Maps and Atlases

Including plat maps and farm directories


1960 and 1962 Iowa County Farm Directory

Steve Williams will do lookups (from material donated by Sharyl Ferrall)

1886 Plat of Iowa County Cover 1886 Plat of Iowa County, 1900 Atlas (and Plat), 1913 Plat, 1917 Plat, 1930 Plat

University of Iowa: Iowa Digital Library

Parcel/Land Search with the best aerial images of Iowa County you can find! (This site is difficult to navigate. Have patients and you may find it rewarding.)

1875 Andreas Atlas

1875 Iowa County Townships

Iowa County Township Maps
Publisher: Chicago: Andreas Atlas Co.
Shows towns, post offices, landowners, farm houses, schools, churches, mills, blacksmith shops, roads, railroads, timber, swamps, bluffs, etc.

Plan of City of Marengo - 1875

Plan of the City of Marengo
Publisher: Chicago: Andreas Atlas Co.
Shows wards, tracts, landowners, streets, block numbers, etc.

1900 Huebinger Atlas of Iowa County

1900 Atlas of Iowa County - Cover Cover Image
List of Landowners & Features:
Part 1 (2167 Records)
Part 2 (2168 Records)

1868 Bird's Eye View of the city of Marengo

Bird's eye view of Marengo

Bird's Eye View of Marengo
Publisher: Chicago, Merchants Lithographing Co. [1868]
Drawn by A. Ruger.
Includes illus. and index to points of interest.

Iowa County Maps, 1850 - 1897

Details of Iowa County taken from various Iowa State maps. (Listed below are locations called out on each map.)

Homestead, Marengo, Millersburg, North English, Trading House
Downard, Homestead, Kosta, Marengo, Millersburg, North English

Downard, Homestead, Kozra, Lenox Settlement, Marengo, Millersburg, North English, Williamsburgh
Homestead, Marengo, Victor
Homestead, Marengo, Victor
Amanas (Amana, East Amana, High? Amana, Middle Amana, South Amana, West Amana), Aurora, Bottonville, Genoa Bluff, Homestead, Hinkletown, Koszta, Ladora, Lytle City, Marengo, Millersburg, Musquaka, North English, Stelapolis, Victor, West Pilot, West Troy, York Center
Amana, Ambrose, Armah, Conroy, Foote, Genoa Bluff, Green Center, Hedge, Holbrook, Homestead, Koszta, Marengo, Millersburg, North English, South Amana, Victor, Williamsburg, York Center