Iowa County Lookup Volunteers

Lookup volunteers are listed on this page to help provide you with information about your ancestors at no cost except for photocopy/postage if applicable. Help them by being very specific and limiting your request. Be certain to give the name and approximate date of residence in Iowa County, if you know it. Please allow a reasonable time for a response and thank your volunteer for her or his efforts!

Reference Material Lookup Contact
General Irish Heritage Research Help. See the Eddie Ward Irish Heritage Day page for information on their collection and the event. Marilyn Gaffey (with Harold and Gerry Gaffey)
General Iowa County Research (includes a search of Netha Meyer's Research Collection) Williamsburg Historical Commission
Iowa County Obituaries Williamsburg Historical Commission
1915 History of Iowa County Steve Williams
1851, 1852, 1856 Iowa State Census images for Iowa County; see transcription Steve Williams
Jones & Evans Families, 1996: descendants of Jones, Evans, Pugh, Williams (and other Welsh settlers in the Williamsburg area) compiled by Kathleen A. Jones of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Steve Williams
Victor, Iowa Quasquicentennial History Book (1868-1993)
Victor, Iowa Centennial History Book (1868-1968)
Carol Eddleman
North English Christian Church History Jacki McDermott, S. English
1954, North English Centennial Book Jacki McDermott
1940 Who's Who in Iowa, a Biographical Record of Iowa's
Leaders in Business, Professional and Public Life; Index
Mona Sarratt Knight
1960 Iowa County Farm Directory
1962 Iowa County Farm Directory
Steve Williams
(Material donated by Sharyl Ferrall)


If you own or have access to genealogical material, please consider joining this volunteer-driven project. Volunteers are not asked to do extensive research, but simply to provide basic information via e-mail about an individual ancestor query. If you are willing to help other researchers by doing reference lookups, please volunteer by sending a message to the County Coordinator.