Resolved, that the County Auditor be ordered to draw Warrants on the special bridge fund in favor of R.

Brayton or his order the same to be paid for improving approaches to the Devine Bridge.

--Algona Republican, 13 August 1873, page 1

Died----On Saturday last at the residence of her son-in-law, Barnet Devine, of Irvington Township, Mrs.

Mary Batterson, aged 75 years. [Gravestone: age 73 yrs 4 mos 20 days]

--Algona Republican, Wednesday, 11 November 1874, page 1.

State of Iowa

) Circuit Court

Kossuth County ) September Term, 1875

Barnet Devine Against John C. McCay

(property dispute)

--Algona Republican, 11 August 1875, page 8

Resolved, that Barnet Devine be appointed a committee to make such repairs to the Devine bridge and its

approaches as its condition requires, and the Co. Auditor is hereby authorized to draw warrants on the

Bridge fund on his certificate.

--Algona Republican, 13 September 1876, page 4

Messrs. Addison & Cole, of Polk county, last week took out of Kossuth county over 500 steers, largely

selected from the herd of Barney Devine; also from the herds of John A. Winkel, John Goeders, and

O. Minkler. There will still be over 1,000 head wintered in Kossuth.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 1 October 1879, page 1

Barnet Devine has been receiving a number of lots of fine fat cattle from different parts of the

county during the last two weeks.

--Algona Republican, 1 October 1879, page 4

On Monday last Barnet Devine drove up from his farm in Irvington 250 head of fat hogs for shipment to

Chicago. The lot will average 300 pounds each and will fill four cars.

--Algona Republican, 26 November 1879, page 1

Barnet Devine and J. R. Armstrong made a business trip to Chicago last week. The former took in six

car loads of hogs and cattle.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 10 December 1879, page 1

Barnet Devine made his last shipment of hogs from Fort Dodge. He reports his sales satisfactory.

Not an animal was lost or injured on the route.

--Algona Republican, 21 January 1880, page 1

Barnet Devine went into Chicago last week with a couple of carloads of hogs and the same of cattle.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 5 May 1880, page 5


From the Courier, July [ ] 1880

Barney Devine is back from his visit to Three Rivers, Canada, where he had not been for about 45 years.

He says he does not like that country now. Many of the farm houses that he remembers have disappeared,

and farms have been let run wild. The reason assigned for that is that the lands became so poor that they


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