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Jasper County, Iowa

1885 Iowa Census

Surname Alphabetical Index

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Yoakum, I. N.jaspmonr.txt
Yoakum, Lulu N.jaspmonr.txt
Yoakum, Mabeljaspmonr.txt
Yoakum, Sarahjaspmonr.txt
Yonger, Dennisjaspelkc.txt
Yonger, Frankjaspelkc.txt
Yonger, Mary A.jaspelkc.txt
Yonger, Mary A.jaspelkc.txt
Young, A. B.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Adam B.jaspelkc.txt
Young, Albertjaspkelc.txt
Young, Altajaspclea.txt
Young, Alvisja85rocr.txt
Young, Arnold E.jaspclea.txt
Young, Balsoryja85rocr.txt
Young, Barbaryjaspdesm.txt
Young, Benjaminjaspclea.txt
Young, Bessie L.jaspmonr.txt
Young, Blancheja85rocr.txt
Young, Bolen E.jaspbuen.txt
Young, C. H.ja85rich.txt
Young, Carajaspkelc.txt
Young, Carrie H.ja85new1.txt
Young, Davidja85new3.txt
Young, Dora A.ja85rocr.txt
Young, E. H.ja85rich.txt
Young, Eddie M.jaspmonr.txt
Young, Edwardja85rocr.txt
Young, Edward O.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Edward R.jaspmonr.txt
Young, Edward W.ja85powe.txt
Young, Eliza E.jaspelkc.txt
Young, Elizabethjaspmonr.txt
Young, Elizabethjaspkelc.txt
Young, Elizabethja85new1.txt
Young, Elizabethja85new3.txt
Young, Elizabeth C.ja85new1.txt
Young, Emerinejaspkelc.txt
Young, Emily F.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Estellaja85rocr.txt
Young, Florence E.jaspelkc.txt
Young, Forest R.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Frank J.ja85new1.txt
Young, Freddie E.ja85rocr.txt
Young, G. P.ja85rocr.txt
Young, General W.ja85rocr.txt
Young, George C.ja85new1.txt
Young, George W.jaspbuen.txt
Young, H. E.ja85rich.txt
Young, Harry R.ja85new1.txt
Young, Hattieja85rocr.txt
Young, I. M.ja85rich.txt
Young, Ivy R.jaspbuen.txt
Young, Jacob M.jaspmonr.txt
Young, James B.jaspbuen.txt
Young, James H.jaspelkc.txt
Young, Janejaspketw.txt
Young, Janeja85rocr.txt
Young, Jethero J.jaspmari.txt
Young, Joannja85rocr.txt
Young, Johnja85new1.txt
Young, Johnja85powe.txt
Young, John D.ja85new3.txt
Young, John M.ja85rocr.txt
Young, John P.jaspbuen.txt
Young, Katejaspmonr.txt
Young, L. M.ja85rich.txt
Young, Laura B.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Leannjaspbuen.txt
Young, Lee N.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Leslie B.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Leuettaja85rich.txt
Young, Lewisjaspdesm.txt
Young, Lily M.ja85new1.txt
Young, Lonie P.jaspelkc.txt
Young, Louisja85new3.txt
Young, Luwreathajaspclea.txt
Young, Lymanja85powe.txt
Young, M. E.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Mabel E.ja85new1.txt
Young, Margretjaspmari.txt
Young, Marion C.ja85new1.txt
Young, Martha A.ja85rich.txt
Young, Martha E.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Martha J.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Maryjaspprai.txt
Young, Mary Elizabethja85powe.txt
Young, Mary F.ja85new1.txt
Young, Mary H.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Mary J.jaspmonr.txt
Young, Maybelljaspclea.txt
Young, Mertieja85rocr.txt
Young, Nellaja85rocr.txt
Young, Nimrodjaspbuen.txt
Young, Ninianjaspmari.txt
Young, Pearlja85new1.txt
Young, Porterjaspkelc.txt
Young, Purkjaspkelc.txt
Young, Racheljaspclea.txt
Young, Rebeccaja85rocr.txt
Young, Robertja85rich.txt
Young, Roger O.ja85new1.txt
Young, Samuel A.jaspdesm.txt
Young, Sarah E.jaspelkc.txt
Young, Sarah F.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Sylvanusjaspclea.txt
Young, Tranquillajaspbuen.txt
Young, Vestes L.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Walterjaspclea.txt
Young, Walterjaspdesm.txt
Young, Walter E.ja85rocr.txt
Young, Williamjaspclea.txt
Young, William J.ja85new3.txt
Youngkin, Colfax C.ja85rich.txt
Youngkin, Elizabethja85rich.txt
Youngkin, Grantja85rich.txt
Youngkin, Josephja85rich.txt
Yuell, Andyjaspprai.txt
Yuell, Nancyjaspprai.txt

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