1910 Federal Census - Benton Township

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1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 15th, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 1A
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
1 Bircher Amrall 52F Wisconsin GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Roche Matilda 47F New York GerGerman GerGerman
2 Bircher Charlie I 52M Iowa Delaware Ohio Farmer

Viola A 43F Iowa Indiana Indiana

Myrtle B 19F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Amy M 17F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Mary A 14F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Addie V 10F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Henrietta 8F Iowa Iowa Iowa
3 Bottorff George G 40M Iowa Indiana Indiana Farmer

Anna 38F Iowa ScotScotch ScotScotch

Ralph S 18M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Nita M 11F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Rex 9M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Eda A 8F Iowa Iowa Iowa
4 Hall Jesse F 23M Missouri Missouri Missouri Laborer-on farm

Blanche 22F Iowa Iowa Massachusetts

George F 8mosM Missouri Missouri Iowa
5 Hawthorne John C 47M Iowa Virginia Virginia Farmer

Jessie A 43F Illinois Indiana Indiana

Florence E 19F Iowa Iowa Illinois

Bernice E 16F Iowa Iowa Illinois

Harold E 10M Iowa Iowa Illinois

Fern M 6F Iowa Iowa Illinois
6 Lynch Clarence D 28M Iowa Indiana Iowa Farmer

Clara E 24F Iowa Illinois Iowa
7 Meier George 50M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Ida E 42F Iowa New York Iowa

Lona 21F Iowa Iowa Iowa Teacher-Public school

Clyde B 11M Iowa Iowa Iowa

George R. H. 2M Iowa Iowa Iowa
8 Wells Merton B 40M Illinois Pennsylvania New York Farmer

Mary 34F Iowa ScotEnglish Ohio

Obed 81M Pennsylvania New York Vermont
9 Shultz William C 57M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Farmer

Anna M 53F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman

Earl C 20M Iowa Pennsylvania Iowa

Everett H 16M Iowa Pennsylvania Iowa

Vernie H 14M Iowa Pennsylvania Iowa

Fern M 6F Iowa Iowa Iowa grandaughter
10 McKinney Lindsay M 50M Iowa Ohio Pennsylvania Farmer

Mary F 40F Iowa Iowa Kansas

Manzo M 10M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Quincy W 8M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Raymond F 6M Iowa Iowa Iowa
11 Curtis Nancy 38F Iowa ScotEnglish Ohio Teacher-Public school

Lulu A 17F Iowa Illinois Iowa

Earl W 16M Iowa Illinois Iowa

Luther I 14M Iowa Illinois Iowa
12 Curtis John C., Sr 68M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Farmer
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 18th, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 1B
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
Lucinda 63F Illinois Ohio Ohio
13 Hart Newton 65M Ohio Ohio Ohio Farmer

James NP 25M Iowa Ohio Iowa Farmer
14 Knight Wilbur N 29M Iowa Ohio Iowa Laborer-odd jobs

Mary E 23F Iowa Ohio Iowa

Eugene N 4M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Olive G 3F Iowa Iowa Iowa
15 Grissom David 68M Indiana Kentucky Kentucky Farmer

Mary A 54F Iowa Iowa Indiana

Dora 33F Iowa Indiana Iowa Housekeeper-private family

Jessie E 17F Iowa Indiana Iowa Housekeeper-private family

David 12M Iowa Indiana Iowa
16 Dolton Robert W 60M Indiana Indiana North Carolina Farmer

Susan 58F Iowa New York New York
17 Korfhage Dietrick 49M GerGerman GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Clara M 34F Illinois GerGerman GerGerman

Anna M.H. 16F Illinois GerGerman Illinois Housekeeper-private family

Louisa M.H. 15F Illinois GerGerman Illinois

Clara M.A. 10F Illinois GerGerman Illinois

Emma K.W. 7F Illinois GerGerman Illinois

Maria E.B. 1F Iowa GerGerman Illinois
18 Gray Daniel L 36M Iowa Indiana Indiana Farmer

Hattie E 33F Iowa Indiana Iowa

Clifford E 10M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Willis D 7M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Alton H 5M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Glenna M 3F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Davis E Scott 22M


Dowds Charles 24M Kansas Iowa Iowa Boarder-laborer-odd jobs
19 Lawson Bert C 29M Iowa Indiana Pennsylvania Farmer

Estella 29F Iowa DenDanish Indiana

Clifford R 6M Iowa Iowa Iowa
20 Wykert Henry 42M Iowa Iowa West Virginia

Mary J 37F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Hilton A 11M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Hilda C 10F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Orville C 7M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Simmons Rachael C 57F West Virginia Iowa West Virginia aunt

Bristow Jesse 22M Missouri Indiana Ohio Lodger-Laborer-farm
21 Goehring Charles W 56M Massachusetts GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Louisa R 50F Iowa Indiana Iowa

Cleveland 26M Iowa Massachusetts Iowa Laborer-farm

Pearl A 19F Iowa Massachusetts Iowa

Lura B 6F Iowa Massachusetts Iowa
22 Musiek William A 52M Illinois Illinois West Virginia Farmer

Lena G 45F Illinois Indiana Missouri

Alice M 25F Kansas Illinois Illinois Teacher-Public school

Ray E 18M Kansas Illinois Illinois Teacher-Public school

Jessie M 15F Illinois Illinois Illinois

William M 10M Illinois Illinois Illinois
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 20th, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 2A
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
23 Gordon William J 51M Iowa Ohio Ohio Farmer

Ida A 49F Ohio Ohio Ohio

Bert E 27M Iowa Iowa Ohio Teacher-Public school

Harrison J 21M Iowa Iowa Ohio Laborer-farm

Raymond B 14M Iowa Iowa Ohio

Lyle R 7M Iowa Iowa Ohio
24 Brown Carrie J 45F Illinois New York New York Farmer

Carl S 19M Iowa Illinois Illinois

Ralph W 14M Iowa Illinois Illinois

Elmer V 12M Iowa Illinois Illinois
25 Garber Oliver L 34M Illinois GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Hattie B 30F Indiana Ohio Kentucky

Eva L 9F Illinois Illinois Indiana

Fern L 8F Iowa Illinois Indiana

Oliver L 2M Iowa Illinois Indiana

Watts William 37M Indiana Unknown Unknown hired man-laborer farm
26 Scott Lloyd A 30M Iowa Iowa Illinois Farmer

Daisy M 28F Iowa Iowa Ohio

Lena G 6M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Gladys M 2M Iowa Iowa Iowa
27 Abrams Henry 64M Iowa Ohio West Virginia Farmer

Hannah J 54F Ohio Ohio Ohio

Nellie J 22F Iowa Iowa Ohio

Lena L 16F Iowa Iowa Ohio
28 Lawson John K 72M Indiana EngIreland Pennsylvania Farmer

Charles W 20M Iowa Indiana Indiana
29 Brown Lester L 23M Illinois Illinois Illinois Farmer

Lottie M 21F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Dorothy V 3mosF Iowa Illinois Iowa
30 Fraziur Charles W 23M Iowa Iowa Iowa Farmer

Iva M 22F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Beulah W 3F Iowa Iowa Iowa
31 Dean Norval 36M Iowa Indiana ScotScotch Agent-Real Estate

Emma A 32F Iowa Ohio Ohio

Floyd E 11M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Lloyd T 9M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Mary M 6F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Winifred E 4F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Dorothy 3F Iowa Iowa Iowa

0 mosM Iowa Iowa Iowa

Henry J 71M Indiana

Father-own income
32 Burtlow John C 66M Iowa Iowa Iowa Plasterer-house/work

Martha I 59F Iowa Tennessee Kentucky

Charles R 16M Iowa Iowa Iowa
33 Conger Thomas J 48M Iowa Unknown Unknown Carpenter-house

Viola K 42F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Horace G 20M Iowa Iowa Iowa Carpenter-house

John T 18M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Leroy 17M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Harley 13M Iowa Iowa Iowa
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 21st, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 2B
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
Everett M 6M Iowa Iowa Iowa
34 Denny George 58M Iowa EngEngland Ohio Farmer

Juliet E 48F Iowa Ohio Ohio

Charles H 24M Iowa Iowa Iowa Farmer

John E 22M Iowa Iowa Iowa Farmer

Carry E 20F Iowa Iowa Iowa

George H 18M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Glenn 15M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Ida E 11F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Violet A 8F Iowa Iowa Iowa
35 Sheets Charles B 36M Iowa Iowa Iowa Farmer

Rizzie A 34F Iowa Illinois Indiana
?? Basha F.
15F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Florence M 13F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Olive M 9F Iowa Iowa Iowa
36 Piper Lawrence 34M Iowa Iowa Iowa Laborer-farm

Mamie 23F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Ralph 3M Iowa Iowa Iowa
37 Chadwick John M 77M Ohio Vermont Pennsylvania Farmer

Ellen 69F ScotEnglish ScotEnglish ScotEnglish
38 Surber George W 49M Iowa Indiana Indiana Manager-general farm
Finetta ?? 38F Iowa New York New York

Jessie L 16F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Otha A 13M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Inez C 11F Iowa Iowa Iowa

John W 9M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Nellie S 6F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Icel R 2F Iowa Iowa Iowa
William H 57M Indiana Indiana Iowa brother
39 Rhinehart Thomas E 51M Indiana
Ohio Farmer

Mattie B 46F Iowa Ohio Ohio

Richard R 12M Iowa Indiana Iowa
40 Smith Irwin 24M Iowa Iowa Iowa Manager-general farm

Laura E 22F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Dallas V 2M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Aldi L 1F Iowa Iowa Iowa
41 Shaw Newton W 50M Missouri Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Farmer

Lydia 51F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman

Sylvia 23F Iowa Missouri Iowa Clerk-General store

Lacey H 21M Iowa Missouri Iowa Laborer-farm
42 Brier Andrew J 50M Iowa Indiana Iowa Farmer

Sarah E 53F Iowa Ohio Ohio
43 Miller Joshua 64M North Carolina North Carolina Virginia Farmer

Matilda 66F Iowa Illinois Indiana
44 Brodhead Charles F 38M Iowa New York Indiana Farmer

Lily 35F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman

Leemon T 16M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Claud L 14M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Austie I 10F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Florence M 8F Iowa Iowa Iowa
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 23rd, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 3A
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
45 Watts George W 59M Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania Farmer

Estella 49F Iowa Indiana Indiana

John C, Jr 29M Iowa Indiana Iowa indicated to be son though Jr.-farmer

Harry 24N Iowa Indiana Iowa

Fred V 21M Iowa Indiana Iowa Lawyer

Lloyd H 17M Iowa Indiana Iowa

Glenn L 14M Iowa Indiana Iowa

Lee R 12M Iowa Indiana Iowa
46 Sinclair Thomas O 44M Iowa ScotEnglish ScotEnglish Carpenter-house

Sarah 39F Indiana GerGerman Indiana

Earnish B 17M Iowa Iowa Indiana

Max M 15M Iowa Iowa Indiana

Mary B 14F Iowa Iowa Indiana

Robert E 7M Iowa Iowa Indiana
47 Bennett Richard A 40M Iowa New York Iowa Farmer

Susan 36F Iowa Ohio Ohio

Agnes M 9F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Frank H 7M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Ruth 4F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Harry A 20M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Beulah 19F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Ralph 15M Iowa Iowa Iowa
48 Wood William 54M Iowa ScotEnglish ScotEnglish Farmer

Martha 74F Ohio Virginia Virginia Stepmother
49 Street Lester 30M Iowa Ohio Iowa Farmer

Clara M 23F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Dixon George H 39M Iowa Illinois Iowa Boarder-laborer-odd jobs
50 Meier William 31M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Caliste J 26F Iowa Illinois Iowa
51 Danels Charles W 37M Illinois Illinois Illinois Farmer

Lulie B 33F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Oliver D 8M Iowa Illinois Iowa

Garret J 6F Iowa Illinois Iowa

Zeda O 4F Iowa Illinois Iowa

Alma L 1F Iowa Illinois Iowa
52 Abrams Robert L 38M Iowa Ohio Ohio Farmer

Alice J 35F Iowa ScotEnglish ScotEnglish

Lola G 12F Mississippi Iowa Iowa

Vera C 7F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Clyde L 5M Iowa Iowa Iowa
53 Williams Jefferson T 59M Indiana Indiana Kentucky Farmer

Rachael 55F Iowa EngEngland Ohio Farmer

Flossie 12F Iowa Iowa Iowa grandaughter
54 Brewer Charles R 37M Iowa Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Farmer

Grace L 36F Iowa Iowa Ohio

George E 9M Iowa Missouri Iowa Stepson

Charles E 4M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Chauncey A 2M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Marion R 10mosM Iowa Iowa Iowa
55 Meier Philip 48M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 25th, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 3B
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
Katie 48F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman

Henry J 19M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Jacob 13M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Charley 8M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Marie 18mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa
56 Stonebraker Franklin P 57M Indiana Indiana Indiana Farmer

Mary J 52F Iowa Indiana Indiana

Louie B 74F Indiana New Jersey South Carolina mother

Francis M 54M Indiana Indiana Indiana Brother-farmer
57 Milliken Jesse M 27M Iowa Ohio Indiana Farmer

Hattie M 22F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Lucile A 19mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa

Coble Dennis J 18M Iowa Unknown Iowa Laborer-farm
58 Ritter Frederick 63M GerGerman GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Catherine P 56F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman
Lula J 17F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman
59 Ritter Fred H 27M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Marie S 17F Illinois GerGerman GerGerman
60 Ritter Philip J 33M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer
61 Meier George 86M GerGerman GerGerman GerGerman

Elizabeth 70F GerGerman GerGerman GerGerman own income
62 Ott William F 38M Iowa Ohio Pennsylvania

Addie 30F Illinois Ohio Illinois

Charles N 8M Iowa Iowa Illinois

McCloskey Arthur B 29M Missouri
Pennsylvania hired man-laborer farm
63 Williams Benjamin D 35M Iowa Indiana Iowa Farmer

Mary M 33F Iowa GerGerman GerGerman
64 Meier Frederick 43M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Anna 38F Iowa GerGerman Pennsylvania

Floyd F 15M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Fern E 12F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Ralph J 3M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Glen R 19mosM Iowa Iowa Iowa
65 Reinier Lloyd R 23M Iowa Iowa Iowa Laborer-farm

Nettie L 22F Iowa Iowa Iowa
66 Ritter John C 33M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer
67 Chadwick William M 36M Iowa Ohio ScotEnglish Farmer

Stella M 35F Iowa Iowa Ohio

Cloa G 15F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Florence G 11F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Opal F 23mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa
68 Showman William 43M Iowa Ohio Ohio Farmer

Emma A 33F Iowa Indiana Iowa

Wood John A 23M Iowa Pennsylvania Iowa boarder- farmer
69 Hedges Osage O 39M Iowa EngEngland Michigan Farmer

Jasmine L 33F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Fern R 13F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Walter R 12M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Harry P 10M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Florence E 3F Iowa Iowa Iowa
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 26th, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 4A
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
Palleen 10mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa
71 Dickey Denver C 34M Iowa Indiana Missouri Farmer

Vada 34F Iowa Ohio Indiana

Kildreth M 6F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Mildred J 23mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa
72 Glandon Caroline 59F Iowa Unknown Iowa Farmer – garden

Margaret 21F Iowa Kentucky Iowa

Fred 16M Iowa Kentucky Iowa Farmer

James 14M Iowa Kentucky Iowa Farmer

Eddie 3 mosM Iowa Unknown Iowa grandson
73 Ash Cleveland 24M Iowa Indiana Iowa Laborer-odd jobs

Gertrude 23F Iowa Unknown Iowa

Nettie 3F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Lloyd 2M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Rex 1 moM Iowa Iowa Iowa
74 Jones Joseph A 36M Iowa Virginia Indiana Farmer

George 26M Iowa Virginia Indiana Brother-farmer
75 Stonebraker Harry J 23 mosM Iowa Indiana Iowa Farmer

Jennie L 20F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Wynona C 18mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa

Maple William F 43M Iowa

Machinist-saw mill
76 Milliken Gilbert 36M Iowa


Mazy 30F Iowa Ohio Pennsylvania

Goldie 8F Iowa Iowa Iowa
DuVerne C 3M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Berene Z 14mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa
77 McKinney Emily 56F Iowa Pennsylvania Virginia Farmer – garden

Ziola M 16F Iowa Iowa Iowa
79 Bircher Clarence L 50M Iowa Delaware Pennsylvania Farmer

Minnie W 44F Iowa Canada Illinois

Lelia A 21F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Stella M 19F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Carrie L 17F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Emmett W 13M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Ada R 9F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Lon L 2M Iowa Iowa Iowa
80 Rooker Benjamin D 53M Iowa Unknown Unknown Farmer

Pearl R 16F Iowa Iowa Iowa
81 Bever George R 28M Iowa Indiana Iowa Farmer

Elizabeth I 29F Iowa Iowa Iowa

Clifford M 9M Iowa Iowa Iowa
Dottie G ?? 3 mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa

Boldoser John J 47M Iowa Pennsylvania Virginia Boarder-farmer
82 Schwartz Henry 40M Illinois GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Lily 36F Illinois Illinois Indiana

Louie 17M Illinois Illinois Illinois

Eddie 15M Illinois Illinois Illinois

Mavern 13F Illinois Illinois Illinois

Viola 7F Iowa Illinois Illinois

Harry J 5M Iowa Illinois Illinois
1910 Federal Census, Iowa, Keokuk County, April 27th, 1910
Benton Township - Sheet Number 4B
Fam. Last Name First Name Age Sex Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Birthplace Extra Information
Earl 18mosM Iowa Illinois Illinois
83 Raben James B 54M Iowa HollDutch CanEnglish Farmer

Lily M 16F Iowa Iowa Iowa
84 Abel Leonard 52M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Laura 30F Iowa Iowa Iowa Niece-housekeeper
86 Fuller Elijah 30M Kansas Illinois Illinois

Susan E 38F Illinois Ohio New York

Eula B 14F Iowa Kansas Illinois

Warren G 12M Iowa Kansas Illinois

Doris L 10F Iowa Kansas Illinois

Lola L 8F Iowa Kansas Illinois

Orson C 6M Iowa Kansas Illinois

Benjamin H 5M Iowa Kansas Illinois

Eunice M 2F Iowa Kansas Illinois
  Stevens William H 40M Iowa Illinois Ohio Head-Farmer
87 Stevens Mary E 41F Iowa Indiana ScotEnglish wife
88 Stevens Milo E 18M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Bessie E 16F Missouri

89 Harmon Anderson 61M Iowa Kentucky Kentucky

Elizabeth M 38F Iowa Ohio Iowa

Chester E 12M Iowa Iowa Iowa

James D 8M Iowa Iowa Iowa
90 Deusen George A ??M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer
Sadie ??F Iowa Indiana Indiana

Merle A 8M Iowa Iowa Iowa
91 Bannon John M 45M Illinois


Harriet A 39F Iowa Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Katie L 14F Iowa Illinois Iowa
92 Miller Charles F 53M GerGerman GerGerman GerGerman Farmer
93 Hanson John Sr 56M DenDanish DenDanish DenDanish Farmer

Kate 60F DenDanish DenDanish DenDanish

Charley 17M Illinois DenDanish DenDanish
94 Inghram Thomas 35M Iowa
Iowa Laborer-farm

Clara M 28F Iowa GerGerman Iowa
95 Capps William P 75M Indiana North Carolina Tennessee Farmer

Isabell M 71F Illinois Tennessee Illinois

Silas L 39M Iowa Indiana Illinois
96 Clossow Benjamin W 36M Iowa Ohio Ohio Farmer

Eva F 33F Iowa Kentucky Iowa
97 Scott Charles E 24M Iowa Ohio Illinois Farmer

Lena D 25F Iowa Unknown Unknown

Clarence E 4M Iowa Iowa Iowa

Nellie I 11mosF Iowa Iowa Iowa
98 Coble Carl 26M Iowa Indiana Ohio Farmer

Fern L 20F Iowa Iowa Iowa
99 Assmussen Benjamin 35M Iowa GerGerman

  Isabel A 32F Iowa Pennsylvania Indiana wife
100 Goehring Edward 52M Iowa GerGerman GerGerman Farmer

Mary S 48F Missouri
N. Carolina

Laurette 20F S. Dakota Iowa Missouri
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