Kossuth School Statistics @ Turn of Century.......

The Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Wednesday, January 10, 1900


Some Items From State Superintendent Barrett’s Report—

Nearly $70,000 Paid to Teachers.

Kossuth has 28 school townships, eight independent districts, 202 sub-districts, 204 ungraded schools, 42 rooms in graded schools, and eight months is the average length of the school year.


There are 70 male and 325 female teachers in the county. The men get $34.98 a month, the women $31.58.


There are 3,766 males of school age, 3,454 females. The enrollment in school is 5,107. The total average attendance is 3,669.


There are 211 school houses worth $144,895 with $8,882 of apparatus, 2,108 books and 1,566 trees on the grounds.


The county pays $85,531.46 to teachers.


There are 53 first grade teachers certificates, 197 second grade, two special certificates, seven state certificates.


The average age of male teachers is 28 years, of female it is 21.


~Statistics transcription done by L. Ziemann, Kossuth CC.



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