Photographs of Iowa County

People and Places


Wyant, Zimmerman or Humphrey families

Unknown North English Girls

ID needed.
Possibly related to Wyant, Zimmerman, Humphrey families

Churches of Iowa County

Churches of Iowa County and their congregations ID needed.

Marengo, Ohio, Ladora Methodist Churches, German Immanuel Methodist and Zion Church

Walker, Wagner, Miller and Elder Families

Walker, Wagner, Miller and Elder Families

ID needed.
Related places: Millersburg, Cambria County, PA

Simpson, Kimmich family

Simpson/Kimmich Family

ID needed.
Surnames: Simpson, Kimmich, Meier

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The Williamsburg Sesquicentennial Website
Hundreds of Williamsburg photos!

Spratt Family Photos
Edward Spratt and Edward Spratt Jr. Families - Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska
Miller, Calvin, King, Yoss Family

Unknown Marengo People

ID needed.
Related Surnames: Eichhorn, Gleason, Meier

Miller, Calvin, King, Yoss Family

Miller, Calvin, King, Yoss Family

Some identification needed.
Surnames: Calvin, King, Miller, Yoss, Moore, Claypool

Amana Relatives to 1938

Amana Relatives, 1800s to 1938

Rettig family ID needed.
Many 1938 photos. Surnames: Baumgartel, Behles, Bretschneider, Flick, Geiger, Leichsenring, Meyer, Moessner, Oesterle, Pegump, Pohl, Rettig, Salzbrenner, Zimpleman, Zscherny.   (55 photos)

Circa 1912 Pleasant Grove Class

Pleasant Grove Class, circa 1912

Student ID needed.
Surnames: Cheney, Riess   (1 photo)

The Cheney Family of North English

The Cheney Family of North English, late 1800's to 1967

(9 photo, incl. funeral card & obit)

Crop Threshers, circa 1930

Honey Creek Crop Threshers, 1920s or 1930s

ID needed.   (1 photo)

William McGuire

William Henry McGuire of Marengo

(1 photo)

Victor Graduates, 1898

Victor High School Class of 1898

ID needed.   (2 photos)

Unknown Marengo Woman

Unknown Marengo Woman

ID needed.
May be related to the Dean and Snavely Families below.   (1 photo)

Hazel Baird

McKusker/Mumby of Ladora

James and Anna (Mumby) McKusker.   (2 photos)

John M. Flanagan

Weldon Family of English Township

Weldon's (outside of Millersburg) and Flanagan's of Marengo.   (4 photos)

Miller, Calvin, King, Yoss Family

Celia (Huff) and Edna Sholtz

Celia married Edward L. Sholtz

Unknown Marengo Family

Unknown Marengo Family, mid/late 1800's

ID needed. These photos need a home.
Family and individual photos.   (6 photos)

Snavely/Dean Families

Snavely and Dean families of Marengo

ID needed.
Shop-fronts (on the Marengo square), portraits and tin-types.   (21 photos)

John Coats

John Coats of the Victor area in Honey Creek Township

An early charcoal print of John C. Coats who settled in the Koszta area in the early 1850's.   (1 photo)

Children of Ann (Evans) Pugh Williams

Pugh and Williams Families of Williamsburg

School photo ID needed
Ann (Evans) Pugh Williams with all of her children. She and husband Richard Pugh, along with her siblings and their spouses, were the first settlers in Troy Township.   (2 photos)

John S. Harden

The Harden Family of the Victor area in Honey Creek Township

John S. Harden at various ages. The earliest photo is from the 1860s.   (3 photos, 1 funeral card)

R. H. Grey

R. H. Grey of Parnell, 1889

A photo taken while attending Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana.   (1 photo)

Hanson Family Photos (see photo list at end of Table of Contents)

Ellis Lloyd Photos   (5 photos)

Amana Colonies

Amana Colonies

Selected photographs, taken at various times, in the Amana Colonies.   (4 photos)

Hazel Baird

Baird Family of Millersburg

Elmore and Margret Baird and descendants. Other family names: Shaw, Osborne, Gabriel.   (10 photos)