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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Palo Alto, Richland and Lynn Grove Townships
Part III - Page 37

William Kubbernus, Palo Alto Twp.

William Kubbernus
Palo Alto
Born in Germany, 1851
Settled in Jasper Co.
December 20, 1869

Peter Broderson, Palo Alto Twp.

Peter Broderson
Palo Alto

B. L. McGregor, Palo Alto Twp.

B. L. McGregor
Palo Alto
Born in Illinois, 1858
Settled in Jasper Co.
Spring of 1868

Eden Hunt, Richland Co.

Eden Hunt
Born in Ohio, 1837
Settled in Jasper Co., 1872

W. J. Robinson, Richland Twp.

W. J. Robinson
Born in Penna. 1831
Settled in Jasper Co., 1876

Richard Meyer, Richland Twp.

Richard Meyer
Born in Holland, 1865Came to America, 1881
Settled in Jasper Co., 1896

Emaline C. (Talbot) Campbell

Emaline C. (Talbot) Campbell
Lynn Grove

William B. Campbell, Lynn Grove Twp.

William B. Campbell
Lynn Grove
Born in Tennessee, 1926
Settled in Jasper Co., 1845

David Campbell, Lynn Grove Twp.

David Campbell
Lynn Grove
Born in Tennessee
Settled in Jasper Co., 1845

Mrs. David Campbell, Deceased

Mrs. David Campbell

Arie G. Boot, Lynn Grove Twp.

Arie G. Boot
Lynn Grove
Born in Marion Co., Ia.
Came to Jasper Co., 1889

E. S. Sherman, Lynn Grove Twp.

E. S. Sherman
Lynn Grove
Born in Jasper Co., 1870

Fred M. Sherman, Lynn Grove Twp.

Fred M. Sherman
Lynn Grove
Born in Jasper Co., 1872
Lives on the old homestead

Albert Johnson, Lynn Grove

Albert Johnson
Lynn Grove
B. in Montgomery Co., Ind.
Settled in Jasper Co., 1851

Peninah (Sparks) Sherman, Sully

Peninah (Sparks) Sherman

Thomas Sherman, Retired - Sully

Thomas Sherman
Retired. Sully
Born in Mass. Sept. 6, 1828
Settled in Jasper Co.
Oct. 1854

Harris Sherman, Deceased

Harris Sherman
Born in Mass.
Died in Ohio at 87 years

J. H. Sherman, Lynn Grove Twp.

J. H. Sherman
Lynn Grove
Born in Jasper Co., 1861

Frank G. Sherman, Banker in Sully

Frank G. Sherman
Banker, Sully
Born in Jasper Co.


Sherman Homestead, Lynn Grove Twp.

Sherman Homestead
Lynn Grove

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