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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Mixed Townships
Part III - Page 46

Simon Altemeier, Mariposa

Simon Altemeier

Mrs. Simon Altemeier

Mrs. Simon Altemeier

Aaron Hammer, Newton Twp.

Aaron Hammer
B. East Tenn. June 2, 1831
Settled in Jasper Co., 1847

C. W. Robinson, Elk Creek

C. W. Robinson
Elk Creek

E. C. Gause, Lynnville, Iowa

E. C. Gause
Lynnville, Iowa
Born in Ohio, 1824
Settled in Jasper Co., 1856

James Ross, Des Moines Twp.

James Ross
Des Moines
B. Delaware July 15, 1836
Settled in Jasper Co.
in Spring of 1877

Henry I. Allfree, Sherman Twp.

Henry I. Allfree
Settled in Jasper Co., 1866

Louis Aillaud, Mound Prairie Twp.

Louis Aillaud
Mound Prairie

D. A. Couch, Sherman Twp.

D. A. Couch
Born in Ohio 1853
Settled Jasper Co., 1866

Isaac Porter, Des Moines Twp.

Isaac Porter
Des Moines
B. Decatur Co., Ind. 1826
Settled in Jasper Co.
in Oct. of 1853

James Cary, Buena Vista Twp.

James Cary
Buena Vista

Mary M. Cary, Buena Vista Twp.

Mary Cary
Buena Vista

Mrs. L. T. Sylvester, Lynn Grove Twp.

Mrs. L. T. Sylvester
Lynn Grove

L. T. Sylvester, Lynn Grove Twp.

L. T. Sylvester
Lynn Grove

Ann Sylvester, Deceased

Ann Sylvester
Born in Deleware 1814
Settled Jasper Co., 1852
Died Aug. 17, 1883

Mrs. W. S. Fleming, Des Moines Twp.

Mrs. W. S. Fleming
Des Moines
B. East Tenn. April 7, 1840
Settled in Jasper Co.
in Spring of 1854

James Moorhead, Deceased

James Moorehead
B. in Penna. March 15, 1815
Settled Jasper Co., 1866
Died March 15, 1892

Fred Hellyer, Sherman Twp.

Fred Hellyer
Born in Grinnell, Iowa
Nov. 17, 1867

Mrs. Alice C. Hellyer, Sherman Twp.

Mrs. Alice C. Hellyer
Born in Penna.
July 3, 1846

Wilhelmina Wehrman, Mariposa Twp.

Wilhelmina Wehrman
Born in Jasper Co., 1872

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