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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Part III - Page 6A

O. C. Meridith, Attorney and Abstracts

O. C. Meridith
Pres. of Jasper Co. Bar Association
of firm Meridith & Son
Attorney and Abstracts

Albert Lufkin

Albert Lufkin
Born in Cumberland Co., Me. Jan. 7, 1831
Came to Jasper Co., 1855

Hon. F. L. Maytag, Senator Elected Nov 5, 1901

Hon. F. L. Maytag, Senator
Elected Nov 5, 1901

Hon. Joseph Stevens, Ex Mayor

Hon. Joseph Stevens
Ex Mayor

A. M. Harrah, Attorney

A. M. Harrah, Attorney
Born in Davenport Dec 3, 1854
Came to Jasper Co. 1855

R. K. Lambert, Prop. of Lambert Hotel

R. K. Lambert
Prop. of Lambert Hotel

Ballinger Aydelott

Ballinger Aydelott
Born in North Carolina Feb. 22, 1815
Came to Jasper Co. March 23, 1845

Charles Jasper, Jasper & Sons Lumber

Charles Jasper
Owner of Jasper & Sons Lumber

J. P. Ramer, Capitalist

J. P. Ramer, Capitalist
Born in Germany 1832
Came to Jasper Co., 1866

A. Scharf, Capitalist

A. Scharf, Capitalist
Born in Germany 1831
Came to Jasper Co., 1855

H. Raymond, Real Estate

H. Raymond
Real Estate

C. W. Failor, Publisher Courier

C. W. Failor
Publisher "Courier"

Ralph Robinson, Publisher Journal

Ralph Robinson
Publisher "Journal"

L. A. Andrew, Publisher Record

L. A. Andrew
Publisher "Record"

F. A. McMurray, Auctioneer

F. A. McMurray

H. A. Wettstein, Merchant Tailor

H. A. Wettstein
Merchant Tailor

Hy Held, Cigar Manufacturer

Hy Held
Cigar Manufacturer

G. F. Rinehart, Publisher Herald

G. F. Rinehart
Publisher "Herald"

T. K. Clarkson, Merchant Tailor

T. K. Clarkson
Merchant Tailor


George W. Weaver, Prop. Churchill Hotel

Geo. W. Weaver
Prop. Churchhill Hotel
Born Feb. 22, 1863 in Penna.
Came to Jasper Co. 1898

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