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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ The Children Brought to Iowa

via the Orphan Trains ~

Index #1:  Orphans brought to Iowa, containing name of child (surname first then given name), adoptive parents (surname first then given name) and town. The 'Additional Information' column was added in 2017.  This list was originally compiled by Madonna Harms between 2003-2005. 
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Child's Name Family Town Addition Information
G., W.   Hamburg  
Gaffney, Bernard Dickey, A.D. Linden  
Gaide, George Oldridge, George Walker  
Gaide, Maria P. Ondler, Ira Walker
*Gallagher, Helen   Washington  
Gallagher, Charles Marshall,    
Gallagher, Daniel      
Gannonson, Robert Bakken, Decorah  
Garry, John Steiber, Lansing  
Gartland, Charles 1) Hocker, John 1) Coon Rapids  
  2) Mapleton  
Gay, Louise      
Gayles, Frances   Greene  
Gee, Fred Luxford, James T. Greeley b.4 Nov 1894; 1910 Shelby Co. census; (updated 5/7/2017)
Gee, Fred Peterson, Manilla several homes
*Gehringer, Rosa Gehringer, Joseph Indianola  
Geleta, S. John Hoes, Manilla  
George, Daniel Haney, H.J. Corydon placed 12 Feb 1903 (updated 5/7/2017)
*Gfeller, Ella M. Gfeller, Christopher Manson  
Ghler, Louis Schlater, Anthony Eagle Grove  
Gibson, William   Hamburg  
Gielhausen, Mabel Blanch Elwood, Hadley What Cheer 1900 Richland, Keokuk Co census; b. May 1886. Father: Hy Geilhausen, Mother: Mary E. Taylor, source: Iowa Marriage Records 1880-1937.  (updated 5/7/2017)
Gilbert, Lillian Kelley, John D. Ft. Dodge  
Gillenly, Henry 1) Rice Greenfield placed 16 Apr 1903 (updated 5/7/2017)
  2) Maxwell placed 18 May 1905 (updated 5/7/2017)
  3) Maxwell b. Feb 1895; returned to New York Sheltering Arms Nursery of the PE Church, living in Almond, Allegany Co., NY in 1910 NY census(updated 5/7/2017)
Gillon, Albert Wilcox, F.F. Emmetsburg placed 02 Oct 1880 (updated 5/7/2017: )
Gillon, William Cummins, T. Emmetsburg placed 02 Oct 1880 (updated 5/7/2017: )
Glover, Ruth Evans, Tom Northwood
*Glynn, Elizabeth 1) Arnold, Clinton  
2) Glynn,    
Goepfert, Robert Sheets, George Center Point  placed Sept 1897 (updated 5/7/2017)
Goldnagle, Jacob Fee, H.H. Center Point  placed Sept 1897 (updated 5/7/2017)
Goldstein, Anna Drummond, William Marengo  
Goldstein, Joseph Drummond, William Marengo  
Gonzales, Miguel Barker, L.F. Decorah  
Goodmason, Walter Bakken, Corydon  
Gordon, Richard Waumsley, J. Springville  
Gould, John   Lime Springs placed Sept 1898; returned to New York (updated 5/7/2017: )
*Graff, Arthur M. Graff, Daniel Ladora placed 1900 Sumner, Iowa County census; b. Jul 1890 (updated 5/7/2017: )
Graff, Joseph Lutz, Garner  
Graff, Mary Garner
Grameko, Carl 1) Aderman, Independence  
2) Holman, C. Aurora  
Grameko, Frances Gould, Charles M. Earlville 1910 Northfork Twp., Delaware Co., (updated 5/7/2017: )
Greason, Lottie Mae 1) Jenkins, Charles H. Mullen, Nebraska b. Apr 1893; 1900 census for NY Catholic Prepartory  Female Dept., Bronx, NY; 1910 Mullen, Hooker Co., Nebraska census; (updated 5/7/2017: )
  Winterset m. James W. Smith at Winterset 13 Feb 1913 (updated 5/7/2017: )
Green, Greg   Neola  
Gregg, Cornelius Diers, Mrs. Albert Washington  
Grimes, Lillian Angell, Mrs. Vincent Fayette  
Grimm, Annie V. Flaherty Pocahontas  
Gross, Gregory McEvoy, John Neola  
Growther, Harold Eugene Smith, Charles Strawberry Point b. 30 Jan 1899; placed 21 Sept 1905; listed on 1910 Lodomillo, Clayton Co., IA (updated 5/7/2017: )
Gunderson, Irene 1) Jackson, John Afton placed in 1906; 1910 Pleasant, Union Co., IA census (updated 5/7/2017: )
2) Afton died 10 Feb 1918, bur. Green Lawn Cemetery Lot 22, Afton (updated 5/7/2017: )
Gunderson, Mamie/May Tuttle, Wilbert H. Afton twin to Thomas; placed in 1906; 1910 Sand Creek, Union Co., IA census; b. abt 1893 (updated 5/7/2017: )
Gunderson, Thomas H. Hammans, J.W. Afton twin to Mamie; placed in 1906; b. 25 Dec 1900; (updated 5/7/2017: ) 
Gunnison, Jack Holt, William M. LaPorte City placed 17 Oct 1912; (updated 5/7/2017: )

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