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Chld Name Birth Date Birth Place Father's Name Father's Birthplace
& Age
Mother's Name Mother's Residence Submitter
ADRAIN, female January 30, 1848 Sehndorf, Perll, Germany     Pete Seaba,
Date Posted. 04/06/03
Lorenz Adrian 1818        Pete Seaba,
Date Posted. 04/06/03
Magdelena Hammes born 22 May 1823 Oberperl, Germany Both parents to Keokuk County       Pete Seaba,
Date Posted. 04/06/03
LYNCH, female   Benton Twp     Laura Sadowsky
Alexander Lynch       Indiana,
26 yrs
Ida May White Benton TwpLaura Sadowsky
LUSE, female 11 March 1883 Sigourney S. M. Luse Pennsylvania,
31 yrs
Eliza E. Ford Sigourney Laura Sadowsky
LLOYD, Blodiven (female) 13 February 1883 What Cheer Benjamin H. Lloyd (Welsh) England,
22 yrs
Anna Hughes What Cheer Laura Sadowsky
LAUBACH, female 8 March 1883 Keokuk Co. George Laubach Pennsylvania,
26 yrs
Lizzie Rudolph Clear Creek Twp. Laura Sadowsky
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