1851 census, Trois Rivieres, St. Maurice County, Quebec

[Who was Mary Cartwright? Was it an error by the census taker? ]

John Devine, 70, born Ireland, cultivateur [farmer]. Catholic, as are his children.

Mary Cartwright, 55, born Ireland. Catholic.

Mary Devine, 19, born Trois Rivieres

Anny Devine, 11, born Trois Rivieres

Margaret Devine, 9, born Trois Rivieres

James Devine, 16, born Trois Rivieres, farmer

Francis Devine, 14, born Trois Rivieres, journalier [day laborer]

1861 census Trois Rivieres

John Devine, 78, farmer, born Ireland. Family Roman Catholic.

Rosa Devine, 63, born Ireland

Francis Devine, 22, born Canada

Mary, 29, born Canada

Margaret, 18, born Canada

1 female death in 1860, age 20; cause consumption [Anne Devine died 8 June 1860]

Their house was one story, brick. They had one horse, 3 cows, 1 pig.

1871 census Trois Rivieres

Rose Devine, 68, born Ireland. Farmer. Roman Catholic.

Mary Devine, 38, born Quebec

Marguerite, 24, born Quebec

Francis, 34, born Quebec

1881 census Nicolet, Nicolet, Quebec

Rose Devine, 83, born 1798 Ireland, widowed, Catholic

Francois, 36, born 1845 Quebec, Catholic, nationality Irish, farmer.

Marguerite, 28, born 1853 Quebec, Catholic, nationality Irish



History of Kossuth County, Iowa, Benjamin F. Reed, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (Chicago) 1913

The Irvington Country - 1856-1864

Barnett Devine that year [1856] settled on the premises which have ever since been his home, now in

southern Riverdale. His brother John also located just south of him. The senior brother, Barnet, found a

fine grove, the river running through it, and very fertile prairie adjoining. Besides this on the river bottoms

grass was making a luxuriant growth. The place presented itself as an ideal one for a stock farm and

"Barney" wanted it. There was but one obstacle in the way of his becoming the owner, and that was that

another man was holding it as his claim and demanding $500 for his interest. Barney thereupon went down

into his pocket, produced the required cash and took possession. When Mrs. Devine began living there her

nearest neighbors on the north were O. J. Smith and another back on the old O'Rourke farm. On neither the

east nor the west were there any houses in sight, and her neighbors on the south were far away.

[Vol. 1/page 95]


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