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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Elk Creek - Clear Creek - Fairview Twps.
Part III - Page 22

Fred Castorf, Elk Creek Twp.

Fred Castorf
Elk Creek
Born in Germany 1843
Settled in Jasper Co. 1856

Laurence Van Rees, Elk Creek Twp.

Laurence Van Rees
Elk Creek
Born Marion Co., Ia. 1856
Came to Jasper Co. 1881

Rev. and Mrs. Klooster, Elk Creek

Rev. and Mrs. Klooster
Elk Creek

Wm. Dieleman, Elk Creek

Wm. Dieleman
Elk Creek
Born in Marion Co. 1873
Came to Jasper Co. 1891

A. G. Kingma, Lynn Grove  Twp.

A. G. Kingma
Lynn Grove
Born in Holland 1840
Settled in Jasper Co. 1886

F. C. Andreas, Elk Creek

F. C. Andreas
Elk Creek
Born in Germany, 1843
Settled in Jasper Co., 1856

Mrs. Mena Andreas, Elk Creek Twp.

Mrs. Mena Andreas
Elk Creek

W. Van Dahlen, Elk Creek Twp.

W. Van Dahlen
Elk Creek
Born in Holland in 1844
Came to America in 1872
Settled in Jasper Co., 1889

Edwin M. Streeter, Clear Creek Twp.

Edwin M. Streeter
Clear Creek
Born in Penna. 1842
Settled in Jasper Co. 1858

James H. Streeter, Clear Creek

James H. Streeter
Clear Creek
Township Clerk
Born in Jasper Co. 1869

Marinus M. Boot, Fairview Twp.

Marinus M. Boöt
B. Marion Co., Ia. 1876
Came to Jasper Co. 1901

J. G. Lust, Fairview Twp.

J. G. Lust
Born in Ohio 1846
Settled in Jasper Co. 1855

Albert Nolin, Fairview Twp.

Albert Nolin
Born in Jasper Co. 1853

Jacob C. Boot, Fairview

Jacob C. Boöt
Born in Marion Co. 1875

Robert Martin, Fairview

Robert Martin
Born in Penna. 1840
Settled in Jasper Co., 1863

J. M. Romans, Fairview Twp.

J. M. Romans
Born in Jasper Co. 1855

Wm. Van Baren, Fairview Twp.

Wm. Van Baren
B. Marion Co., Ia. 1873
Came to Jasper Co. 1894

John Van Der Pol, Fairview Twp.

John Van Der Pol
B. Mahaska Co., Ia. 1869
Came to Jasper Co. 1877

H. A. Jarnagin, Fairview Twp.

H. A. Jarnagin
B. Marion Co., Ia. 1859
Came to Jasper Co. 1891

A. L. Jarnagin, Fairview Twp.

A. L. Jarnagin
Born in Illinois 1859
Settled in Jasper Co. 1887


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