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~ Jackson County ~

Friday, November 14, 1919

The Twelve are All Placed
Ten children Furnished Homes Here, While Two of Them are Placed Elsewhere.

The New York orphans who were brought to this city about two weeks ago have all been taken care of in a substantial manner, ten of the twelve being placed in homes around this city within a radius of ten miles, the two English children being taken back east to a family that had sent a
telegram here asking for them.

Several of our people were disappointed in not being able to get one of these little ones. But this is usually the case, as there is seldom enough of the proper age to supply the demand. As a rule the younger ones are the children in greatest demand, and Miss Comstock and Miss Hill, who were here in charge of them left Tuesday for their respective places, and before leaving they expressed great satisfaction in having been able to find as many good homes as they did in which to place their charges. Following is a list of the children and the names of those who have supplied them with a home and a parent's protection:

Wellington, Zanzinger, age 2, to John Donielson.
Helen Martin, age 8, to Edw. McDuff, Clinton.
Ethel Munson, aged 11, to Walter Dutton.
David Munson, age 12, to Soren Thompson, Fulton.
Frank Hunt, aged 3, to Adolph Drumm.
Dorothy Ritchie, age 10 months. To James Pier.
Emil Zeising, age 13, to Martin Martinson, Baldwin.
William Nelson, age 8, to Wm. McCutcheon,
James McConnell, age 12, to Bert Sagers.
John Carlson, age 12, to Mrs. Marie Busch.
Mrs. Comstock states that she will be back here some time during the next six months to look after these children and to adjust anything that may need her attention.



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