Iowa Fifteenth Infantry

This information has been transcribed and graciously provided by volunteer John Davis from
the "1880 History of Keokuk County Iowa."

The fifteenth was organized in the fall of 1861. Company A in which Keokuk County was represented was mustered in November of 1861. The regiment had the advantage of several months drill, and no regiment left the State better prepared in that regard than this. April 1, 1862, it went to the field, reaching Pittsburg Landing on that memorable Sunday, the 6th of April, after the battle had been going on several hours. It was immediately put to the front, and came out with a loss of one hundred and eighty eight, in killed wounded and missing. At Corinth it was again unfortunate. It was in the Vicksburg campaign, and in the famous Meridian raid. It came home on veteran furlough in March, 1864, and on returning to the front it joined the Atlanta campaign, losing heavily in the skirmishes about that city before the battle, July 22, in which it lost heavily. It joined the march to the sea; to Goldsboro, Raleigh and Washington. It was mustered out at Louisville, July 24, 1865. It suffered more casualties that any regiment sent from this State. Of the seventeen hundred and sixty three members of the regiment, but seven hundred and twelve were present at the muster out. It carried its banner seven thousand and eight hundred and ninety eight miles. It hangs in the State arsenal torn in shreds by leaden hail, a token of valor and honor to the rave men who bore it.

Company A


-Robert G. Forgrave enlisted May 6, 1861 third sergeant from the first sergeant company E second infantry;           promoted second sergeant Mar 1, 1862; reduced to ranks May 21, 1862
-Erastus H. Nordyke, enlisted Jan 18, 1862; promoted fourth corporal from private; reduced to ranks at own request           Nov 20, 1862; veteranized Feb 20, 1863; killed near Atlanta July 28, 1864


-Bales, David enlisted Nov 10, 1861; discharged May 9, 1862
-Bales, Levi J. enlisted ? wounded at Shilo Apr 6, 1862
-Forgrave, Lyman W. enlisted Nov 10, 1861; discharged for minority Feb 27, 1862
-McNeice, Marteen enlisted Nov 10, 1861; veteranized Jan 1, 1864; wounded at Kenesaw Mountain Jun 17, 1864

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