Crocker & Harvey

Crocker & Harvey (including Jas. Wilson's plumbing dept.)

“C. L. Crocker was born in Martinsburg in the year 1859. His schooling consisted of a course at the Oskaloosa college, which, at that time, was under the supervision of people of the Christian faith. In 1882 he went into the hardware business in partnership with his father. In 1888 the republicans saw fit to nominate him for recorder and he was elected. In the spring on ’91 he returned to Martinsburg and A. J. Harvey, his present partner in business, purchased his father’s interest is the business and the firm of Crocker & Harvey was given to the public for the first time. After two years business at Martinsburg they saw their business increasing to such an extent they decided to come to Sigourney and consequently purchased the hardware business of Bower, Himler & Co.

F. Harvey was born in Fairfield in the year 1861. During his early childhood he moved with his parents near Pleasant Plain and attended country school when his services could be spared from the farm. In 1882 with his parents he moved to Martinsburg and his father built the tile factory there and operated it for several years. In 1891 he purchased a half interest in the business of Crocker & Son, and the firm was thereafter known as Crocker & Harvey.

The firm of Crocker & Harvey are prospering. Their mode of doing business allows this. They purchase in large quantities and sell for a living profit. The quality is one of the essential points with them—they consider it the key to their trade.

Everybody known that John Deere implements are among the best made. They sell the sulky plows, harrows, and cultivators.

The Deere & Mansur Co. hayloaders, planters, seeders and disc harrows are the best made.

The Milwaukee binder has no superior as well as Milwaukee mower.

Standard mowers can always be found with these people and they take pride in announcing a specialty of WIDE-CUT mowers.

When it comes to the line of threshers the Nichols-Shepard is conceded to be the best made. They also handle the Avery.

The Aermotor and Wood-Manse wind mills is what they offer you, and they are standard.

They carry all grades of pumps for shallow and deep wells.

In the tank line they can show you iron, steel and wood.

In the Stove line they can show the finest display and assortment in the city. The gasoline Jewel, New Process and Standard Lighting Co. are the best on the market. They handle the Blue Frame oil stove which is the best oil stove made.

The Peoria stove people make most of the heaters and cookers they handle. The Antelope, Lexington and Peerless Steel range cannot be beaten in price or quality. This department is especially looked after and dear reader you can save much waste of time and money by calling and inspecting this department.

In the refrigerator line they handle the best and make a specialty of the unlined refrigerator made at Cedar Rapids, though they carry in stock lined ones. Better sanitary conditions exist where refrigerators are not lined.

The Buckey churn is the popular one as is the Rotary washer. They handle them in preference to all others.

When it comes to wire fencing Mr. Crocker informs us that “for the money the Elwood field fence is THE fence.” They also handle they Janesville field fence.

           Plumbing Department—The plumbing department is one of the essential departments of this large business. Mr. Jas Wilson has entire charge of this branch of business and he is thoroughly competent. Contractors will do well to get figures from Mr. Wilson before going elsewhere.”

Submitted by Kay McConkey, and transcribed by Carly Josephson. Thank you, Ladies!

Reference: Sigourney Review, July 26, 1899.

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