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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Prairie City - Des Moines - Elk Creek Twps.
Part III - Page 21

L. E. Zachary, Des Moines Twp.

L. E. Zachary
B. Virginia Nov. 20, 1818
Settled Jasper Co., Fall 1851

J. K, Moller, Prairie City

J. K. Moller
Prairie City
Pres. State Bank
Born in Ohio, 1839
Came to Jasper Co., 1888

John Robb, Des Moines Twp.

John Robb
Des Moines Twp.
B. Penna. Aug. 17, 1812
Settled Jasper Co., Mar. 1892

Simon Robb, Des Moines Twp.

Simon Robb
Des Moines
Born in Illinois 1864
Came to Jasper Co.
Spring 1892

D. H. McClellan, Des Moines Twp.

D. H. McClellan
Des Moines
B. Penna. Oct. 29, 1831
Settled in Jasper Co.
Jan 17, 1869

T. J. Miller, Sr., Des Moines Twp.

J. T. Miller, Sr.
Des Moines
Born in Virginia 1827
Settled in Jasper Co.
Oct. 1, 1855

J. M. Furnoy, Prairie City, Alderman

J. M. Furnoy
Prairie City. Alderman
B. Carroll Co., Ind., 1857
Came to Jasper Co.
Fall of 1875

John W. Simpson, Prairie City

John W. Simpson
Prairie City
Born in Penfield, N.Y., 1830
Settled Jasper Co., 1867

Robert Telfer, Des Moines Twp.

Robert Telfer
Des Moines
Born in England 1843
Came to Jasper Co., 1881

Riley Lust, Elk Creek Twp.

Riley Lust
Elk Creek Twp.
Born in Ohio 1850
Came to Jasper Co. 1857

D. W. Terpstra, Elk Creek Twp.

D. W. Terpstra
Elk Creek
Born in Holland 1842
Settled in Jasper Co., 1868

Fred Hendricks, Elk Creek Twp.

Fred Hendricks
Elk Creek
Born in Germany
Oct. 1, 1843
Settled Jasper Co., 1855

H. F. L. Tool, Elk Creek

H. F. L. Tool
Elk Creek
Born in Jasper Co., 1862

C. W. Robinson, Elk Creek

C. W. Robinson
Elk Creek
Born Henry Co., Ia. 1860
Came to Jasper Co., 1868

S. E. Poortinga, Elk Creek Twp.

S. E. Poortinga
Elk Creek
Born in Holland, 1854
Came to Jasper Co. 1890

W. C. Wood, Elk Creek Twp.

W. C. Wood
Elk Creek
Born in Indiana 1834
Settled in Jasper Co. 1856

Wm. B. Boot, Elk Creek Twp.

Wm. B. Boot
Elk Creek
Born Marion Co., Ia. 1869
Came to Jasper Co. 1896

H. Mengershausen, Elk Creek Twp.

H. Mengershausen
Elk Creek
Born in Germany 1836
Settled in Jasper Co., 1872

Peter DePenning, Elk Creek Twp.

Peter DePenning
Elk Creek
Born in Marion Co., 1858

H. J. Snodgrass, Elk Creek Twp

H. J. Snodgrass
Elk Creek
Born in Indiana 1838
Settled in Jasper Co. 1854

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