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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Fairview and Hickory Grove Twps.
Part III - Page 25

Leonard Colyn, Fairview Twp.

Leonard Colyn
B. Marion Co., Ia. 1856
Came to Jasper Co. 1888

John Williams, Fairview Twp.

John Williams
Born in Indiana 1820
Came to Marion Co., Ia. 1843
Settled in Jasper Co. 1882

Adam M. Tool, Deceased

Adam M. Tool
B. Virginia July 31, 1794
Settled Jasper Co. May 1, 1843
Died April 4, 1877

James A. Tool

James A. Tool
Born in Virginia, 1825
Settled in Jasper Co. 1843

T. L. Shaw, Deceased

T. L. Shaw
Born in Penna. 1809
Settled in Jasper Co. 1866
Died October 24, 1894

Mrs. Aaron Wood, Fairview

Mrs. Aaron Wood

Aaron Wood, Fairview

Aaron Wood

Reason Kellums. Deceased

Reason Kellums
B. in Indiana April 3, 1826
Settled Jasper Co., Fall 1864
Died November 13, 1874

J. W. Berkenbosch, Fairview

J. W. Berkenbosch
Born in Marion Co., Ia. 1869
Settled in Jasper Co.
March, 1888

John L. Johnson, Hickory Grove Twp.

John L. Johnson
Hickory Grove
B. Vermont May 1, 1845
Settled in Jasper Co. 1870

N. R. McGrew, Hickory Grove Twp.

N. R. McGrew
Hickory Grove
Born in Ohio, 1840
Settled Jasper Co. Feb. 1868

Henry L. Kling, Hickory Grove Twp.

Henry L. Kling
Hickory Grove
Born in Germany 1852
Settled in Jasper Co.
Spring of 1871

E. P. Bonsall, Hickory Grove Twp.

E. P. Bonsall
Hickory Grove
Born Mahaska Co., Ia. 1853
Settled in Jasper Co. 1876

Moses Robbins, Hickory Grove Twp.

Moses Robbins
Hickory Grove
Born in Illinois 1858
Came to Jasper Co., 1881

W. H. McCulloch, Hickory Grove

W. H. McCullough
Hickory Grove
Born in Mass. 1844
Settled in Jasper Co.
Fall of 1866

Sarah J. Smith, Hickory Grove Twp.

Sarah J. Smith
Hickory Grove
Born in OHio 1845
Came to Jasper Co. 1873

Elias Smith, Deceased

Elias Smith
Born in Ohio, 1838
Settled in Jasper Co.
July of 1873

Herny Walker, Hickory Grove Twp.

Henry Walker
Hickory Grove
Born in Indiana1847
Settled in Jasper Co.
Fall of 1868

Henry H. Green, Deceased

Henry H. Green
B. Bedford Co., Pa. 1832
Settled Jasper Co., July 1865
Died Oct. 8, 1878

Lauraetta Green, Hickory Grove Twp.

Lauraetta Green
Hickory Grove
B. Tioga Co., Pa. 1835
Came to Jasper Co. 1865

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