The Fort Dodge Messenger has this to

tell of an Iowa farmer: “Barney Devine

living in the valley of the Des Moines,

above this city, is a farmer of no small

capacity. The past season he raised fifteen

thousand bushels of corn, and is at this time

buying all the corn he can get at 20 cents a

bushel. He is stall feeding 300 head of cattle,

with about the same number of hogs. He

never has less than 300 head of cattle on hand

at a time.

--Jackson Sentinel, Maquoketa, Iowa, 28 March 1872, page 2

--Iowa State Reporter, Waterloo, Iowa, 28 February 1872, page 4

Brevities. . .

That bridge over the Des Moines near the residence of Mr. Devine is once more in a passable condition.

--Algona Republican, 21 August 1872, page 1

Barnet Devine has 500 acres fenced

and the principal part of it in crops,

but how divided we did not learn. But

Mr. Devine turns his attention chiefly

to the raising of stock, and deals extensively

in cattle and hogs.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 7 May 1873, page 2

The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth Co.,

Iowa, met at the Court House in Algona

this sixth day of May A. D. 1873

. . . Resolved, That D.H. Hutchins be instructed to contract for the building of a bridge where the

Dockstadler road crosses the Des Moines River, as petitioned for, also to contract for rebuilding the Devine


--Algona Republican, 21 May 1873, page 4

Mr. H. B. Smith started a raft of bridge timber Monday last. This timber is designed for the Devine Bridge

on which work will begin as soon as the river lowers sufficiently.

--Algona Republican, 18 June 1873, page 1

We learn from Mr. Barnet Devine that the new bridge across the River near his place will be completed the

last of this week. Mr. Devine is preparing for an immediate entrance upon a haying campaign. The large

amount of hay required by him makes it necessary that a part be gathered by him before harvest.

--Algona Republican, 16 July 1873, page 1

Board Proceedings

Algona, Iowa, July 26, 1873

The Board of Supervisors met at the Court House in . . .

Resolved, that the county Auditor, be ordered to notify John Goeders to return all lumber taken by him

from and near the Devine bridge, and deliver the same at the Court House in Algona.

And in case the said lumber is not returned as required, then the Auditor is hereby authorized to commence

an action at the law to recover the said property and duly punish the said Goeders for his illegal act.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 6 August 1873, page 3


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