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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ The Children Brought to Iowa

via the Orphan Trains ~

Index #1:  Orphans brought to Iowa, containing name of child (surname first then given name), adoptive parents (surname first then given name) and town. The 'Additional Information' column was added in 2017.  This list was originally compiled by Madonna Harms between 2003-2005.
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Child's Name Family Town Addition Information
Rachmalowitz, Katie Sandvich, Henry A.  (updated 5/26/2017) Milford Twp  (updated 5/26/2017) 1905 (Nevada), Milford, Story Co., IA census; 1910 Milford, Story Co., IA census  (updated 5/26/2017)
Radford, George Martin, Behyl Dubuque  
* Rahm, Clestine Rahm, Martin St. Benedict, Prairie 1905 Prairie, Kossuth IA census (updated 5/27/2017)
Randolph, Edward 1) White, Gilman Jackson, Clarksville 1895 Jackson, Butler Co., Iowa census
2) Van Scharrell, L. Jackson, Clarksville 1905 Jackson, Butler Co., IA census
4) Jenny, Albert H. Allison b. Jan 1886 NJ; 1900 Jackson, Butler Co., IA census
Randolph, Elsie Dora 1) Green, Fred Jackson/Clarksville 1895 Jackson, Butler Co., Iowa census; (updated 5/27/2017)
2) Wade, Judd    
3) Stevenson Shell Rock  
4) Forney, Alex Clarksville  (updated 5/26/2017) b. Aug 1889, NY; 1900 Dayton, Butler Co., IA census; 1925 Butler, Butler Co., IA census; m. Paul Harris  (updated 5/26/2017)
5) Kochers, George Dayton 1905 Dayton. Butler Co., census;  (updated 5/27/2017)
Randolph, Ernest Hamsley, Fernando J. Clarksville b. 1885, N.J.; 1895 Jackson, Butler Co., Iowa census; (updated 5/27/2017)
Randolph, Margaret R. Poisal, George W. Clarksville b. 8 Nov 1891, NJ; 1895 Clarksville, Butler Co., Iowa census; 1900 Clarksville, Butler Co., IA census; 1905 Clarksville, Butler Co., census; 1910 Clarksville, Butler Co., IA census (updated 5/27/2017)
Randolph, Maude Hubbel, Dr. & Mrs. Clarksville b.1888, NJ; 1895 Clarksville, Butler Co., Iowa census; d. 1896  (updated 5/27/2017)
Rathke, Ernest Garvey, P.W. Boone  
Ray, John Noble McCabe, Michael Defiance  
Raymond, Louis 1) Flynn, James Neola  
2) Riddle, Mrs.    
3) Kenneally, Edward Neola  
Real, Jack Blaine, James Marengo  
Real, Krisangela Blaine, William Marengo  
Reck, Edward Kelley, F.W. Afton  
Reed, Daniel William   Hamburg  
Reed, Ella V. Keish, Michael Mason City  
Reed, George Victor 1) Hickey, Michael 1) Farley  
2) Tench, John 2)Epworth  
Reed, James Tilton Algona  
Reed, Emily F. 1) Parker, Chicago placed Mar, 1906
2) Brown, LeClaire placed Aug 1906
3) Kellogg Lansing, MI placed 8 Jan 1908
4) Mikkelson, C.H. Wisconsin placed 1908
5) Courtney, George Janesville, WI placed Apr 1910
*Reichart, Amy Reichel/Recker, George Dubuque  
Reise/Reis/Reifs, George Parks, White Cloud  
Remer, Tilla   Walker  
Remore, Maggie   1) Leon placed 1904
  2) Maxwell placed 1905
  3) New York  
Renshaw, Ferdinand Cooper Waterloo  
Reuber, Carrie B. (updated 5/28/2017) 1) Herndon, Frank 1) Audubon placed 23 Jun 1903; b. 19 May 1897 Kings Co., NY; 1910 Leroy, Audubon, IA census; 1920 Leroy, Audubon, IA census (updated 5/28/2017)
Reuhl, Frank 1) Fletcher, William Ocheydon placed 1885
  2) Illinois placed 1890
  3) Iowa placed 1896
Reynolds, George 1) Charles, Beth 1) De Witt Placed  04 Jan 1906
Reynolds, Jesse   1) De Witt Placed  04 Jan 1906
Reynolds, Olivia B. Sell, Martin Knoxville  
Ricard, Matthew Mack, C.O. Clarion  
Rice, Charles W.   Independence  
Ricketts, Eleanor Wolf, Henry C. Northwood  
Ricketts, John E. Low, Oscar Northwood  
Ricks, Marie Inglis Marion  
*Riegler, Frank Riegler, Dubuque  
Riehl, Frank Gast, A.H. Waukon  
Riehl, Helen Buntrock, John Waukon  
Riehl, Josephine Kelley, O.B. Waukon  
Rifenburg, Claude   Sumner not placed
Rifenburg, Edith 1) Bornik,John Z. 1) Sumner  
2) Tibbits, Roy 2) Sumner  
Rifenburg, Herbert Schultz, A.F. Sumner  
Rifenburg, Ida Young, Martin Sumner  
Riggs, Anne     left in Buffalo to go to Canada
Riley, John Hayzlett, W.P. Springville  
Risberg, Edward Raveling, Hans Rock Rapids  
Risberg, Mary Raveling, Hans Rock Rapids  
Ritchie, Dorothy Pier, James M. Maquoketa  
Rivers, Leon Thiele, Henry Carroll  
Robinson, Adele M. Heinz, Albert Waterloo  
Robinson, Alice 1) 1) Stanberry, MO placed 26 Oct 1905 (updated 5/28/2017)
2) 2) Princeton, MO placed 18 Jan 1906 (updated 5/28/2017)
3) Johnson, Dr. Elton M. Afton placed 1906; 1910 Afton, Union Co., IA census; (updated 5/28/2017)
Robinson, Elizabeth   Iowa City twin sister of William L.
Robinson, Ellen L. Miles, Ringgold Co.  
Robertson, Herbert   1) Stanberry, MO placed 26 Oct 1905 (updated 5/28/2017)
  2) Afton placed in 1906
  3) Creston  
Surber, William F. 4) Oakland/Wright b. 1896, NY; 1910 Wright, Pottawattamie Co., IA census  (updated 5/28/2017)
Robinson, William L   Iowa City Twin brother of Elizabeth
Robinson, Willis   1) Stanberry, MO placed 26 Oct 1905 (updated 5/28/2017)
  2) Princeton, MO placed 18 Jan 1906 (updated 5/28/2017)
  Afton placed 1906;  (updated 5/28/2017)
Roche, Elizabeth Wichman, Dubuque  
*Rock, Francis Rock, John Marshalltown  
Roessel, Charles Copeland, De Witt Independence  
Rogers, John Trentle, Leopold Lansing  
Rogers, William McCormac, Frank S. Sumner  
Romano, Clara V. Neumeyer Des Moines/Carroll  
Rose, Mary R. Russell, Abraham Des Moines/Stuart  
Rosenthal, Alexander Hatch, D.R. Sumner  
Rosenthal, Erastus Cochran, George Center Point  
Rosenthal, Nestor? Dawson, Thomas Sumner  
Roses, Joseph Hawkins, Joseph Pomeroy  
Ross, Bertha M.   Charles City  
Ross, Frances E. Derner, Frank West Bend  
Roth, Alexander Shields Greenfield  
Roth, Annie Armstrong, A. Grinnell  
Roth, Henry Leader, Hermand Center Point  
Roth, William Leader, Hermand Center Point  
*Rothens, Mary Rothens, Henry Dubuque  
Rousseau, Alma Bartholomew, Anna M. Dubuque  
Rowland, Ira LeClere, A.D. Hopkinton  
Rowland, Joseph Kurth, Ben Hopkinton  
Roy, Francis 2) Heedwell, Gothard 2) Ogden  
Ruby, Frank   Neola  
Rude, William Medary, T.C. Lansing  
Ryan, James J. Powell, Charles H. Oakland  
Ryan, Mary J. Hand, John Emmetsburg
Ryan, William Thompson, James M. Lansing  

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