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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ Webster County~

These are adoptions in Webster County, Iowa.  The following list of names comes from newspapers and family records.  These are NOT all orphans who were Orphan Train Riders placed out by orphanages or other organizations.  We hope, by placing this info online, it can lead to more information on those who were Riders.  If you any additional information on these children, I hope you will contact us.



Barton, Matilda

Barton, Mr. & Mrs. I. N.

Baldridge, Archie & James

Woodard, O. J.


Burke, Mrs. Winifred P.

Breckfeldt, George, born in a children's home in New York City 29 Jun 1885, died 28 Nov 1921 at Cherokee, IA hospital, buried in Oakwood cemetery at Stratford, IA.  Adopted 20 Nov 1890.  See Dayton Review, 08 Dec 1921.

Angstrom, Mr. & Mrs. O. F. Angstrom

Beresford, "Brownie"

Beresford, Mr. & Mrs. H. D.

Brundage, David Roscoe

Brundage, Joe

Carpenter, Anna Laura

Carpenter, Erastsus S.

Corey, Josie

Corey, Mr. & Mrs. H. A.

Crawford, Edward

Crawford, Henry

Dowell, Arthur Burr

Bennett, Joshua & Betsy

Enquist, boy

Enquist, Mr. & Mrs.

Hollingshead, Ruth

Stevens, Mr. & Mrs. Henry (was not adopted by them)

Huglin, James Alexander

Hughlin, Mr. and Mrs. G. C.

Johnson, Emelia

Thorsen, Ole & Anna

Kelley, Pat and brother

Kinney, Georgia Rayburn

Nettles, George T. & Martha A.

Liljegren, Wilmer

Liljegren, A. E. & Jennie

McMahon, Mrs. Michael

Hill, Mrs. & Mrs. Harry

Raker Straw, George

Nettles, Mr. & Mrs. George

Peterson, three boys

Youngest boy with Nordine, Mrs. Aaron

Sharp, Nell

Collins, Thomas

Smith, Mr.

Smith, George W. and Minnie A.

Myers, John Henry

Van Cleave, Silas and Rose.