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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Merchants, Professionals and Businessmen
Part III - Page 10B

John H. Hahn, Real Estate

John H. Hahn
Real Estate
Born Pittsburg, Pa., May 5, 1870
Came to Colfax 1895

Homer L. Weston, Ex-Sheriff, Retired

Homer L. Weston
Ex-Sheriff, Retired

Geo. D. Wood, First Bank of Colfax

Geo. D. Wood
First Bank Colfax

Robert Mulock, Retired

Robert Mulock

Jacob Born, Lumber

Jacob Born
B. in Buffalo, NY July 23 1844
Came to Colfax (1878)

R. Dawson, Photographer

R. Dawson

Hy Harrington, Brick Manufacturer

Hy Harrington
Brick Manufacturer
B. in England Jan. 9, 1859
Came to Jasper Co. 1869

Dr. N. T. Weston, Physician and Surgeon

Dr. N. T. Weston
Physician and Surgeon

G. F. C. Smith, Publisher of the Colfax Tribune

G. F. C. Smith
Publisher "Tribune"
Born in Canada
Came to Colfax Sept. 1, 1900

J. P. Keipp, Barber

J. P. Keipp, Barber
B. Goshen, Ind. Apr 17 1864
Came to Colfax 1884

F. F. Failor, Stock Breeder, Newton

F. F. Failor
Stock Breeder

J. W. Weeks, Contractor and Builder, Newton

J. W. Weeks
Contractor and Builder

C. E. Sullenberger, Grocer

C. E. Sullenberger
Born in Illinois Nov. 13, 1864
Came to Colfax Sept. 1886

Ed Cox, Prop. Colfax Novelty Works

Ed Cox
Prop. Colfax Novelty Works
B. in Jasper Co. Oct. 8, 1871

C. H. Keipp, Barber

C. H. Keipp
B. Goshen, Ind. June 3, 1869
Came to Colfax 1888

W. S. Hawthorne, Dealer in Farm Implements

W. S. Hawthorne
Chollett & Hawthorne
Dealers in Farm Implements

E. F. W. Chollett, Dealer in Farm Implements

E. F. W. Chollett
Chollett & Hawthorne
Dealers in Farm Implements

John Hartwig, Newton

John Hartwig

A. F. Neel, Bakery, Newton

A. F. Neel

George H. Warner, Real Estate

Geo. H. Warner
Real Estate
Born Scott Co. Nov. 28, 1865
Came to Jasper Co. 1868

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