Iowa Fifth Infantry

This information has been transcribed and graciously provided by volunteer John Davis from
the "1880 History of Keokuk County Iowa."

The Fifth Iowa Infantry took the field in August, 1861, and first served in Missouri, going to Jefferson City August 14th; thence in September, to Columbia, Boonville, Glasgow, Springfield, Syracuse; thence back to Boonville; thence to Cairo, February 22nd, 1862, at which date it had not met the enemy. From Cairo it at once went to Benton, thence with General Pope to New Madrid, where, March 4th it encountered the enemy in force treble its own, but held its position two hours under a heavy fire. At Island No. 10 the valor of the regiment won the inscription of the battle on their banner. Thence the regiment went to Corinth. It was while there Colonel Worthington, a brave and excellent officer, was accidentally shot by a sentinel. After the siege of Corinth the regiment joined in the pursuit of Beauregard to Boonville, thence returned to Corinth, and in June went to Ripley, Rienzi, back to Clear Springs; thence to Jacinto; thence against Price at Iuka where September 19th, it was engaged in that terrible engagement. For six miles from Jacinto to Iuka the Fifth led the advance of the division, beating back the enemy, until, when three miles distant from Iuka, the enemy was met in force. The Fifth was the first in line of battle, and from that moment until every cartridge was gone held its place. Its loss of 217 men of the 482 tells the story of its heroism. Fifteen non-commissioned officers were killed. October 3rd and 4th next met the enemy of Corinth. The march to Yockona; thence back to Memphis; thence down the Mississippi to Grand Lake; thence to Helena, and the wild chase down the Yazoo Pass, -all are a part of the history of this regiment. At Champion’s Hill, May 16th, 1863 the regiment showed its pluck. For an hour and a half it, with its brigade, held an important and perilous position, and the last thirty minutes of which it had no ammunition except what was gathered from cartridge boxes of dead and wounded on the field. From that time to the fall of Vicksburg its history is that of all who took part therein. After the fall of Vicksburg the regiment went to Helena, thence to Memphis, thence with General Sherman across the country to Chattanooga, where it took active part in the battle on the 25th of November where it lost 106 most of which were captured. After Chattanooga there is little of importance. It joined in the pursuit of Bragg to Graysville, Georgia; thence to Huntsville, Alabama, where it passed the winter. In April it came north on a veteran furlough, returning in May; was ordered to Kingston, Georgia. August 8th 1864, the veterans were transferred to the Fifth Iowa Cavalry, as companies G and I. After the transfer the regiment was refitted and remounted at Nashville, and joined Wilson’s brilliant march through Alabama and Georgia at the close of which it was sent to Macon, Georgia, and August 9th 1865, was mustered out at Atlanta, Georgia. Keokuk County was represented in Company F.

Company F*


-Ezekiel S. Sampson, captain; promoted; Lieutenant-colonel May 23, 1862
-Henry T. McNiel, fourth corporal; died at Syracuse Mo, Dec 9, 1861
-Uriah H. Keath, first lieutenant; promoted; Captain Sept 1862
-Sherridan G. Rose, fifth corporal; reduced to ranks at his own request; wounded at Iuka; discharged Oct 5, 1862, for           disability
-Henry S. Douns, second lieutenant; resigned from disability Dec 1, 1861
-Henry B. Landers, sixth corporal; promoted fourth corporal Dec 9, 1861; wounded at Iuka
-Charles S. Miller, first sergeant; reduced to fourth sergeant at his own request Dec 1, 1861
-Abram G. Long, seventy corporal; promoted fourth sergeant, Mar 15, 1862; wounded Iuka discharged Dec 11, 1862,           for disability
-Sebastian Fisher, second sergeant; killed at Iuka, Sept 19, 1862 while acting as second lieutenant
-Elvin M. Holcomb, eight corporal; promoted second lieutenant Jun 1, 1862, killed at Iuka Sep 19, 1862
-Charles Cosby, third sergeant; discharged Jan 30, 1862, for disability
-Wm. Eberhart, musician; wounded at Iuka; discharged Feb 28, 1863, from wounds
-Austin B. Rayburn, fourth sergeant; promoted second lieutenant Dec 2, 1861; Mustered out May 28, 1862
-Charles S. Sprague, musician, reduced to ranks Oct 21, 1862; promoted to fifth corporal Oct 21, 1862, veteranized in           Company G, fifth cavalry Jan 5, 1864
-Manassas M. Flary, fifth sergeant; reduced to ranks Aug 17, 1862
-Bennet F. Gore, wagoner, died at Boonville, Mo. Jan 22, 1862
-Wm. Cross, first corporal; reduced to ranks at his own request Dec 1, 1862; wounded at Copperville, Miss, Dec 5,           1862 discharged Mar 3, 1863, for disability
-James A. Renfro, second corporal; promoted third sergeant Aug 10, 1863; wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862 transferred           to invalid corps Mar 16, 1864
-Franklin N. McCoy, third corporal; promoted second lieutenant Sep 4, 1862


-Allen, Abel D. discharged Feb 13, 1862 for disability
-Baldwin, James S. died, Dec 3, 1861 at Warsaw, Mo.
-Beavel, Andrew wounded at Iuka; Veteranized company G, fifth cavalry Jan 5, 1864
-Butler, Martin V. B. absent Oct 13, 1861
-Cabler, Edward discharged Mar 22, 1862, for disability
-Campbell, George wounded at Champion's Hill, May 16, 1863, veteranized fifth cavalry, Jan 5, 1864
-Campbell, William L. discharged Feb 13, 1862 for disability
-Cooper, George W. died Sept 16, 1861, at Jefferson City Mo.
-Cotton, William L. veteranized fifth cavalry, Apr 11, 1864
-Crosby, Charles discharged Jan 3, 1862, for Disability
-Cross, Eli enlisted Aug 5, 1862; discharged Oct 22, 1862 for disability
-Cross, William P. wounded at Coffeville Miss. Dec 5, 1862; veteranized fifth cavalry, first Corporal, Company G, Jan           1, 1864
-Ellsworth, Francis M. discharged Feb 14, 1863 for disability
-Ferry, George H. wounded at Iuka; promoted to corporal; transferred to invalid corps Aug 1863
-Fulton, William J killed at Iuka Sep 19, 1869
-Gano, Charles wounded at Iuka, Sep 19, 1862; promoted corporal; wounded and captured at Mission Ridge, Nov 25,           1863
-Glandon, David C. died of wounds at Iuka Sep 21, 1862
-Goss, Charles W. died of wounds at Iuka Sep, 21, 1862
-Greene, Isaac H. killed at Iuka, Sep 19, 1862
-Hall, John wounded at Iuka
-Hall, Robert M. discharged Apr 22, 1863 for disability
-Hart, Daniel captured at Madison Station Ala, May 17, 1864
-Hartwell, Abram promoted fifth corporal Jul 1 1862; promoted fifth sergeant Oct 21, 1862, promoted first sergeant ??,           captured at Mission Ridge Nov 25, 1864
-Hudson, John W. died at Syracuse Mo. Nov 2, 1861
-Jaques, John Joseph promoted to corporal, captured at Mission Ridge Nov 25, 1863
-Jones, David M. died of wounds at Iuka, Sep 21, 1862
-Ketchum, John V. died of wounds at Iuka
-Laffer, James E. enlisted Aug 26, 1862, discharged May 19, 1863 for disability
-Laffer, Phillip enlisted Aug 26, 1862; discharged May 15, 1863 for disability
-Laffer, Reason P. promoted eighth corporal Jun 17, 1862, wounded at Iuka Sept 19, 1862
-Lineback, Henry killed at Champion's Hill May 16, 1863
-Lineback, Jacob discharged Mar 5, 1863 for disability
-Long, Isaac killed at Iuka, Sep 19, 1862
-McCampbell, David S. wounded at Champion's Hill May 16, 1863
-McChanahan, Robert promoted second corporal Aug 10, 1861; wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862, Discharged Oct 2,           1862 for disability
-McNeil, David promoted seventh corporal Oct 21, 1862; veteranized company G, fifth, cavalry, Jan 5, 1864
-Miller, Samuel discharged Sep 8, 1862 for disability
-Minor, Pleasant E. wounded at Iuka
-Mohme, Charles discharged Jan 8, 1862 for dischg
-Morgan, George E. promoted eight corporal Dec 1, 1861; discharged Jul 19, 1862, for injuries falling by accident
-Morrison, Lewis M. promoted first sergeant Jun 16, 1862; reduced to ranks at his own request Sep 4, 1862;           transferred to invalid corps Feb 16, 1864
-Myers, William R. wounded accidentally; discharged Nov 22, 1862 for disability
-Passig, Henry F.
-Payton, Henry C.
-Pinkerton, Miron discharged Dec 1, 1862 for disability
-Pringle, Nelson
-Reed, James
-Rodman, James M. discharged Nov 30, 1861 for disability
-Roland, James H. wounded at Iuka, Sep 19, 1862 Champion's Hill May 16, 1863; died of wounds At Baker's Creek,           Miss. May 18, 1863
-Rose, Henry veteranized company G, fifth Cavalry, Jan 5 1864
-Schokly, Thomas A. wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862; killed at Chattanooga, Nov 25, 1863
-Schokly, William veteranized in company G, fifth cavalry Jan 5, 1864
-Shallenbarger, Joseph B. enlisted Aug 16, 1861; discharged Jul 25, 1862 for disability
-Shanafelt, Wesley
-Shipman, Alfred, wounded at Iuka Sep 19, died at Jackson Oct 5, 1862; reported also as discharged Apr 22, 1863 for           disability
-Shively, Samuel B.
-Slate, Lionel L. died Sep 13, 1862 at Jefferson Barracks
-Slate, Ord wounded at Iuka, Sep, 19 1862; died of wounds Oct 5, 1862 at Jackson, Tennessee
-Smack, Finley M. promoted seventh corporal Jun 16, 1863 promoted first sergeant Oct 21, 1862; veteranized O.M.S.           company G fifth cavalry Feb 13, 1864
-Smith, Frank
-Smith, Walker died Nov 1, 1861 at Hermanville Mo.
-Smith, William C. discharged Feb 3, 1862 for disability
-Sprague, Charles S. enlisted July 31, 1861, veteranized fifth cavalry, company G, Jan 5, 1864
-Stone, Clark b. enlisted Aug 31, 1862, veteranized, Seventh corps company G, fifth cavalry, Jan 5 1864
-Stone, Frederick discharged Apr 23, 1863 for disability
-Stumer, Frederick
-Switzer, William A. wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862; discharged Dec 20, 1862 for disability
-Taylor, William C. captured at Madison Station, Alabama May 17, 1864
-Teller, John killed at Iuka Sep 19, 1862
-Thomas, Harrison died Nov 10, 1861 at Boonville, Missouri
-Tipton, George B. wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862 at Vicksburg May 22, 1863; transferred to invalid. corps May 1864
-Voss, Harding enlisted Aug 16, 1861
-Wilson, Abel P. wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862; discharged Oct 5 1862 for disability
-Woodruff, Nehemiah H. discharged for disability
-Woods, James wounded at Iuka Sep 19, 1862; transferred to invalid corps Feb 15, 1864

Company I

-Stone, Anson H. enlisted Jun 24, 1861; veteranized company G fifth cavalry Apr 11, 1864

*Enlisted July 3, 1861 unless otherwise stated.


**Henry S. Douns should be spelled DOWNS according to descendant, Beth Downs Goble.

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