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The following cemeteries exist or once existed in Iowa County. A few of these cemeteries have been long abandoned and only histories remain.

Notes: All burial listings are included when searching this website.  AHS takes you to the Amana Heritage Society burial database. Gravestone photos are only complete if a date is found in the Photos Complete column.

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Amana, Amana;   AHS Oct 2010 Sep 2012 Map Lenox, 27 General Overview
Amana, East Amana;   AHS May 2010 Sep 2012 Map Lenox, 23 General Overview
Amana, High Amana;   AHS Mar 2010 Sep 2012 Map Lenox, 19 General Overview
Amana, Homestead;   AHS Jul 2010 Sep 2012 Map Iowa, 3 General Overview
Amana, Middle Amana;   AHS May 2010 Sep 2012 Map Lenox, 28 General Overview
Amana, South Amana;   AHS Feb 2010 Sep 2012 Map Washington, 36 General Overview
Amana, West Amana;   AHS Nov 2009 Sep 2012 Map Washington, 24 General Overview
Armah (Immaculate Conception Catholic) (Ambrose) 1966   Map Dayton, 26 Lillie, p054-064
Bishop Denzler Jul 2011 Jul 2011 Map Washington, 16 Lillie, p438-442
Brown     Map Lenox, 24  
Campbell 1966 Photos Map English, 14 Lillie, p076-078
Catholic - 1 grave       Marengo, 25 Lillie, p028b
Champion Hill Sep 1967 Photos Map Greene, 20 Lillie, p103-109
Clothier 1975 Photos Map Fillmore, 29 Lillie, p085-090
Community (United Brethren) 1975   Map Dayton, 11 Lillie, p039-053
Conn Trade     Map Washington, 4 & 5 Lillie, p443-458
Conroy (Trinity Lutheran)     Map Hilton, 22 Lillie, p160-167
County Home (Poor Farm)     Map Troy, 6 Lillie, p424-425
Dane (West York) 1975 Photos Map York, 7 Lillie, p465-468
Dedmore     Map English, 6 Lillie, p016-018
Dover     Map Honey Creek, 7 Lillie, p024-025
Feldevert burials       Greene, 6 Lillie, p020
First Lutheran (Norwegian) Jul 2010 Jul 2010 Map Hilton, 10 Lillie, p152-159
Gallagher children       York, 2 Lillie, p037
Genoa Bluffs     Map Sumner, 32 Lillie, p381-392
German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel     Map York, 5 Lillie, p469-483
German Immanuel Methodist Episcopal 1975   Map Lincoln, 7 Lillie, p317-323
German Methodist Episcopal 1975     Dayton, 8 Lillie, p011-013
Harrington (East York)   Photos Map York, 10 Lillie, p459-464
Hixon (Dayton Cono) 1961 Photos Map Marengo, 6 Lillie, p350-357
Indian Burials       Dayton, 8 Lillie, p019
Indian Burials       Troy, 15 Lillie, p031 
Indian Burials       York, 31 & 32 Lillie, p038
Indian Burials on the English River       English, 26 Lillie, p014-015
Kitchen     Map Sumner, 9 Lillie, p029-030
Koszta     Map Honey Creek, 23 Lillie, p168-230
Kummer 1975   Map Hilton, 1 Lillie, p147
Ladora (North Sumner)     Map Sumner, 18 Lillie, p393-423
Linwood     Map Lenox, 3 Lillie, p333-340
Longstreths 1975   Map Lincoln, 28 Lillie, p292-296
Maas (Iowa River) (single stone) 1854   Map Washington, 35 Lillie, p033
Mckay/McCay burials       Greene, 1 Lillie, p020
Maple Tree     Map Marengo, 32 Lillie, p028a
Marengo Catholic (Calvary)     Map Washington, 31  
Marengo Depot burials       Marengo, 36 Lillie, p028
Marengo I.O.O.F. (also see Marengo Mausoleum listing)     Map Washington, 31  
May (single stone) 1975     Washington, 18 Lillie, p036
McArtor (McCartor) 1975   Map Greene, 21 Lillie, p098-102
Millersburg (town)     Map English, 8  
Mitchel     Map Washington, 22 Lillie, p035
Mount Zion Sep 1966 Photos Map Dayton, 26 Lillie, p065-069
Nelson     Map Hilton, 3 Lillie, p150-151
New Jerusalem (Lenox)     Map Lenox, 8 Lillie, p324-332
Niles (Granny Sprague) It is said that a pale blue light can be seen over the grave of Mary Wright in the Sprague Cemetery, appearing during the final minute of every year. Mary died in 1854, at the age of six, and the light has reportedly been seen ever since. 1975 Sep 2010 Map Iowa, 3 Lillie, p027
North English     Map English, 35  
Oak Hill - Williamsburg     Map Troy, 15  
Ohio     Map Hartford, 25 Lillie, p231-260
Old Catholic Church       Hilton, 6 Lillie, p026
Old Marengo 1975 Photos Map Washington, 32 Lillie, p426-437
Old Scotch 1975   Map Hilton, 12 Lillie, p148-149
Piersol (Berry)   (With grave maker photos) Oct 2007 Oct 2007 Map Fillmore, 24 Lillie, p091-097
Pilot Grove Union (earlier listing shows several more burials. TBD)   Oct 2010 Map Pilot, 24 Lillie, p370-380
Pleasant Ridge (Old Baptist) 1973   Map York, 6 Lillie, p484-496
Ricord     Map Greene, 3 Lillie, p021
Sayers (Athey) (Cono) 1975   Map Marengo, 5 & 8 Lillie, p345-349
Schmidt       Lincoln, 3 Lillie, p297-299
Seventh Day Adventist     Map Hartford, 10 Lillie, p022-023
Smith     Map    
Spicer Sponar Spooner 1971 Photos Map Iowa, 1 Lillie, p282-291
Saint Bernards Catholic Sep 1966 Photos Map English, 5 Lillie, p070-075
Saint John's Evangelical (German Lutheran)     Map Lincoln, 28 Lillie, p300-316
Saint John's German Lutheran     Map Iowa, 22 Lillie, p261-280
Saint John's Lutheran (Old Maas) 1962   Map Lenox, 31 Lillie, p341-344
Saint Josephs (Parnell) 2008 Photos Map Fillmore, 3  
Saint Mary's Catholic     Map Troy, 15  
Saint Michael's Catholic, Holbrook (no response 18 apr 2022. Will get listing up if not working in near future.) 2007 Photos Map Greene, 5 Lillie, p121-146
Saint Paul's     Map    
Titler 1975 Photos Map Marengo, 13 Lillie, p358-362
Upper Deer Creek     Map    
Victor Catholic (Calvary)  [On microfilm, McAnnich Funeral Home]     Map Hartford, 19  
Victor Depot burials       Hartford, 19 Lillie, p022-023
Victor I.O.O.F.      Map Hartford, 19  
West Union - Yoder       Greene, 13 Lillie, p110-120
Wolf       Washington, 2 Lillie, p034 
Yankee Point   [With grave maker photos] Sep 2009 Sep 2009 Map Fillmore, 21 Lillie, p079-084
Zion Reformed Church       Pilot, 17 Lillie, p363-369

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