--Algona Courier, 13 February 1914, page 3


Special Correspondence

. . . Our little city had quite a rush in the stock line last week. Barney Devine shipped 12 cars of cattle and

Mike O'Rourke shipped 1 Monday— 13 cars in all. The C. & N. W. ran a special train for them, leaving

here at 9:40 a.m. Feb. 13, arriving in Chicago 4:30 a.m. Feb. 14.

--Algona Republican, 20 Feb. 1889, page 5


J. G. Smith, M. O'Rourke, W. W. Jones, Barnet Devine and young Barney, besides a couple of helpers,

made a congenial party to Chicago last week in charge of a train load of cattle O'Rourke and Devine

shipped in. They had thirteen cars and a caboose, and went through on short time, making at one place 35

miles in 45 minutes. The cattle market was dull and the stock brought only fair prices. O'Rourke took with

him his glass pump patent, and when he left Chicago went to Dubuque to see what he could do with it. Mr.

Smith attended to express matters and came home, and the others followed as inclination prompted. Mr.

Smith says Chicago is very dull, and that trade is stagnant. In connection with this large shipment of cattle

it is worthy to note that they were loaded at Irvington on the Northwestern and not on the Burlington,

which is really nearer to get at. This explodes the old story about cheap rates from Burlington shipping


--Algona Upper Des Moines, 20 February 1889, page 4

SENECA (Special correspondence)

Barney Devine of Irvington is up visiting his son-in-law Matt Freilinger.

--Bancroft Register, 7 March 1889

Mrs. John Devine arrived home last week from Kansas. She is altogether displeased with that country but

reports a very pleasant visit. [Mrs. Nancy Ann Meagher Devine was probably visiting son John and his

family in Kansas.]

--Algona Republican, 27 March 1889, page 3


Iowa state census 1885, Howard, Humboldt, Iowa

John H. Devine, 35

Josephine, 24

Margaret, 4

Francis H., 1

Kansas state census 1 March 1895, Junction City, Geary County

J.H. Davine, abt 1849 Canada

Margrett J. Davine, abt 1881 Iowa

Frank Davin, abt 1884 Iowa

Barny Davin, abt 1887 Kansas


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