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Howard County Physicians

Medical And Surgical Directory Of Iowa 1883-84
Howard County, Iowa

North Iowa Medical Society
Formed June 22, 1859
Medical Register

  • Bowers, C.E. Cresco R.
  • Clemmer, J.J., Cresco, Chicago Med. Coll., 1871, R. Hon Deg.
  • .Connolly,--Cresco, Rush Chicago 1883 R.
  • Eddy, A.A. Cresco, Chicago Med Coll., 1880 R
  • Felkner, M.L., Cresco, Chicago Med. Coll., 1881 R
  • Freemire, Frank, Chester, Coll. P. & S., Keokuk 1882 R
  • Gorst, Charles, Lime Springs, Coll. P. & S. Keokuk, 1879 R
  • Hoyt, O.N., Cresco, Hahnemann, Chicago. 1879 H.
  • Lothrop, D.J. Florenceville, Med. Dept. Univ. Buffalo, N.Y., 1872 R.
  • McCollum, James, Cresco R.
  • Price, H.G., Cresco, E.M. Coll., Pa., 1862 E
  • Reed, John W. Lime Spring, Castelton, Vt. 1855 R.
  • Roome, C.D., Cresco, Ruch, Chicago, 1871. R
  • Skiff, M.J., Busti

    R = Regular in practice
    H = Homeopathic
    E = Eclectic
    * = Graduation doubtful
    + = Not a Graduate
    # = Nothing known as to standing or qualifications

    If any errors exist in reference to the application of the above symbols, those who have neglected to respond to circulars sent them are alone responsible.

Source: Medical and Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa for 1883 and 1884; by Charles H. Lothrop, M.D.; Clinton, Iowa: Allen, Steam Printing & Binding, 1883.
Transcribed by  Roseanna Zehner
Copyright 2004