Netha M. Meyer - Iowa County's Family History Angel

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Netha M. Meyer

This epitaph on a tombstone led Netha
into the field of genealogy research

“Afflictions sore, longtime I bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God was pleased, to give me ease
And take me from my pain”

Messages from Netha's admirers and those she has so generously help:

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"My first contact with Netha was during the time she was the Iowa County Genealogical President, about 2001. I received fantastic information from her. I've been a fan ever since. In 2004 I became coordinator of this site with Netha and have considered myself fortunate to have worked with her until her last days. My life is richer for having met her and known her. My life is poorer for no longer being able to consult with her. I considered her a friend and felt as if she was part of my family. I miss her so much. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family and loved ones." - Steve Williams

"Aloha All,
Iowa County just lost a great person in Netha Meyer. We as "out-of-towners" will miss her help and answers to our some times silly questions and her vast knowledge of Iowa County people and genealogy. The legacy of her work would be impossible to reproduce. All we can hope for is that some one will "try" to continue with the unbelievable foundation she has provided us with and continue to build one of the best genealogy sites in the state of Iowa.
" - Earl Park, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

"I echo the sentiments of Earl as an "out-of-towner" she was so helpful to me in finding my roots. Even when ill Netha would have her daughter Rita answer emails she was always thinking of others. Though I never met her physically she touched my life in a major way.
I picture all of our ancestors meeting her at the pearly gates. She is smiling, free of pain and getting all of the answers to lingering questions, hers and ours.
My thoughts and prayers are with her daughters and their friends and families.
Though we will miss her earthly presence I believe we will meet again in a better place.
" - Robin Quinn Meister, Wixom, MI

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Thank you to all who have sent cards, emails and memorials in honor of our mother,
        Netha Meyer.
Your kind words are appreciated and the notes of how you came to know our mother through her research are interesting. Although we may not have met you personally, we did come to know you through Mom's telling of the search for someone in your family. Each was unique.

We have been in the process of moving Netha's extensive genealogy collection to the Williamsburg Historical Building. The email address is: Williamsburg Historical Commission

Rita plans to scan all obituaries when the records are moved and filing is completed.

We continue to receive and thank you for the memorials given to the Netha Meyer Memorial Fund, c/o Sandy Ficken, 1509 W Welsh St, Williamsburg, IA 52361. The fund is being used to defray scanning costs, etc.

Netha Meyer's children:
Sandy Ficken, Monte Meyer, Rita McDonald, Virginia Rickard

Netha Meyer - at Williamsburg's sesquicentennial
Netha M. Meyer at the 2007 Williamsburg Sesquicentennial

"Netha Meyer communicated with me about my Schneider family connections in Iowa county. She sent me items I didn't even ask for. She was an unbelievable help. That was true generosity." - Robert Schneider

"My condolences to Netha's family.
Netha also went out of her way to help me find a descendant cousin I had lost track of and more. [...]
Maxine Wilton ( descend. of Emanuel Brannan bro. to Jerusha.) I am now 80 1/2 yrs. old." - Maxine Wilton, Roy, Wa.

"I would like to say a tearful farewell to Netha Meyer. I'm an American living in northern Ontario and have never met Netha.
She provided some family history which was invaluable to me and in a manner which told of her knowledge and character. To her family, my condolences.
" - Kate Ross

"I'm very shocked and saddened by the news of Netha. My deepest condolences to you and Netha's family.  Even though I had never met her, I felt that I did know her. I know that you are going through a tough time right now and my prayers are with you and Netha's family. I would like to do a memorial page in Find A for Netha. I was sure hoping I could meet her this spring. She might have known my mother, Ruth Frederickson born in Marengo on December 21, 1924. Again, please accept my deepest condolences to you and Netha and her family. Sincerely," - Gerhardt Leffler

"I'm so sorry to learn of Netha's death." - Jerry Sander

"I must say, if it had not been for Netha Meyer, I would not have started the project of documenting & photographing our our Iowa County cemetery stones!! She was a wonderful & generous lady. One whom I will miss very much!! It was an honor to know her & see the joy she gave in so many ways!!" - Virginia Threlkeld

Netha's Gang
Netha's daughters (Virginia, Sandy, Rita), Netha and Steve

"Netha was a long time volunteer for RAOGK--Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness on the web. She helped many people in their endeavor to find their ancestors. She was an asset to our volunteer base and will be sadly missed. We send our condolences to her family. Sincerely," - Jo Miller, RAOGK Staff & Section Coordinator

"My condolences to Netha's family and friends. She will, indeed, be a loss to her friends at RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness)." - Fay Standley, Leakey, Texas

"I met Netha for the first time at a country church & funeral in Holbrook IA 88 or 89. I sat next to her while her two daughters Sandy & Rita sang. She was one of those ladies who touched you immediately with her warmth and kindness in spirit. My condolences to her family & friends. She has a definite place in our hearts." - Leslie Anne Sinning

"I was dismayed to learn of Netha Meyer's untimely death; I know that she will be greatly missed.  Her contributions to the Iowa Co website will long be appreciated by those of us who visit this site." - Betty Hellums Rowland, Williamsburg, Virginia

"I would like to say how very sorry I am to hear of Netha's passing. I only got to chat with her once after I found out that my cousin David Skates out in California had her help him with research. She was a very wonderful lady. She will be greatly missed!" - Dawn M. Nelson, Ely, Iowa

"I was very sad to read of Netha Meyer's passing. We had corresponded for quite awhile and, in fact, I helped her via email set up her obituary spreadsheets in their infancy. Her amazing contributions and untiring efforts on behalf of Iowa County history and genealogy are lasting treasures. She was a terrific source of information and kind help. I discovered she had gone to school with my aunt in Marengo and I had gone to school with her nephew. Those Iowa roots run deep and Netha certainly helped me with mine. My sincere sympathies to her family." - Julie Eggert Getter, Pennsylvania

"I was so shocked to see of news of Netha's passing. I feel like I've lost a family member! She has helped so much over the years. She found info on my Welch and Knipfer ancestors that I hadn't even asked her for. My thoughts and Prayers are with her Family and friends! She was perfect for the job she did!" - Louise Hopkins, 16 Mar 2009

"I am deeply saddened to learn of Netha's passing. I have Row relatives buried in Iowa County and Netha was a great help and source of information in my research. I was just getting ready to refer someone to her when I saw the news. She was a true helpful "Iowan". God bless."
- Rick Daily, Ankeny, Iowa, 15 Jun 2009

"It was a blessing to have known Netha and the wonderful work that she was know for over her life time. I had the privilege to have met her on one of my genealogy ventures with relatives and my Father to the Marengo Genealogy office many years ago. I will never forget the kindness of Netha and always there to help in any way that she could with her genealogy knowledge. I am so glad that her two daughter's have taken on the challenge to learn more about the Genealogy work that Netha had done and put some of the information up on the Internet." - Kathleen Murphy, 2010