Iowa Eighteenth Infantry

This information has been transcribed and graciously provided by volunteer John Davis from
the "1880 History of Keokuk County Iowa."

The Eighteenth Infantry regiment was organized under the call of July 4, 1862, for 300,00 men. It was mustered into the United States service August 6, 1862, with a rank and file of 860 men, John Edwards, colonel. On the 11th of August it started for the field. While it has not the prominent record of some Iowa regiment it was none the less efficient in service, brave in action, prompt in duty. That it is not so notable is because there is less known of it. From the time it whipped and cleaned out the braggart Marmaduke at Springfield, Missouri, January 8, 1862, who attacked with at least 1870 men, while the Eighteenth had only 500 men, on to fight with Price, Apr 30, 1864, its conduct was such to elicit high commendation from division commanders. It had the reputation of getting out of difficulties through smaller chances than few would have dared attempted. At Poison Spring was a notable instance. The regiment got completely isolated and hemmed in on all sides by the enemy. It flocked together and wormed itself out, fighting rod by rod, scattering the enemy by charges when it would reform and occupy the vacuum, and thus cut its was out and returned to Camden. In May, 1864 it returned to Fort Smith Arkansas, having marched 730 miles over mountains, through swamps, subsisting on raw corn, wading days and nights through mud and water. At Fort Smith it remained during the summer and fall of 1864, making in the meantime several long and brilliant expeditions. February 26, 1865, four companies were sent to Van Buren, Arkansas, for garrison duty, until Jul 6, when the regiment was ordered to Little Rock for mustered out. July 21, it started for Davenport, where Aug 5, the men were discharged having served three years and two days. The regiment marched 4,160 miles. Of the original number of the regiment by four hundred returned for muster out. Of the original officers but eight returned. Keokuk county was represented in companies A, D, I.

Company A


-Turuly, William M. enlisted Jul 8, 1862

Company D


-John A. Landis captain; enlisted Jun 6, 1862; wounded at Springfield Missouri Jan 8, 1863; resigned Feb 28, 1863
-James H. Creighton first lieutenant; enlisted Jun 16, 1862; resigned Dec 24, 1864
-Justinian Ray second lieutenant; enlisted Jun 16, 1862; promoted captain Mar 1, 1863
-Cyphrett P. Fillett second sergeant; discharged Dec 26, 1862; for disability
-Melancthon Murdock third sergeant; enlisted Jun 22, 1862
-Marion Walters fourth sergeant; enlisted Jul 7 1862
-Nelson W. Clothier fifth sergeant; enlisted Jul 11, 1862; promoted first sergeant Sep 6, 1862
-James A. Lynn first corporal; enlisted Jul 12, 1862; promoted Fifth sergeant Sep 13, 1862; discharged Jun 28, 1865 for           disability
-Matthew Hall second corporal; promoted first corporal Sep 13, 1862; discharged Feb 23, 1863; enlisted Jul 11, 1862
-Thomas M. Leak third corporal; reduced to ranks
-William C. Smith fifth corporal; enlisted Jun 16, 1862; promoted fourth corporal Sep 13, 1862; died Dec 14, 1863 at           Springfield Missouri
-Phillip Rhoads eight corporal; promoted to seventh corporal Sep 13, 1862; enlisted Jun 16, 1862


-Arnett, James S. enlisted Jun 22, 1862
-Adams, John B. enlisted Jun 16, 1862
-Booton, John W. enlisted Jun 16, 1862
-Bradley, Lewis M. enlisted Jul 7, 1862; discharged Feb 23, 1963 for disability
-Butler, Albert S. enlisted Jun 22, 1862; discharged for disability Feb 23, 1863
-Blair, Charles enlisted Jul 7, 1862; wounded and captured at Poison Spring Arkansas, Apr 18, 1864
-Brown, Addison A. enlisted Jul 27, 1862; discharged May 11, 1865; for disability
-Brown, William enlisted Aug 22, 1863
-Cox, John Q. A. enlisted Jul 7, 1862; died at Springfield Missouri, Nov 28, 1862
-Ellis, Andrew T. enlisted Jul 22, 1862
-Farrand, James W. enlisted Jun 30, 1862
-Fuller, William S. captured at Poison Spring, Apr 18, 1864
-Knox, Benjamin F. enlisted Jul 7, 1862; captured at Poison Spring, Apr 18, 1864
-Kiehl, George O. enlisted Jul 7, 1862; died Dec 1, 1862 at Springfield Missouri
-Leathers, George W. enlisted Jun 19, 1862
-McNair, Ira enlisted Jun 19, 1862
-McCormick, Emanuel enlisted Jul 19, 1862
-Miller, John W. enlisted Jul 27, 1862; discharged Feb 23, 1863; for disability
-More, Henry C. enlisted Jul 7, 1862
-Perdue, Percival enlisted Jul 7, 1862
-Perdue, enlisted Nov 12, 1863
-Rhoades, Cornelius enlisted Jun 16, 1862; discharged Dec 27, 1862 for disability
-Rayan, Collin B. enlisted Jul 7, 1862
-Richardson, George S. enlisted Jul 27, 1862
-Richardson, Nathaniel enlisted Jun 21, 1862; died Jun 21, 1865 at Van Buren Arkansas
-Tedlock, William C. enlisted Jun 19, 1862; discharged Feb 23, 1863 for disability
-Tucker, Nathaniel E. enlisted Jun 18, 1862; discharged Feb 23, 1863 for disability

Company I


-Josephus B. Charton second corporal; enlisted Jul 7, 1862; commissioned second lieutenant May 24, 1865, but not           mustered; mustered out as sergeant major
-John I. Seeton third corporal; enlisted Jul 7, 1862


-Coon, Isaac enlisted Jul 14, 1862
-Hinman, Charles A, enlisted Jul 12, 1862
-Jones, Joseph A. enlisted Jul 7, 1862; died Nov 18, 1862; Springfield Missouri
-McLoud, Edward S. enlisted Jul 15, 1863
-Nordyke, Calvin J. enlisted Jul 15, 1862
-Rose, Abraham enlisted Jul 7, 1862
-Strite, Nicholas enlisted Jul7, 1862
-Ward, William enlisted Jul 7, 1862; wounded and captured at Poison Spring April 18, 1864

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