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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

City Council and Officers
Newton, Iowa
Part III - Page 6

C. H. Rinehart, Assessor

C. H. Rinehart

A. F. Brown, City Solicitor

A.F. Brown
City Solicitor

F. A. Long, Mayor

F. A. Long

A. C. Gates, City Clerk

A. C. Gates
City Clerk

Dr. C. C. Smead, City Physician

Dr. C. C. Smead
City Physician

D. R. Tripp, Alderman

D. R. Tripp

L. A. Gates, Alderman

L. A. Gates

A. K. Emerson,  Alderman

A. K. Emerson

W.C. Bergman, Alderman and School Director

W.C. Bergman
Alderman/School Director

G. W. Parsons, Alderman

G. W. Parsons

E. J. Miles, Alderman

E. J. Miles

Joshua Crawford, Chief of Fire Department

Joshua Crawford
Chief of Fire Department

E.J.H. Beard, Superintendent of Schools

E.J.H. Beard
Superintendent of Schools

Central School

Central Junior High School

E. C. Ogg, President of School Board

E. C. Ogg
President of School Board

T. R. Philipps
City Marshal

T.W.C. Anderson, School Director

T.W.C. Anderson
School Director

J. M. Woodrow, School Director

J. M. Woodrow
School Director

Christian Griebeling, School Director

Christian Griebeling
School Director

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