1873 - 1973

Natural Gas ad



A glimpse into the past...


Keota Lumber



Berend Coal
J. B. Berend Coal Business. East Broadway about 1917.




Shores Line
1918. "Shores Line" spices, extracts. Wm. Dawson.

Hamilton Ice Cream
1909. "The others make good icecream but Hamilton's tastes best," Left to right, Glen Richardson, Cloyce Hamilton, Keith Droz, Walter Palmer.


Callaster's Cafe
1920. Callister's Cafe. Ray Callister to the right.




VFW trio of ads

Post Office trio of ads



A glimpse into the past...



meat market
Leinen & Son Meat Market. Left to Right,
Dimmitt Bamford, J. P. Leinen, Peter Leinen.

Carras Barber Shop
Carris Barber Shop. Left to right, "Dutch" Schauenberg, Harry Pulver, John Carris, behind chair.
Shoe Store
Jake Hammes Shoe Store.
Cigar Shop South Side meat Market
South Side Meat Market, John Schwartz, Pete Smith, Proprietors. Clayton Eckerman, Assistant. Early 1900's.
Hoskins Bros
Opening Day Sept. 21 — Hoskins Bros. Pianos - Furniture - Undertaking - Keota, Iowa



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A glimpse into the past...


A. A. Long
1909. A. A. Long's Horse Furnishing Store.

Holmes Grocery
Holmes Grocery. Bob Henry, town marshal, to the right.

Harry Page's Blacksmith Shop.
Star Drug Store
1915. George McDaniel's Star Drug Store.



Ad quad



A glimpse into the past...


The first mention of banking in the history of the Town of Keota was in 1875. "The State Banking House of Henkle & Littler & Co. and the Keota Loan and Savings Ass'n were established to meet a demand much felt by our people and within the past months have done an exchange business of over $900,000. The Keota Loan and Savings Ass'n is now erecting and will soon have completed an iron front brick building (a credit to our city)."

September 30, 1876. The Keota Loan & Savings Ass'n organized with the following officers: A. D. Faris, President; Hon. J. F. Wilson, Vice-President; F. M. Israel, Cashier; J. T. Webber, Ass't Cashier. Directors: M. S. Hulse, George Spangler, Jos. Smith, J. C. Huskins, Joseph Kulp, and E. Moses. This bank was known as the Keota Bank.

June 19, 1876. The Keota Eagle illustrated the financial situation! "What Our Farmers Are Made Of" - A farmer dressed in raimant less costly than Solomon's put in an appearance at the Keota Bank the other day. After lounging around, with his eyes open, until he was satisfied with the situation, he asked to deposit $700 hard cash and $2200 soft money. He remarked that he had been having it lying around loose and was tired of having it in his way.

May 5, 1877. While known as the Keota Bank it was moved into the new brick banking house which was built on the corner for its special benefit. Here the bank was re-organized and its capital increased. Charley Singmaster succeeded A. D. Faris as President; J . T. Webber succeeded F. M. Israel as Cashier and the institution finally settled down to business under the cognomem of The Bank of Keota, and is now a first class institution with plenty of money and any amount of backing.

May 26, 1893. The brick building for the Farmers Savings Bank is starting. The foundation was built in a hurry and the vault walls are built up.

July 28, 1893. The Farmers Savings Bank is nearing completion. The safe is of the Mosler make, with time lock. They are ready for business as soon as they get a "permit" from the State Auditor. A. W. Hamill will be the Cashier; G. Gregory, Pres.; J. S. Stoutner, Vice-Pres.; Capital $30,000.

January 15, 1897. The Bank of Keota has run through the 20 years allowed to it to run as a corporation and at its stockholders meeting this week they decided to re-organize the bank. They will renew the old charter and just bank on a new basis. C. F. Singmaster, President; H. Henkle, VicePresident; E. G. Wilson, Cashier; Directors: Samuel Singmaster and J. W. Stewart.

The above bank is to be known as the State Bank of Keota, said corporation to continue ten years with a capital of $50,000.

1899. The Bank of Keota was merged into the State Bank of Keota in 1899. Of this institution, Mr. Harmon Henkle was Vice-President for many years.

April 2, 1903. The project for launching a third banking company in Keota was brought to head Saturday. A meeting of the interested parties was held in Attorney O. B. Jones' office and this board of directors was chosen: A. E. Stewart, John Randolph, R. S. Kirkpatrick, J. F. Romine, E. E. Neal, R. M. Thomson, O. K. Stoutner.

Officers: Pres., A. E. Stewart; Vice-Pres., R. M. Thomson; Cashier, Jno. Randolph.

Its name is to be the "Union State Bank." Capital stock, $30,000. There are 35 or 40 stockholders.

January 14, 1904. The Union State Bank expects to open February 1. The building is nearing completion. Directors and officers are the same as chosen last spring.

February 25, 1904. The Union State Bank opened for business Tuesday morning minus counters and other furniture so some hand-made fixtures will serve temporarily.

July 7, 1904. The Farmers Savings Bank put in a complete set of mahogany and birch interior fixtures. The floor is covered with new linoleum, the interior finish of room is stained mahogany and the walls and ceiling are freshly papered. The two cashiers' windows and base of counter are Tennessee marble; bevel plate glass panels in windows. There is more room for employees and the public.

January 24, 1907. A. W. Hamill, cashier of Farmers Savings Bank, resigns to take effect February 1. B. D. Helscher was named cashier and D. D. Crone of Washington was named assistant cashier. Mr. Hamill will associate in business with Keiser Bros.

March 20, 1907. The State Bank will be remodeled. The outside stairway will be removed and a new one will be put on the inside. A large plate glass window will be put in front and the entrance moved to the east corner. Handsome new mahogany will be installed. The counter will be solid marble with brick foundation and oak top. They will tear out the wooden floor and put in a tile floor laid in cement and a cork carpet behind the counter. The ceiling will be of canvas with walls to match. The plate glass window was installed in May and witnessed by one hundred and fifty innocent bystanders.

October 21, 1926. The Union State Bank and State Bank of Keota are to be merged and will become the Security State Bank. It will have new stockholders, new directors and officers. The two banks will cease doing business Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and pass into history.

The new bank will open Monday morning, October 25, in the building occupied by the Union State Bank, with following officers and directors: President, W.F. Stoutner; VicePresident, J.W. Stewart; O.K. Stoutner, Cashier; C.A. Lacey, Ass't, Cashier; Directors—J.W. Stewart, H. W. Statler, O. K. Stoutner, J . C. Stoutner, W. F. Stoutner, R. O. Wilson, A. A. Clendenning, J. C. Deimerely, W. R. Stewart and C. A. Lacey. The new bank has $40,000 capital stock and surplus fund of $20,000.



Farmers Savings Bank ad



A glimpse into the past...

October 21, 1926. The Security Bank made some extensive changes. The fixtures in Union Bank were removed and the ones from the State Bank were brought over and installed. The corridor is on the east side now so customers can enter the deposit box department from the corridor in the main hall.

November 13, 1958. A notice to the customers of the Security State Bank was run in The Keota Eagle announcing the dissolution of the bank and informing their customers that accounts and deposits could be transferred to the Farmers Savings Bank. Under the new management Walter Stoutner was appointed president of the bank. Tom Mills remains as cashier and Shirley Lyle is assistant cashier.

Farmers Savings Bank
First  Bank
Keota's First Bank

FSB 2New Farmers Savings Bank. Dedicated
October 11, 1970. Built at the same location as
Keota's first bank at corner of Fulton and Broadway.

April 16, 1970. The new Farmers Savings Bank building has installed a new electronic temperature and time sign, which was the desire expressed in the will of the late Charlie McCampbell, director of the bank for 42 years. A bronze placque will be placed in the lobby designating this as the "C.A. McCampbell Memorial Clock."

The Same Business...The Same Name...The Same Family
E. E. Neal Photographic Studio

E. E. Neal is the dean of Keota businessmen, having started in business here as a photographer when many of the present businessmen were "on the bottle" and before some of them were born, states The Keota Eagle of January 28, 1932. He was born near Crawford sville, Iowa , in 1857. Mr. and Mrs. Neal (who was Miss Mantie Glaze of Ainsworth, Iowa) were married December 31, 1880, at the home of the bride's parents.

In 1888 they moved here from Clearfield, Iowa. At that time Mr. Neal formed a partner ship with his brother, Charles Neal, and established a "Photograph gallery." He chose photography because of the urging of his brother and chose Keota because of the opportunity presented. They had purchased the photographic studio from Brinkley and Fry. It is interesting to note says, The Keota Eagle of 1932, that photography is less than 100 years old and that Mr. Neal has been in that business in Keota nearly half that period.

In March 1939 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Neal moved their photographic studio to their home. They had operated a studio here for four years when John Bryson built the brick block in 1893, building the studio skylight according to Mr. Neal's specification. Mr. Neal estimated at the time that in the 46 years his studio was on the second floor of the Bryson block that he had climbed stairs to total 400 miles of climbing not counting descending.

The Neals



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