Susan Ruby Guardianship

Susan Ruby

Submitter: Dianne Underwood

Susan RUBY was the mother of Millicent Ruby SMITHART 1829 KY - 1854



Washington county KY,1853 - 1889, book #976.9493 P28sa page 21, William Smithart, son of John Smithart & his wife Milly Ruby deceased, guardian/settlement; 26 Sept. 1859, guardian-Montford Peter, mentions amount received from estate of Susan Ruby (K-297). Page 21, Mary Frances Smithart, daughter of John Smithart & his wife Milly Ruby deceased, guardian/settlement; 26 Sept.1859, guardian-Montford Peter, same for James, Martha, & Sarah Smithart the other children of John & Milly, mentions Susan Ruby's estate ( K-295, K-296, K-297). Susan Ruby estate sold two slaves. One negro man, Silas, for $1,000.00 age 31 and one negro girl age 12 for $700.00. Page 21, Susan Ruby, administer/settlement, 26 Sept 1859, administrator- Montford Peter (K-298). Page 51, Susan Ruby, age 61 in 1850, born in N.C., admin/settlement, 29 March 1866, 21 May 1866, administrator-Preston Peter, administrator of Montford Peter who was administrator of Susan Ruby, 9 heirs receipts filed for: Eliza J. Ruby, wife of Joel W. Coslow, for Ruby & Joel Coslow her children; John Ruby, son of Susan; Elizabeth Ruby, wife of Mr. Basham; Margaret Ruby, wife of Edward Burris; sons of Susan & William Ruby - George Ruby, James Ruby, Vardamin Ruby (deceased), to Vardamin's wife Mary Burris Ruby Perkins the now wife of Stephen Perkins; Amanda J.& James Montgomery; and Milly Ruby Smithart heirs.


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