The History of Keokuk County, Iowa


The physicians of Keokuk county have made several attempts to unite themselves in an organization, and several societies have been formed. From some cause these organizations have not been of long duration, all of them having gone out of existence except the last which was formed about a month since.

The first society was formed in 1858. Dr. A. Parks was president; F. Dorr, vice-president; H. W. Jay, secretary; W. B. Smith, corresponding secretary. Among the members of this first organization Dr. Price is the only one still practicing in the county.

The second organization was formed in 1868. This organization was of short duration, and in 1870 another attempt was made to reorganize the society, but it seems that nothing was done except to adopt a fee bill.

In June, 1875, a number of the leading physicians of the county met at Sigourney for the purpose of forming an organization. Dr. C. C. Wilson was elected president of the society; J. F. Richardson, vice-president; T. McWilliams, secretary; Drs. McFarland, Hair and Price, board of censors.

This organization was continued till the year 1877, when it was suffered to go down.

On September 5, 1879, the society was again reorganized: articles of incorporation were adopted at a subsequent meeting and the organization now promises to be permanent. The present officers of the society are as follows:

President—Dr. James D. Gray.

Vice-President—Dr. J. F. Richardson.

Treasurer—Dr. J. H. Hair.

Secretary—Dr. T. B. McWilliams.

Board of Censors—Dr. Davis, Dr. S. D. Cook, Dr. Daniel McFarland.

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