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Probate Index

To obtain a copy of a probate record:
  1. State the name of the person, your relationship to this person and the dates on this site.
  2. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request so we can send you a quote on the copy cost.
  3. The cost of copying the probate record will be sent to you.
  4. Once payment is received, the record will be sent to you.

Mail to:
JCGS - Research
P.O. Box 163
Newton, IA, 50208

or e-mail request to: genealogy1jcgs@hotmail.com

Name Date
Nason, Joseph P. 1900
Nedrow, Riley E. 1903-1908
Neff, Charley 1918-1922
Neff, George H. 1915-1917
Neiman, Joseph 1917-1919
Nelgies, Louise 1905-1908
Nellis, Electra S. 1925-1926
Nelson, P. K. 1901-1904
Newcomer, Joseph - file missing 1925-1926
Newell, Frances A. 1912-1915
Newell, George W. 1912-1915
Newell, Herbert E. 1912-1915
Newell, Lucinda Lee 1901-1904
Newell, Samuel S. 1901-1904
Newman, B. A. 1925-1926
Newton, Nancy E. 1909-1913
Newton, Willis E. 1925-1926
Nibbelink, F. Groot 1912-1915
Nichols, Jonathan B. 1903-1908
Nichols, W. E. 1907-1909
Nicholson, Ross A. 1909-1913
Nicodemus, Jacob 1901-1904
Noah, Henry 1915-1917
Norman, Ellen 1912-1915
Norris, David W. 1907-1909
Nutt, A. J. 1915-1917
Nyhuis, Henry 1905-1908