1870 Federal Census - Adams Township

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1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 14, 1870
Page 1 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Moore James 40 Farmer Ireland
Moore Rachel 30 Keeping House Ireland
Moore Jane 3   Iowa
Jordan J.H. 39 Farmer Illinois
Jordan Lizzy 24 Keeping House Ohio
Gibson May J 36 Keeping House Ireland
Gibson David 38      Farmer Ireland
Gibson Alexander 14 Farm Labour Canada
Gibson Ellen F 11   Illinois
GIbson James 9   Illinois
GIbson Robert 7   Illinois
Gibson David 5   Illinois
Gibson Maggie J 2   Illinois
Gibson John 1   Iowa
Moore John 27 Farmer Ireland
Moore Jeanie 28 Keeping House Scotland
Moore James 1   Iowa
White Wm J 16 Farm Labour Ireland
Johnson James 36 Farmer Ireland
Johnson Eliza 21 Keeping House Ireland
Wemer George W 43 Farmer Indiana
Wemer Elizabeth 42 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Wemer Isaac J 18 Farm Labour Ohio
Wemer Louetta L 8   Iowa
Wemer Albert 12   Iowa
Wemer Jacob 4   Iowa
Wemer Jacob 85   New Jersey
Heaton John 33 Farmer Ohio
Williams Evan 64 Farmer Virginia
Williams Lydia 69 Keeping House Georgia
Williams John 33 Farmer Ohio
Williams Sarah 23   Illinois
Shimmine? John 39 Farmer Isle of Man England
Shimmine Manette? 35 Keeping House New York
Shimmine Lotta 11   Illinois
Shimmine Lizzy 8   Illinois
Shimmine Eddy 6   Illinois
Shimmine Eunice 2   Iowa
Gaylord Ed M. 67 Farmer Connecticut
Minor George   21 Farm Labour Indiana
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 14, 1870
Page 2 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
O? E.R. 21   Indiana
Burdine Jno F 37 Farmer Ohio
Burdine Mary 34 Keeping House Ohio
Burdine Chas E 14 Farm Labour Ohio
Burdine Emily 8   Ohio
Burdine George H 3   Ohio
Burdine Irene 1   Iowa
Harding J.H. 49 Farmer Ohio
Harding E.A. 46 Keeping House Ohio
Harding Spencer 15 Farm Labour Ohio
Harding W.E. 11   Ohio
Coughlin Phebe E 24 Domestic Servant Ohio
Brown Isaac 56 Farmer Ohio
Brown Rhoda 49 Keeping House Ohio
Brown Othellow? 19 Farm Labour Ohio
Brown Experience 14   Ohio
Brown Alice 10   Ohio
Harvel Jno W 27   Ohio
Harvel Mary 28   Ohio
Harvel Celia A 9   Ohio
Harvel James W.E. 5   Ohio
Harvel Jennie 3   Ohio
Harvel Charles 2   Illinois
Harvel Manera? 20 Farm Labour Ohio
Jones Joshua 44 Farmer Pennsylvania
Jones Barbara 42 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Jones Thos J 23 Farm Labour Ohio
Jones Geo W 20   Ohio
Jones Jacob J 18   Ohio
Jones Levi W 17   Ohio
Jones Jas D 11   Iowa
Jones Christopher 9   Iowa
Jones Tally McC 7   Iowa
Jones Lily Ann May 4   Iowa
Goodenough L 62 Farmer Massachusetts
Goodenough Emilene 44 Keeping House Massachusetts
Goodenough Clarence 20 Farm Labour Illinois
Goodenough Chas   8   Illinois
Rugg C.F. 39 Farmer Massachusetts
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 14, 1870
Page 3 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Morrison Tom? 45 Farmer Ireland
Morrison Jennie 25 Keeping House Scotland
Morrison James 26 Farm Labour Ireland
Morrison David 19   Ireland
Burdine Hugh 39 Farmer Ohio
Burdine Rhoddy 35 Keeping House Ohio
Burdine Ora 15   Ohio
Burdine John 13   Ohio
Burdine Rachael 11   Ohio
Burdine Hugh 9   Ohio
Burdine William 6   Ohio
Burdine Lottie 2/12   Iowa
Harding Charity? 22 Carpenter Ohio
Stewart L. 44 Farmer Ohio
Stewart Lucinda 38 Keeping House Canada
Stewart Darwin 16 Farm Labour Ohio
Stewart Grace 14   Ohio
Stewart Charles 10   Ohio
Seaton Israel 18 Farm Labour Illinois
Mushrush Jared 36 Farmer Pennsylvania
Mushrush Elizabeth 36   Pennsylvania
Mushrush Ann E 14   Pennsylvania
Mushrush John 9   Pennsylvania
Mushrush Ellen 7   Pennsylvania
Mushrush Emma 4   Iowa
Mushrush Mary May 1   Iowa
Mushrush Jacob 25 Farmer Pennsylvania
Mushrush Barbara 21 Keeping House Indiana
Gilbraith John 42 Farmer Ireland
Gilbraith Margaret 32 Keeping House Ireland
Gilbraith Catharine J 11   Illinois
Gilbraith Elizabeth 9   Illinois
Gilbraith W.J. 6   Illinois
Gilbraith John 4   Illinois
Gilbraith Martha 2   Iowa
Gilbraith Robert 5/12   Iowa
Mushrush James 62 Farmer Pennsylvania
Mushrush Margaret 58 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Mushrush James P 24 Farm Labour Pennsylvania
Mushrush Emily M 17   Pennsylvania
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 15, 1870
Page 4 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Rogers Margaret 10   Pennsylvania
Rogers James 33 Farmer Ireland
Marshall Michael 30 Farmer Pennsylvania
Marshall Eliza 22 Keeping House Connecticut
Marshall Adalide 4   Iowa
Marshall Fanny 1   Iowa
Marshall Eliz? 1 month   Iowa
Stewart Charles 46 Farmer Pennsylvania
Stewart Elizabeth 43 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Stewart Mary 19   Pennsylvania
Stewart Emma 13   Pennsylvania
Stewart Sam? 9   Pennsylvania
Stewart Cassie 7   Pennsylvania
Caldwell Hugh M 24 Farmer Ohio
Caldwell Lydia 17 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Allen David E 29 Farmer Ohio
Allen Lucinda 26 Keeping House Iowa
Allen Nelly C 11   Iowa
Allen Eva B 1   Iowa
O'Neil John 14 Farm Labour Illinois
O'Neil Henry 15 Farm Labour Illinois
Irwin John 54 Farmer Pennsylvania
Irwin Eliza 53 Keeping House Ireland
Irwin Matthew S 28 Farm Labour Pennsylvania
Irwin George 26 Farmer Pennsylvania
Irwin Jared 21 Farm Labour Illinois
Hull Harriet 19 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Hull Edwin J 28 Farm Labour Connecticut
Messenger Solomon 49 Farmer Virginia
Messenger Margaret 49 Keeping House Virginia
Messenger Jerome 21 Farm Labour Virginia
Messenger Charles 20   Virginia
Messenger Mary Ann 17   Virginia
Messenger Nancy E 13   Virginia
Messenger Sarah 12   Virginia
Messenger Lucinda 9   Virginia
Messenger Solomon 7   Virginia
Green Saul? 66 Farmer Maine
Green Mary 70 Keeping House New York
Green George 33 Farmer New York
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 15, 1870
Page 5 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Green Lorette 28 Keeping House Ohio
Green Eva 13   Ohio
Green Etta 11   Wisconsin
Green Milly 6   Ohio
Green Frank 4   Ohio
McKee James 47 Farmer New York
McKee Mary E 40 Keeping House New York
McKee Frances 18   Ohio
McKee George 15   Ohio
McKee Helen 8   Ohio
Stewart John 63 Farmer Pennsylvania
Stewart Minerva 43 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Stewart Jane 10   Pennsylvania
Stewart Mary E 8   Pennsylvania
Stewart Adam 5   Pennsylvania
Stewart Aaron 5   Pennsylvania
Stewart George 2   Pennsylvania
Anderson Benj 14 Farm Labour Pennsylvania
Anderson Semintha 12   Pennsylvania
Wood Samuel 57 Farmer Massachusetts
Wood Eliza 51 Keeping House Connecticut
Wood Samuel 30 Farmer Connecticut
Wood Herbert 16 Farm Labour Connecticut
Wood Ida 14   Iowa
Wood Ellsworth 8   Iowa
Wood Paschal 24 Teacher Germany?
Cover Thomas 35 Farmer Maryland
Cover Augusta A 25 Keeping House Germany?
Cover Irving D 6   Iowa
Cover Cora 3   Iowa
Cover George 11/12   Iowa
Bailey Henry 35 Farmer New York
Whitman George 45 Farm Labour England
Eaton John C 28 Farmer Indiana
Eaton Mary E 19 Keeping House Ohio
Eaton Onis? 6/12   Iowa
Millar Hugh 55 Farmer Ohio
Millar Nancy 54 Keeping House Ohio
Millar Melinda 32   Ohio
Millar H? H 28   Ohio
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 15, 1870
Page 6 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Millar Jas A 22 Farm Labour Ohio
Millar Joseph R 18 Farm Labour Ohio
Millar Hugh W 16 Farm Labour Ohio
Millar Frances L 6   Ohio
Millar Lucinda C 4   Ohio
Millar Thomas 24 Farmer Iowa
Millar Rachael A 23   Ohio
Millar Robert F 4   Ohio
Millar George 2   Iowa
Robertson Jos  B.A. 34 Farmer Pennsylvania
Robertson Clarisa 28 Keeping House Ohio
Robertson John H 9   Iowa
Robertson Anna M 7   Iowa
Robertson George Allen 4   Iowa
Robertson Margaret C 1   Iowa
Churchill C.P. 25 Farmer Ohio
Churchill M.A. 23 Keeping House Ohio
Churchill N.W. 32 Farm Labour Ohio
Churchill D.F. 24 Keeping House Ohio
Churchill F.O. 1   Iowa
Wright L.L. 11   Illinois
Churchill Horace 63   Vermont
Churchill N.M. 52   New York
Voverka F.O. 17 Farm Labour Bohemia
Eaton M.D. 24 Farmer Indiana
Eaton Elizabeth 27 Keeping House Illinois
Eaton W.C. 5   Iowa
Eaton Leon E 4   Iowa
Eaton Susan  2   Iowa
Eaton Edwin 1 month   Iowa
Spickerman H.D. 30 Farmer New York
Spickerman Julia A 29 Keeping House New York
Spickerman Eugene D 1   Iowa
Smith Israel 32   New York
Chamberlain Frank? 32   New York
Davidson Olive 31 Teacher New York
Harred James 59 Farmer Pennsylvania
Harred Jane L 46 Keeping House Ohio
Harred Minnie A 19 Farm Labour Ohio
Harred Harred 28 Farm Labour Ohio
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 15, 1870
Page 7 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Harred Mary 30 Keeping House Ohio
Harred Celia A 9   Ohio
Harred James E 5   Ohio
Harred Ada 3   Ohio
Harred Jennie 2   Ohio
Harred Charles 10/12   Illinois
Craven 52 Farmer Virginia
Craven Lydia 57 Keeping House Maryland
Craven John B 23 Farmer Ohio
Craven Melville 22 Farmer Ohio
Craven Mary 20 Teacher Indiana
Craven Olive 17 Teacher Indiana
Craven Luella 15   Iowa
Craven Addella 12   Iowa
Craven Martha 9   Iowa
Craven Lily 7   Iowa
Porter Isaac 49 Farmer Ohio
Porter Caroline 41 Keeping House Indiana
Porter Electa? 16   Illinois
Porter Martha Ann 14   Iowa
Porter Lucretia 12   Iowa
Porter Estella 5   Iowa
Morgan P. 43 Farmer Indiana
Morgan Elizabeth 37 Keeping House Ohio
Morgan Rebecca 10   Iowa
Morgan Evilin 8   Iowa
Morgan W.R. 7   Iowa
Morgan Florence 4   Iowa
Morgan Wm. G. 1   Iowa
Cowhart Lewis 52 Farmer New York
Cowhart Nancy 50 Keeping House Ohio
Cowhart Harvey 18 Farm Labour Missouri
Cowhart Clara 16   Missouri
Cowhart Edgar 10   Ohio
Welsh James   42 Farmer Illinois
Welsh Elizabeth 39 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Welsh W.H.? 22 Farm Labour Illinois
Welsh Adam 19 Farm Labour Illinois
Welsh John W 17 Farm Labour Illinois
Welsh R.M. 14 Farm Labour Missouri
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 16, 1870
Page 8 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Welsh Mary E 7 At Home Iowa
Welsh Theodore 4   Iowa
Welsh Alford 2   Iowa
Smith C? 51 Farmer New Hampshire
Smith Sarah J 45 Keeping House Ohio
Smith W.N. 15 Farm Labour Iowa
Smith Elmina 8   Ohio
Misel David 53 Farmer Ohio
Misel Martha 46 Keeping House Ohio
Misel Brian? 19   Ohio
Misel Harriet J 17   Ohio
Misel Martin C 15   Ohio
Misel David R 13   Ohio
Misel Sarah J 10   Ohio
Misel Edward W 8   Ohio
Misel Susan E 4   Iowa
Ervin Elias 52 Farmer Virginia
Ervin Maria 52 Keeping House Virginia
Ervin Thomas E 19 Farm Labour Virginia
Ervin Isaac 18   Virginia
Ervin John 16   Virginia
Ervin Elijah 12   Virginia
Ervin Margaret 10   Virginia
Wilkins H.N. 35 Farmer New York
Wilkins Margaret 32 Keeping House Indiana
Wilkins Dan J 12 Farm Labour Iowa
Wilkins Mary E 11   Iowa
Wilkins Doreas C 9   Iowa
Wilkins Emery 7   Iowa
Wilkins Martha 4   Iowa
Wilkins Rebecca L 11/12   Iowa
Fancher Wm 67 Farmer Pennsylvania
Fancher Rebecca   49 Keeping House Ohio
Fancher Margaret 28   Iowa
Fancher Wm 23 Farm Labour Iowa
Fancher James 20   Iowa
Fancher Jesse 18   Iowa
Fancher Amos 14   Iowa
Fancher Martha Ann 11   Iowa
Fancher Arvilla 8   Iowa
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 16, 1870
Page 9 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Sturdevant? Oscar? 21 Farmer Illinois
Sturdevant? Sarah J 24 Keeping House Iowa
Sturdevant? Arvilla 2   Iowa
Sturdevant? Laura B 1 month   Iowa
Young James 37 Farmer Pennsylvania
Young Hester 31 Keeping House ?
Young Hester 17   Ohio
Young James 13 Farm Labour Iowa
Young Mary E 12   Iowa
Young Merew? J 11   Iowa
Spurling Solomon 12 Farm Labour Illinois
Osterhouse B? 14 Farm Labour Illinois
Cowhart Henry 23 Farmer Ohio
Cowhart Clara Bell 5/12   Iowa
Finch Sam? 28 Farmer New York
Finch Rebecca 24 Keeping House Illinois
Amear? John 49   Holland
Amear? Julia A 46   Bavaria
Amear? John 19   ?
Amear? Emily 17   Virginia
Amear? Jack C 16   Virginia
Amear? Wm 14   Virginia
Amear? G? 13   Virginia
Amear? Melissa? 8   Virginia
Amear? Almida 1   Iowa
Henry David A 56 Farmer Pennsylvania
Henry Mgt 55 Keeping House Ohio
Henry Elizabeth 18   Ohio
Henry David L 15 Farm Labour Iowa
Henry Joshua W 13 Farm Labour Iowa
Henry M.H.H. 23 Farm Labour Ohio
Henry Jno R 32 Farmer Ohio
Henry Margaret 23 Keeping House Ohio
Henry Chillissa 4   Iowa
Henry Geo A 2   Iowa
Henry Nathan L 1   Iowa
Henry Mary A 4/12   Iowa
Hazlett John C 53 Farmer Pennsylvania
Hazlett Anna 40 Keeping House Ohio
Hazlett Olive 5   Ohio
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 16, 1870
Page 10 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Peffers John 60 Farmer New York
Peffers Elizeth 42 Keeping House Ohio
Peffers Ann E 23   Illinois
Peffers Olivia 19   Illinois
Peffers Alsista 16   Illinois
Peffers Albert 11   Illinois
Peffers Lenora 8   Illinois
Peffers Rosaline 6   Illinois
Peffers Ruth 2   Iowa
Peffers Della 4   Iowa
Peffers Bertha 2   Iowa
Sturtevant Abigail 49 Keeping House New Hampshire
Sturtevant Brazilla 29 Farmer Illinois
Sturtevant Sarah E 24 Keeping House Indiana
Sturtevant Charles 25 Farm Labour Illinois
Sturtevant Amanda J 5   Illinois
Sturtevant Samuel 4   Iowa
Sturtevant Elvira C 24 Keeping House Ohio
Sturtevant Oleda 8/12   Iowa
Sturtevant James L 19 Farmer Labour Illinois
Sturtevant Mary J 16   Illinois
Sturtevant Olive E 12   Kansas
Sturtevant Lucinda J 7   Iowa
Phipps Alden J 37 Farmer Indiana
Phipps Flora 33 Keeping House Illinois
Phipps Chaz 12   Iowa
Phipps Relda 14   Iowa
Phipps Annie 9   Iowa
Phipps Josephine 7   Iowa
Phipps Alden    5   Iowa
Phipps Frank 1   Iowa
McBride Jesse O 40   Pennsylvania
McBride Rachael 40   Pennsylvania
McBride May B 6   Iowa
McBride Jennie M 3   Iowa
McBride Messes? 4/12   Iowa
Warrington Myron 28 Farmer Ohio
Warrington Ada 27 Keeping House Maryland
Cover Dennis 22 Farm Labour Ohio
Stoner Aaron 21 Farm Labour Ohio
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 16, 1870
Page 11 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Rennie Wm? 24 Farmer Scotland
Rennie Isabella 21 Keeping House Scotland
Rennie David 5/12   Iowa
McBride Jos? 69 Farmer Pennsylvania
McBride Nancy 67 Keeping House Pennsylvania
McBride Amanda 14   Ohio
Porter Henry 31 Farmer Pennsylvania
Porter Mary 25 Keeping House Ohio
Porter Bertha 6   Iowa
Porter Emma F 4   Iowa
Porter Hannah 2   Iowa
Porter Lizzy 2/12   Iowa
Hand John 50 Farmer Ohio
Hand Delilah 44 Keeping House Ohio
Hand Frederick 19 Farm Labour Indiana
Hand Mary E 16   Iowa
Hand Fletcher 14 Farm Labour Iowa
Hand Julia A 12   Iowa
Hand John L 10   Iowa
Hand Aaron F 8   Iowa
Hand Chas N 4   Iowa
Hand Adaline 2   Iowa
Morgan Page 20 Farmer Iowa
Morgan Rebecca 18 Keeping House Iowa
Morgan Grace E 4/12   Iowa
Carmichael Perry 8   Iowa
Jackson Henry 38 Farmer New York
Jackson Eliza 40 Keeping House New York
Jackson Wm 15   Michigan
Jackson Chas     13   Michigan
Jackson Lauren 8   Michigan
Jackson May 7   Michigan
Ferguson F.V. 51 Farmer Kentucky
Ferguson Sarah 54 Keeping House Kentucky
Ferguson Lydia 19   Illinois
Scott Barclay 17 Teacher Iowa
Ferguson Eliza 4   Iowa
Arms E.P. 33 Farmer Pennsylvania
Arms Frances A 28 Keeping House New York
Welsh Martin 45 Farmer New York
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 17, 1870
Page 12 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Welsh Susan 33 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Welsh Emily 14   Wisconsin
Welsh Bradford 11   Minnesota
Welsh Alferd 10   Wisconsin
Welsh George 7   Iowa
Welsh Frank 3   Iowa
Welsh Harvey 1   Iowa
Rop Ellen 40 Keeping House Indiana
Kinnemon Tansom? 16 Farm Labour Indiana
Rop Lincoln 8   Iowa
Rop John 5   Iowa
Roland John 29 Farmer Indiana
Roland Elizith 26 Keeping House Indiana
Burch Virginia 10   Indiana
Burch Willy 7   Iowa
Roland Henry 3   Iowa
Roland Jos A? 9/12   Iowa
Burch Frank 18 Farm Labour Indiana
Long A.J. 24 Farm  Labour Indiana
Long Lucy 19 Keeping House Ohio
Long S.P. 1   Iowa
Wolf W.D. 50 Farmer Pennsylvania
Wolf Sarah 35 Keeping House Missouri
Wolf John 19 Farm Labour Indiana
Kinnemon Lily 11   Indiana
Higgins Warren 45 Farmer Ohio
Higgins Marcia 38 Keeping House Ohio
Higgins Hale 17 Farm Labour Ohio
Higgins Jos R 13 Farm Labour Iowa
Higgins Effie 6   Iowa
Birch Frank 10 Farm Labour Indiana
Higgins Myriah? 78   Vermont
Higgins Hannah 75   Virginia
Sorden Dan 46 Farmer Ohio
Sorden F.A. 32 Keeping House Indiana
Sorden Toyler 14 Farm Labour Iowa
Sorden Geo   12   Iowa
Sorden Lyman 9   Iowa
Sorden Etta 7   Iowa
Sorden Flora 5   Iowa
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 17, 1870
Page 13 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Roland Peter 62 Farmer Kentucky
Roland Martha 58 Keeping House Kentucky
Roland Wm 23 Farm Labor Indiana
Roland Peter 12   Iowa
Roland Lemuel 10   Iowa
Roland Hiram 10   Iowa
Roland Ellen 8   Iowa
Crup? W.P. 49 Farmer Ohio
Crup? Matilda 34 Keeping House Indiana
Crup? James 12   Iowa
Crup? Alie 11   Iowa
Crup? J.H. 2   Iowa
Brown D.P. 29 Farmer Ohio
Brown Margaret 24 Keeping House Ohio
Brown John 24 Farm Labor Ohio
Brown Margaret 19   Ohio
Neal Ashton 52 Farmer Pennsylvania
Riley G.W. 26 Farmer Pennsylvania
Riley Hester 21 Keeping House New York
Riley Theodore 3   Illinois
Riley Nelly 10/12   Iowa
Bullard Jas H 36 Farmer New York
Bullard Charlotte 29 Keeping House New York
Bullard Robert 13   Iowa
Bullard Clark 9   Iowa
Bullard Emily 5   Iowa
Bullard Milly 1   Iowa
Crups? J.W. 51 Farmer Ohio
Crups? Sallie 56 Keeping House N. Carolina
Crups? Isaac 21 Farm Labor Iowa
Crups? Julia 20   Iowa
Crups? Catherine 1   Iowa
Crups? J.W. 23 Farmer Iowa
Crups? Margaret J 23 Keeping House Indiana
Crups? Josephine 1   Iowa
Lave Rebecca J 11   Iowa
Nanke? Gustave 28 Farmer Prussia
Nanke? Ernstine 32   Prussia
Nanke? Amelia 6   Iowa
Nanke? Matilda 4   Iowa
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 20, 1870
Page 14 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Nanke? Theodore 3   Iowa
Nanke? Adolph 1   Iowa
Nanke? Bernhart 1 month   Iowa
Eaton Levi J 34 Farmer Indiana
Eaton Martha A 32 Keeping House Ohio
Eaton May E 3   Iowa
Eaton James B 1   Iowa
Newton H 45 Farmer Vermont
Newton Caroline 41 Keeping House New York
Newton Wm 20 Farm Labor Illinois
Newton Chas 18 Farm Labor Illinois
Newton Frank 16 Farm Labor Illinois
Newton Harriet 14   Iowa
Newton Adelbert 11   Iowa
Newton Herbert 9   Iowa
Newton Ellsworth 7   Iowa
Newton Grant 5   Iowa
Newton Minnie 2   Iowa
Slater Geo W 39 Farmer New York
Slater Clara B 34 Keeping House Ohio
Slater Lilian 10   Illinois
slater Cora 8   Illinois
Slater Lincoln 5   Illinois
Slater Josf 1   Iowa
Slater Edgar 20 Farm Labor Illinois
Paul G.A. 55 Farmer New York
Paul E. 50 Keeping House Ohio
Paul Hattie A 13   Iowa
Paul C. 25 Farmer Illinois
Paul Mary 23 Keeping House Illinois
Paul Clest? 46 Farmer Ohio
Paul Sarah L 40 Keeping House Vermont
Paul Kate 16   Illinois
Paul Lucy C 14   Iowa
Paul Richard 12   Illinois
Paul Byron 9   Illinois
Paul G 7   Illinois
Paul James A 4   Iowa
Paul Victor 2   Iowa
Paul Vinton 2   Iowa
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 20, 1870
Page 15 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Clark Nathan 71   Vermont
 Lewis Elliot 39 Farmer Pennsylvania
Lewis Rachel K 34 Keeping House Indiana
Lewis Charles 13 Farm Labor Illinois
Lewis Wm 11   Illinois
Lewis Edgar 9   Illinois
Lewis Henry 7   Illinois
Lewis Emma 4   Illinois
Lewis Eva 6/12   Iowa
Moore D.D. 27 Farmer Pennsylvania
Moore Mary A 27 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Moore Mary E 2   Iowa
Moore Wm 8/12   Iowa
Weaver Jacob 71 Farmer Pennsylvania
Weaver Mary S 66 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Weaver Margaret 33   Pennsylvania
Weaver Ebenezer 22 Farm Labor Pennsylvania
Weaver Elizabeth 18   Pennsylvania
Junkins Jas W 23 Farmer Virginia
Junkins Jane 53 Keeping House Maryland
Junkins John S 18 Farm Labor Virginia
Junkins Ben H 16 Farm Labor Virginia
Junkins Nelson 15 Farm Labor Virginia
Junkins Martha C 11   Virginia
Junkins Marian 8   Virginia
Lisle James 37 Farmer Ohio
Lisle Mary Ann 38 Keeping House Ohio
Lisle John   19 Farm Labor Illinois
Lisle Elizabeth 17   Illinois
Lisle Louis N 15 Farm Labor Iowa
Lisle Sarah J 11   Iowa
Lisle Hamlin E 9   Iowa
Lisle Margaret E 8   Iowa
Lisle Mary Kate 4   Iowa
Lisle Geo M 2   Iowa
Lisle Deliah A 6   Iowa
Lisle Rebecca 68   Pennsylvania
Crop? Wm 30 Farmer Indiana
Crop? Mary J 27 Keeping House Illinois
Crop? Leman 3   Iowa
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 21, 1870
Page 16 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Crop? Logan 1   Iowa
Ackley ? 18 Farm Labor Illinois
Harmonson F.M. 34 Farmer Indiana
Harmonson Delilah 31 Keeping House Ohio
Harmonson Mary E 10   Iowa
Harmonson M.W. 7   Iowa
Harmonson George F 5   Iowa
Harmonson ? 3/12   Iowa
Harmonson Obed 19 Farm Labor Iowa
Ackley George 34 Farmer Illinois
Ackley Sarah 31 Keeping House New York
Ackley Julia 12   Illinois
Ackley Chester 8   Illinois
Ackley George 6   Illinois
Ackley Annie 4   Iowa
Ackley Harry 2   Iowa
Ackley Elsie 66   Virginia
Darling Ira D 65 Farmer Vermont
Darling Emily 59 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Darling Nathan 25 Farm Labor Pennsylvania
Darling Rillia 22   Pennsylvania
Alkire J.D. 49 Farmer Kentucky
Alkire Ruth 38 Keeping House Indiana
Alkire Virgil 21 Farm Labor Illinois
Alkire Sarah E 26   Illinois
Alkire Harriett 18   Illinois
Alkire Wm J 12 Farm Labor Iowa
Alkire Leonard 9   Iowa
Alkire Alvin W 4   Iowa
Alkire Jas A 2   Iowa
Alkire Jennie  10/12   Iowa
Scott B.M. 17 Farmer Indiana
Scott Avesta 15 Farm Labor Indiana
Scott Elisha C 9   Iowa
Jordan  E. 29 Farmer Illinois
Jordan  Molly E 24 Keeping House Pennsylvania
McGinn? Lester C 5   Iowa
Grimes Fred 39 Farmer Ohio
Grimes Rebecca 37 Keeping House Indiana
Grimes Sarah J 10   Iowa
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 21, 1870
Page 17 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Grimes Margaret A 8 At Home Iowa
Grimes Martha 6   Iowa
Grimes Hannah 4   Iowa
Grimes Louisa 2   Iowa
Grimes Charles 4/12   Iowa
Morgan Wm F 39 Farmer Virginia
Morgan Juliette 34 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Morgan Josephine 14   Iowa
Morgan Elvia 9   Iowa
Morgan Alice 7   Iowa
Morgan Wm E 1   Iowa
Morgan Thomas J 35 Farmer Ohio
Morgan Viola 33 Keeping House Indiana
Morgan Maria 12   Iowa
Morgan Jane 10   Iowa
Morgan James 9   Iowa
Morgan George 8   Iowa
Morgan Lydia 5   Iowa
Morgan John 2   Iowa
Morgan Frank 5/12   Iowa
Jellison James 25 Farm Labor Indiana
Holliday Hercules 58 Farmer Ohio
Holliday Virginia 44 Keeping House Virginia
Holliday Marian 19 Farm Labor Indiana
Holliday Laura A 17   Illinois
Duffy Miles? 20 Farm Labor Ohio
Holliday Ducates? 24 Farm Labor Indiana
Holliday David 30 Farmer Indiana
Holliday Mary F 28 Keeping House Ohio
Holliday Wm 8   Iowa
Hallett M.C. 25 Farmer Ohio
Hallett Mary R 20 Keeping House Indiana
Hallett E.G. 2   Iowa
Hallett E.A. 1   Iowa
Moore Semantha 22 Domestic Servant Indiana
Stephenson A.H. 38 Farmer England
Stephenson Betsy J 34 Keeping House Canada
Stephenson Alice 8   England
Stephenson Arthur 4   England
Stephenson Thomas   2   New York
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 21, 1870
Page 18 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Stephenson Mary 9/12   Iowa
Carsdall W.G. 37 Farm Labor England
Keister A 54 Farmer Pennsylvania
Keister Mary 45 Keeping House Ohio
Keister James J 18 Farm Labor Ohio
Keister Willard 14 Farm Labor Iowa
Keister Wm H 13 Farm Labor Iowa
Keister Frank D 9   Iowa
Keister John H 22 Farm Labor Ohio
Richmond Frank   26 Farmer Indiana
Richmond Emma 26 Keeping House Indiana
Garrett W.F. 28   Indiana
Garrett Martha 26   Indiana
Garrett Arminda 2   Iowa
Garrett W.J. 1   Iowa
Garrett Sarah E 3/12   Iowa
Kinnemon Martha? 14 Domestic Servant Indiana
Carl C.W. 28 Farmer Iowa
Carl Philena 23 Keeping House Iowa
Carl Rufus M 3   Missouri
Carl Vesta 1   Iowa
Bridges J.J. 26 Farmer Indiana
Bridges Emma 19 Keeping House Ohio
Dix Sylvester 17 Farm Labor Ohio
Morgan L.A. 61 Farmer Connecticut
Morgan Sylvia 63 Keeping House New York
Morgan Cornelius 35 Farmer Ohio
Morgan Gilbert 29 Farm Labor Ohio
Morgan Sarah   22   Virginia
Warren Clarence 9   Iowa
Roland Geo 24 Farmer Ohio
Roland Mattie 23 Keeping House New York
Carpen A.L. 5   Illinois
Myers W.R. 33 Farm Labor Kentucky
Myers Mary E 22   Indiana
Myers Lily 5   Iowa
Myers Jos H 3   Iowa
Myers Lucinda 2   Iowa
Myers George W 8/12   Iowa
Morgan E.S. 40 Farmer Pennsylvania
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 22, 1870
Page 19 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Morgan Elzia? A 27   Indiana
Morgan Anna 3   Iowa
Morgan Emma 1   Iowa
Reed Sade 21   Indiana
Thomas Jas 18 Farm Labor Iowa
Roland John 56 Farmer Kentucky
Roland Catherine 54 Keeping House Delaware
Roland Charlotte J 17   Indiana
Lane Lorinda 19   Ohio
Seville Morella 8   Iowa
Hartzell James 17 Farm Labor Iowa
Lee Matilda 60 Domestic Servant Maryland
Lee Walter 32 Farmer Maryland
Lee Sarah J 24 Keeping House Ohio
Lee Mary E 7   Iowa
Lee James H 4   Iowa
Lee Sherman 1   Iowa
Davis J.C. 57 Farmer New Hampshire
Davis Hortentia 47 Keeping House New York
Paul Eva 20   New York
Paul C.L. 1 month?   Iowa
Cochran Ephraim 32 Farmer Pennsylvania
Cochran Abigail E 25 Keeping House Indiana
Cochran L.M. 3   Iowa
Myers Emily 33 Keeping House Indiana
Myers P.H. 15 Farm Labor Iowa
Myers Rosella 13   Iowa
Myers Laura B 11   Iowa
Myers W.A. 9   Iowa
Myers May J 2   Iowa
Stewart H.C. 46 Farmer Ohio
Stewart Caroline L 50 Keeping House New York
Stewart Mary E 21 Teacher Ohio
Stewart Henry A 18 Farm Labor Ohio
Stewart Laura C 16   Ohio
Stewart Saml H 10   Ohio
Stewart Elsie J 5   Iowa
Hallett Solomon 58 Farmer Maine
Hallett Sarah A 51 Keeping House Ohio
Millar Jos 38 Farmer Ohio
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 22, 1870
Page 20 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Millar Harriett 28 Keeping House Ohio
Millar Mary E 9   Iowa
Millar Clara B 7   Iowa
Millar David E 4   Iowa
Moore Semantha 26   Indiana
Shaw J.B. 37 Farmer Ohio
Shaw Amanda 34 Keeping House Indiana
Shaw Daniel 11   Indiana
Shaw Bell 7   Iowa
Shaw Herman 3   Iowa
Shaw Franklin 1   Iowa
Clements George 25 Farmer Indiana
Clements Sarah 25 Keeping House Indiana
Clements Orion 3   Indiana
Clements Seldon? 10/12   Iowa
Pounds Catherine 18   Indiana
Crop John 28 Farmer Indiana
Crop Virginia 25 Keeping House Virginia
Crop Emina 5   Iowa
Crop William 3   Iowa
Crop Julia 1   Iowa
Cameron Allen 50 Farmer New York
Cameron Maria 47 Keeping House Ohio
Cameron Ira F 22 Farm Labor Ohio
Cameron Martha A 20   Ohio
Cameron Isabel 20   Ohio
Cameron Allen 16 Farm Labor Ohio
Baldwin A.D. 34 Farmer Ohio
Baldwin Emma 28 Keeping House Iowa
Baldwin Dwight 10   Iowa
Baldwin Hellen 9   Iowa
Baldwin Ward 2   Iowa
Irons John 59 Farmer Maryland
Irons Margaret 57 Keeping House Virginia
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 22, 1870
Page 21 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Irons Charles 29 Farmer Virginia
Irons Levi 24 Farm Labor Virginia
Irons James 17   Maryland
Irons Warren 15   Iowa
Irons Alice V 12   Iowa
Runyon A.O. 38 Farm Labor Ohio
Robertson John 66 Farmer Pennsylvania
Robertson Maria 57 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Robertson Ejah A 27   Pennsylvania
Robertson Mary C 17   Pennsylvania
Brower Ransom 27 Farmer Ohio
Brower Parintha 23 Keeping House Ohio
Lute R.H. 55   Pennsylvania
Lute Sarah 55   Pennsylvania
Lute Robert 17 Farm Labor Ohio
Lute Alexander 17   Ohio
Lute Daniel 15   Missouri
Lute Alice   11   Missouri
Hervey Sarah 20   Ohio
Hervey James 23   Virginia
Hervey Wm 3   Iowa
Irons Wm 26   Virginia
Irons Carry 24   Pennsylvania
Eldridge Lucretia 18 Domestic Servant Illinois
Warnock Alexander 25   Ireland
Warnock Agnes 22   Ireland
Warnock John 6/12   Iowa
Yust? Chris 21   Prussia
Bell Francis 33 Farmer Indiana
Bell Hulda 28 Keeping House Ohio
Bell Nancy 10   Iowa
Bell Lyman 8   Illinois
Bell Lofyette 3   Iowa
Bell Burty 2   Iowa
Bell Dora 4/12   Iowa
Paul J.G. 44 Farmer Ohio
Paul Harriett 38 Keeping House New York
Paul Wm G 20   Illinois
Paul Clara E 18   Illinois
Paul Evia E 16   Illinois
1870 Iowa Census     Keokuk County     June 22, 1870
Page 22 - Adams Township
Last Name First Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Paul Ida M 12 At Home Iowa
Paul Gustavus 10   Iowa
Paul George 5   Iowa
Paul Harvey 3   Iowa
Wright Henry 19 Farm Labor Indiana
Alkire Virgil 21 Farm Labor Illinois
Tompkins L 35 Farmer New York
Tompkins Margaret A 31 Keeping House Indiana
Tompkins Emeranda 12   Indiana
Tompkins Angeline L 10   Indiana
Tompkins Purliada 8   Indiana
Tompkins John 4   Iowa
Tompkins Kate E 2   Iowa
Tompkins Ida J 6/12   Iowa
Ackley Jane 55 Keeping House Pennsylvania
Ackley Calvin 22 Farmer Illinois
Ackley George 18 Farm Labor Illinois
Ackley Albert 16   Illinois
Ackley Samantha 14   Iowa
Carl Daniel 36 Farmer Ohio
Carl Ruth 31 Keeping House Indiana
Carl Joel 14 Farm Labor Iowa
Carl Elizabeth 11   Iowa
Carl Nehemiah 9   Iowa
Carl Edwin 4   Iowa
Carl Wilson 2   Iowa
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