Iowa Ninth Cavalry

This information has been transcribed and graciously provided by volunteer John Davis from
the "1880 History of Keokuk County Iowa."

The Ninth Cavalry Regiment was organized in the fall of 1863, and mustered in at Davenport, November 30, and was represented by nearly every county in the State. It was moved to Benton Barracks, where it remained until April 14th, when it started for Little Rock. Its field of service was in Arkansas and its most active service was when Steele was in a state of siege at Little Rock. It was engaged in frequent short, sharp skirmishes. It took no part in great battles of the war; still it performed two years' laborious and gallant service. It marched over two thousand miles moved by steamboat and rail seventeen hundred miles, and, in scouting over 8,000 miles. It lost one hundred and sixty four men by sickness and fifteen by wounds. It was mustered out at Little Rock, in detachments in February and March, 1866. Keokuk County was represented in companies D and K.

Company D


-Daniel Davis second sergeant; enlisted Aug 12, 1863; promoted second lieutenant, Jan 23, 1866, but was mustered           out as a first sergeant
-Thomas L Elliott, fourth sergeant; enlisted Aug 12, 1863; served one year in Company G, sixth infantry
-Hartin H. Hoyt third corpora; enlisted Sep 9, 1863; served eleven months in company E, tenth infantry
-James M. Davis seventh corporal; enlisted Oct 27, 1863
-Samuel Nordyke saddler; enlisted Sep 20, 1863


-Coats, John W. enlisted Aug 8, 1863
-Cramton, Caleb enlisted Sep 10, 1863
-Disor, James W. enlisted Sep 10, 1863
-Nordyke, David O. enlisted Aug 31, 1864
-White, T.J. enlisted Aug 12, 1863

Company I


-Haycock, George A. enlisted Sep 22, 1863

Company K


-Joseph H. Shawhan captain; formerly first lieutenant company B, thirty third infantry
-Jacob A. Lowe first sergeant; enlisted Oct 10, 1863; promoted second lieutenant May 1, 1864; first lieutenant Mar 9,           1865
-Benjamin R. Hogin fourth sergeant; enlisted Sep 20, 1863
-Alexander Trotter fifth sergeant; enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-J. B. Shollenbarger sixth sergeant; enlisted Oct 10, 1863; served one year in Company F, fifth infantry
-Zechariah T. Harned first corporal; enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Ephraim Cochran seventh corporal; enlisted Oct 10, 1863; served fourteen months in company h, second infantry
-Russell G. Ferguson trumpeter; enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-William F. Haines farrier; enlisted Oct 26, 1863


-Allen, Thomas enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Allen, Abel D. enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Burns, James enlisted Oct 10, 1863; died Jul 23, 1864; at Du Vall's Bluff Ark
-Brittian, William P. enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Baldwin, Jacob B. enlisted Oct 10, 1863; transferred to invalid corps May 15, 1864
-Ball, John W. enlisted Oct 24, 1863
-Booton, John W. enlisted Oct 24, 1863
-Booton, Alexander, enlisted Nov 5, 1863; discharged Aug 19, 1864 for disability
-Clarahan, John enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Cochran, David N enlisted Oct 10, 1863; discharged for disability Jun 13, 1864
-Cross, William P. enlisted Nov 9, 1863
-Dunlap, James V. enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Ellison, George enlisted Oct 17, 1863
-Fisher, Abram C. enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Fowler, Henry enlisted Nov 5, 1863
-Harvey, Charles D. enlisted Nov 9, 1863
-Hartzell, William C. enlisted Oct 16, 1863
-Hinman, Alonzo enlisted Oct 25, 1863
-Jones, Alexander enlisted Oct 28, 1863; died Jan 24, 1864 at St. Louis
-Jessup, John enlisted Oct 17, 1863
-Knox, Milton enlisted Oct 19, 1863; discharged Mar 7, 1864 for disability
-Kirkpatrick, Joseph H. enlisted Nov 1, 1863
-Larimore, James F. enlaced Oct 10, 1863
-Mantz, Moses A, enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Meeker, Washington S. enlisted Oct 28, 1863; died Sep 24, 1864 at Keokuk
-McCreery, Landy enlisted Oct 23, 1863
-Ord, Jonathan C. enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Paull, Benjamin B. enlisted Sep 17, 1863
-Pfenbecher, henry enlisted Oct 4, 1863
-Reynolds, James enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Sprague, Eli enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Shipman, Thomas B. enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Smith, Hamilton enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Smith, Sylvanus enlisted Oct 10, 1863
-Sutton, James A. enlisted Oct 23, 1863
-Tilton, George W. enlisted Oct 10, 1863

Company M


-P. S. Coleman wagoner; enlisted Aug 31, 1863; died Aug 7, 1864 at DuVall's Bluffs Ark


-Hampson, Frank M. enlisted Aug 18, 1863
-Mallone, Andrew J. enlisted Sep 1, 1863
-Orndoff, Henry enlisted Aug 18, 1863; died Mar 2, 1864 at St. Louis
-Parish, Elza enlisted Aug 31, 1863

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