Forty-Fourth Infantry

This information has been transcribed and graciously provided by volunteer John Davis from
the "1880 History of Keokuk County Iowa."

One Hundred Days

This regiment was organized under a proclamation of the president, April 21, 1864, calling for one hundred thousand men to serve for one hundred days, in fortifications or wherever their services might be required. This was for the purpose of relieving the veteran troops from such duty, that they might be sent forward for more effective service. Under proclamation of the governor, four days later, the valiant people of the State responded promptly to fill the quota of then thousand demanded of them, although far ahead of all requisitions made by the government.

Keokuk county, although having furnished men largely in excess of her quota, responded promptly, and was represented in two regiments, the Forty Forth and the Forty Seventh. Although they were engaged in no battles they did effective service in closing up the war. The forty-fourth was mustered in June, 1864 and mustered out at Davenport, September 15th 1864.

The casualties were one; died of disease.

Company E

-Harmon, William P enlisted May 22
-Hervey, John R. enlisted May 14
-Morgan, George E. enlisted May 13; promoted to third sergeant Jun 20, 1864
-McCartney, William F. enlisted May 14

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