The History of Keokuk County, Iowa



The first board of county commissioners, consisting of Jeremiah Hollingsworth, James M. Smith and Enos Darnell, who were elected at the special election in April, 1844, met at Richland on the 24th day of April of the same year.

The following is the record of their first official act:


"TERRITORY OF IOWA, }           Special Term, April 24th, 1844.



"A meeting of the board of commissioners being called at the house of James M. Smith for a special purpose.

"Present, James M. Smith and Jeremiah Hollingsworth.

"As the office of comity assessor had become vacant on account of Andrew Ogden failing to comply with the requisitions of the law in due time, the board therefore proceeded to appoint Mr. Andrew Ogden county assessor in and for the county of Keokuk, Territory of Iowa, until his successor shall be duly elected and qualified to office. The board then adjourned until the 13th day of May following.



   "Clerk of the Board.      JEREMIAH HOLLINGSWORTH."


The next meeting of the board was held at the same place, on the 13th of May, the same year, all the board being present, and among other things empowered their clerk, Edom Shugart, to borrow the sum of fifty dollars to purchase the following named books and stationery:

"For the commissioners' clerk: one minute book, worth $4.00; one estray book, worth $1.50; one road book, worth 50 cents.

"For the county recorder: one personal property record, worth $3.00; one real property record, worth $10.00.

"For the judge of probate: one minute book, worth $4.00; one record book, worth $4.00.

"For the clerk of the district court: one minute book, worth $3.00; one docket book, worth $4.00; one judgment book, worth, $4.00; one cost book, worth $4.00; one sheriff's return book, worth $1.00; one marriage license book, worth 50 cents. For stationery, $3.00; total, $50.00. "

On the next day, however, the board reconsidered this order, and reduced the amount to $30.00.

The board also districted the county into eighteen road districts, and appointed a supervisor in each one, as follows:

District No. 1, William B. Smith; No. 2, John Lafferty; No. 3, Joseph R. Edwards; No. 4, G. M. Holliday; No. 5, James Lewman; No. 6, Richard Dickerson; No. 7, David P. Helm; No. 8, Madison Mitts; No. 9, Obadiah Tharp; No. 10, John Baker; No. 12, A. P. Moody; No. 13, James Rosecrans; No. 14, John Hasty; Nos. 11, 15, 16, 17 and 18 were composed of the present townships of Lafayette, Prairie, Adams, English River and Liberty, and the board having no knowledge of any person living in any of these road districts, the appointments were not made.

At the same meeting of the board, the commissioners selected the names of the


They consisted of the following:



Geo. W. Hathhorn. John Troxel.
William Trimble. William Lewis.
Moses E. McConnell. W. B. Smith.
Richard Dickerson. William Duncan.
William Ralston. E. Johnson.
Madison Mitts. John B. Rain.
L. B. Hughes. B. Haworth.
Lemuel B. Holmes. E. Moffett.
Obadiah Tharp. Joseph Borough.
David Stout. Samuel Pence.
Jeremiah Brown. Casper Klett.
J. B. Brown.  



David P. Helm. L. B. Brown.
Joab Bennett. John Baker.
Miles Driskell. Harvey Stevens.
Elias Hollingsworth. Thos. J. Hicklin.
Andrew Taylor. John Lafferty.
William Franklin. Stephen Cook.
Amos Holloway. Henry Pringle.
Jesse Shoemaker. M. Gill.
Eli Haworth. C. A. Frisbie.
John Singleton. A. M. Lyon.
Geo. Holliday. P. C. Woodward.
E. G. Stanfield. Jacob Wimer.

These men having, by order of the board, been summoned to appear at Richland, and failing to present themselves at the proper place as jurors, were not paid anything for such service.

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