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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ The Children Brought to Iowa

via the Orphan Trains ~

Index #1:  Orphans brought to Iowa, containing name of child (surname first then given name), adoptive parents (surname first then given name) and town. The 'Additional Information' column was added in 2017.  This list was originally compiled by Madonna Harms between 2003-2005.
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Child's Name Family Town Addition Information
Palm, Elizabeth 1) Preston, Clark Coon Rapids  
2) Thompson, Onawa  
Palmer, A. Hovey, J.W. Emmetsburg  
Palmer, Gladys Charles City placed 21 Feb 1917 (updated 5/23/2017)
Palmer, Howard Eckstein, F.A. Fayette  
Palmer, Marian 1) Phillips, C.B. 1) Wadena/Manilla  
2) McPeek, Clarence 2) Hayfield, Minnesota  
Palmer, Ruth   Charles City placed 21 Feb 1917 (updated 5/23/2017)
Palmer, Viola   1) Charles City placed 21 Feb 1917 (updated 5/23/2017)
  2) Northwood  
Pape, Harry Flathers, Wm. E. DeWitt  
Parks, Alexander Kirkpatrick, J.C. Clarence  
Parks, Loretta Kirkpatrick, J.C. Clarence  
Parlington, Chester Tuttle, Cedar Rapids  
Parlington, Florence E. Brebner, Mrs. Mate Northwood  
Parlington, Harry Johnson, Edward D. Northwood  
Parlington, Theodore B. Mellem, Gaylord Northwood  
Patros, Anton McCormac Sumner  
Patros, Gustav French, E.B. Sumner  
Pehrsone, Marjorie Falk, Swen Red Oak  
Penn, Harry   Iowa Falls  
Peppler, Frank George Palmer Parkersburg  
Peppler, George Stewart, A. Parkersburg  
Percy, Hugh Sells, Missouri Valley (Dunlap)  
Percy, James Sells, Missouri Valley (Dunlap)  
Percy, Thomas Sells, Missouri Valley (Dunlap)  
Perkins, Margaret Aherns, Benjamin    
Perrine, Josephine Mullin Britt  
Perrine, William Akers, Moses H. 2) Iowa City  
Perry, Gertrude Orr, Samuel Hopkinton  
Peters, William Eigenberger, George Dyersville  
Peterson, Lee Anderson, Afton  
Petrie, George Blades, Decatur  
Phillips, Alfred Zuck, John Clarence  
Piedent, Theodore Robbins, W.H. Waukon  
Pierce, Charles D. Trydle, Waterloo  
Pierce, Douglas J.   Charles City placed 21 Feb 1917 (updated 5/23/2017)
Pierce, George   Charles City placed 21 Feb 1917 (updated 5/23/2017)
Pierce, William   Charles City placed 21 Feb 1917 (updated 5/23/2017)
Pierson, William Carney, Daniel C. Greene  
Pike, James C. Vinton
Pitt, Evelyn Watkins, Clarinda/Red Oak  
Pollard, Edward   Hamburg  
Pool, William Gott, Mrs. H.B. Center Point  
Porter, Irene Thompson, Harry Ames  
Power/Moran, Albert A.   Cedar Rapids  
Prescott, Richard Randall, M.L. Emmetsburg  
Preston, Louis McNerney, James Lansing  

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