Charles Rebstock

Davenport Democrat & Leader

Feb 22, 1931

Boats of The Pioneer Days On Upper River
Sinking of Craft and Loss of Life Not Uncommon In Olden Days

Capt. Walter Blair

The next aspirant in the trade was the Charles Rebstock, a very nice and comfortable boat about the size of the Verne Swain. She was built at St. Louis in 1880 for a wholesale liquor dealer to carry his gods and his salesmen to the cities, towns and landings on the lower Mississippi and its tributaries.

I never learned what was the error in Mr. Rebstock’s plans, possibly the crew and their friends got away with the stock; anyway, two or three years put an end to that and she came up into the Davenport, Rock Island and Clinton trade in charge of Capt. William Lumbeck, who was later on the U. S. Boiler Inspector. Al Conger was clerk and I think H. A. Barr, pilot.

I am uncertain whether she was in the trade, more than one season, but we know she burned at Cordova, Oct. 2, 1885 Capt. Van Sant bought the wreck and salvaged the machinery, and I sold the engine and all parts belonging to a man fitting out a ferryboat at Cape Girardeau, Mo.



Collected and Transcribed by

Georgeann McClure